Frightened Rabbit/The Twilight Sad Demos Record Store Day Cassette Giveaway

We never thought we’d be doing a cassette giveaway but hey, this site’s all about breaking the norm (well not really). ANYWAYS, one of the coolest items from this year’s Record Store Day was a handmade cassette from Fat Cat Records with demos from Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad! This cassette is one of 777 in the US (400 were available in the UK as well). You could probably maybe find a store that still has it or go buy it on ebay. We’re going to save you the hassle by offering up this awesome cassette for FREE!

Some of you may be thinking “Hmm Audio Perv, why pull such a dick move and give away a cassette? I have no cassette player! Not in my car, not in my home. Maybe I’ll have to go bug my grandma for one but I don’t wanna talk to her because then I’ll have to go fix her kitchen table and do other chores, thanks a lot you douche!”

Our response “CHILL OUT! We have some good news. First though, be nice to your grandma! Okay, and secondly, this cassette comes with download codes so you can get mp3s of the songs and download it to your computer or wherever else you listen to mp3s!”

Enough of the funny business, email us (with the subject: I STILL OWN CASSETTES!) with your name and we’ll email you back if you win! (Winner must have a US mailing address)

1. Be Less Rude (Demo) – Frightened Rabbit
2. I Feel Better (Demo) – Frightened Rabbit
3. Snake (Demo) – Frightened Rabbit
4. Keep Yourself Warm (Demo) – Frightened Rabbit
5. The Greys (Demo) – Frightened Rabbit
6. 2d (Demo) – The Twilight Sad
7. 3iv (Demo) – The Twilight Sad
8. 2c (Demo) – The Twilight Sad
9. Ravishing Rick Rude (Frightened Rabbit Cover) – The Twilight Sad

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