Album Review: Sleeper Agent – Celabrasion

By Cassandra Paiva

The debut album “Celabrasion” from the new, young band Sleeper Agent is due out August 16 and is a definite summer must-have.

First track and first single, “Get it Daddy” is a pumped up track that almost sounds like it’s inspired by the White Stripes with its heavy drum and fast guitar riffs. This sound continues in “Force a Smile,” but includes a slow piano breakdown and eerie baritone vocals to complete the harmony.

The thing that really works with this band is the constant male/female vocal switchovers that resolve into soft harmonies. Tracks such as “Shuga Cane” and ““Proper Taste” embody this full sound and add a little bit of a different element that many bands with only one gender singers lack. The echo effect also keeps listeners entertained and free from monotone boredom.

“Love Blood” slows the tempo down and adds a reggae-ish feel. Lead singer Alex Kandel’s voice is pure and strong, which is highlighted in the softer, acoustic beginning. Her soft crooning voice also especially stands out in the seventh track “That’s My Baby,” which provides a sweeter sound to the normally energized band.

Another thing that seems to work for this band is the power that they pack into their 3 minute average songs. “Bottomed Out” contains a catchy verse line, instrumentals that make you want to dance, and the perfect amount of vocal layering, all in its two and a half minutes. “Get Burned” is the perfect short and sweet band sing-a-long song that just keeps building in sound until it ends in a faded chorus.

The amount of fun this youthful Bowling Green, Kentucky band had making this album is present in “Some White Monster” and “Be My Monster” (As evident from Kandle’s laughter and Tony Smith’s joking tone, as well as the jungle break down in “Be My Monster”). However, the amount of professionalism in their playful lyrics is the drive necessary to put the band on the charts.

“All Wave and No Goodbye” is a sweet love song that shows that the band has a tender side. It also highlights the gentle qualities of Smith’s voice, as he “oohs” and “ahhs” in the background.

“Far and Wide” is a good choice for a final track, since it combines all aspects of the album in a ‘here’s where we stand’ conclusion.

Overall, Cage the Elephant’s neighbors and tour mates provide a youthful kick in their considerably short songs. Though a new band, Sleeper Agent puts a lot on the table, providing fast beats and layered vocals.

Track List
1. Get It Daddy
2. Force A Smile
3. Shuga Cane
4. Love Blood
5. Bottomed Out
6. Proper Taste
7. That’s My Baby
8. Get Burned
9. Some White Monster
10. Be My Monster
11. All Wave and No Goodbye
12. Far and Wide

Recommended Tracks: “Bottomed Out” and “Get it Daddy”

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