Charlie Sheen To Host 2011 Gathering Of The Juggalos

The Insane Clown Posse announces Charlie Sheen, along with other celebrity hosts, plus additional musical performances and events at the duo’s 12th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, occurring in Cave-In-Rock, IL from August 11th – 14th.

Charlie Sheen, Dustin Diamond, Flavor Flav and one mystery guest have been booked to host separate nights of the main stage performances at the Gathering. These four hosts have the magnetic, “larger than life” personalities that are destined to captivate the attendees between the artists’ sets. And just added to perform are Paul Wall, Lil Jon and Bobby Brown.

This year’s Gathering boasts a line-up of talented musicians, intriguing hosts, comedians and wrestlers, which are provided in lists below. And to hold true to the Juggalo Gathering’s promise of 24 hour action for four days straight, numerous outrageous events and activities have been planned including: JCW matches, Ms. Juggalette contest, carnival rides, Violent J’s Prince vs. Michael Jackson BBQ, Faygo Wet T-Shirt contest, midway games, 3 Way DJ Battle between Shaggy 2 Dope/Mike E. Clark/DJ Clay, autograph signings, karaoke, seminars, Lovetrain, free style contest, Hogdaddy’s Hellfire, WFuckOff Radio live, sideshows, ABK’s Wake and Bake BYO Breakfast Bash and many more.


Busta Rhymes MC Hammer
Ice Cube CKY
Insane Clown Posse Paris
Bobby Brown E-40
Paul Wall Tech N9ne
Lil Jon DJ Quik
Xzibit Mastamind
George Clinton Mystikal
Kittie Dope
Vanilla Ice Juvenille
Saliva Kottonmouth Kings
Twiztid Blaze
ABK Boondox
Dark Lotus Dayton Family
Hed PE


Charlie Sheen Mick Foley
Flavor Flav Brian Posehn
Dustin Diamond Jimmie “JJ” Walker
?????? Harland Williams


Chyna Jerry “The King” Lawler
Xpac Rock-n-Roll Express
Mick Foley Honky Tonk Man
Rob Conway “Cowboy” Bob Orton
Scott Hall Koko B. Ware
Booker T Sunny
Raven Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Vicera Terry Funk
Tank Abbott Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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