Joseph Arthur – “Almost Blue” + “Even Tho” 7/20 Fallon

Joseph Arthur performed “Almost Blue” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. A performance of “Even Tho” is also available online only.

An American singer-songwriter, born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Joseph Arthur began writing and playing music in his early teens. He took an instant interest in music after inheriting an electronic keyboard from his aunt and later went on to play guitar, harmonica, and bass as well as an active interest in singing.

Watch both videos below and pick up the album The Graduation Ceremony on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

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  1. Why can’t we access the Even Tho performance with Joseph Arthur and Jimmy Fallon??? That was SO AWESOME!!! PLEASE PLEASE bring it back! The link is totally broken and none of us can find it anywhere.

    It was so way cool and Joseph (and Jimmy) fans wanna see it back again.

    Would so appreciate it. The link is even broken from Joseph’s site.

    Thanks and cheers,
    Shannon Harvey
    P.S. I’m in France but that shouldn’t matter, right?

  2. not my doing. blame NBC and Joseph’s record company. They have an agreement that must be signed for the video to remain on NBC’s site

  3. Thanks for responding. That is so lame and unfortunate. I figured it wasn’t your fault but I wish there was some way to get it back. It’s really a shame to lose that. It was so great. So bummed I never thought to download it! :( Cheers and thanks for posting them.

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