GIVEAWAY: R.E.M. – Lifes Rich Pageant (25th Anniversary Edition)

Today marks the release of the 25th anniversary edition of R.E.M’s Lifes Rich Pageant. The classic album has been remastered and we want YOU to have it!

Usually, we’d just ask you to email us your name but you have to do a little bit of work this time.

Below, you’ll find a lyric from one of the songs on the album. Descramble/unscramble it and email us the correct lyric to (with the subject: GIMME SOME REM!) with your name and we’ll email you back if you win! (Winner must have a US mailing address)

byu eht ysk nda lesl het kys

Good luck!

Lifes Rich Pageant Tracklisting

Disc 1:

1. Begin The Begin (2011 – Remastered)
2. These Days (2011 – Remastered)
3. Fall On Me (2011 – Remastered)
4. Cuyahoga (2011 – Remastered)
5. Hyena (2011 – Remastered)
6. Underneath The Bunker (2011 – Remastered)
7. The Flowers Of Guatemala (2011 – Remastered)
8. I Believe (2011 – Remastered)
9. What If We Give It Away? (2011 – Remastered)
10. Just A Touch (2011 – Remastered)
11. Swan Swan H (2011 – Remastered)
12. Superman (2011 – Remastered)

Disc 2:

1. Fall On Me (Athens Demo)
2. Hyena (Athens Demo)
3. March Song (Athens Demo)
4. These Days (Athens Demo)
5. Bad Day (Athens Demo)
6. Salsa (Underneath The Bunker) (Athens Demo)
7. Swan Swan H (Athens Demo)
8. The Flowers Of Guatemala (Athens Demo)
9. Begin The Begin (Athens Demo)
10. Cuyahoga (Athens Demo)
11. I Believe (Athens Demo)
12. Out Of Tune (Athens Demo)
13. Jazz (Rotary Ten) (Athens Demo)
14. Two Steps Onward (Athens Demo)
15. Just A Touch (Athens Demo)
16. Mystery To Me (Athens Demo)
17. Wait (Athens Demo)
18. All The Right Friends (Athens Demo)
19. Get On Their Way (What If We Give It Away?) (Athens Demo)

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