Getting To Know A Million Pieces

The debut EP from A Million Pieces is now available on iTunes. The self-titled record features the undeniably catchy single “Laserbeams” and five other standout pop-rock tracks, and was produced by Jerrod “Skins” Bettis, the original drummer for OneRepublic.

Find out the story behind the up-and-coming LA band in a introductory video piece that highlights their not only their songwriting process, but their quirky sense of humor and attitude towards music: “It’s not about the photo shoots, it’s not about the interviews, it’s not about music videos – it’s about playing live music for people who love music, who want to have a good time.”

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A Million Pieces EP Tracklist:
1. Vanity Plates
2. Laserbeams
3. Dream of Me
4. Small Talk
5. Get it Right
6. Problems

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