Lykke Li At The Greek Theatre Los Angeles 8/3 Review

By Kristal Bailey

The Greek is one of the best and most known venues in Los Angeles. Nestled on the edge of Griffith Park, the outdoor venue has amazing sound quality and a unique feel that can’t be duplicated. There’s a reason it was the venue of choice in the film GET HIM TO THE GREEK.

Wednesday night, Lykke Li took the stage and while she may be small in size, she put on a huge show. After building the anticipation for what felt like forever, the petite songstress walked through the rolling fog and strobe lights to take the mic. Clad all in black, along with her band and backup singer dressed to match, it had the air of a Greek Tragedy filled with melodrama.

Her voice beautiful voice filled the night and the energy was palpable while she sang a great blend of ballads and upbeat tracks. My only complaint was that the breaks between songs caused the show to lose momentum; with these 30 second awkward breaks between each the dead air time killed the amazing energy that had just been on that stage.

The highlights of the show were definitely her renditions of “I Follow Rivers” and “A Little Bit” – they had such a great energy and she would occasionally join in the drumming by banging on the cymbal. Also, when she busted out a kazoo and played that with just the drum as back up, the crowd was completely in love with it. She did a beautiful cover of “Please Stay” by Burt Bacharach that was haunting and full of longing. I’m torn on if I want to hear the original to hear how she changed it or avoid it to keep the song as one of her own.

For the finale, they turned up the fog and had intense red light to up the dramatics. At the end of the song, she fell on the stage (intentionally?) and let the instruments play out along with the lights and jumped up just for the last verse to great effect. It’s unclear if she fell on purpose or if it was an accident, but regardless she played it off well.

Of course, even after that final song she and the band came back out for an encore. She did a beautifully stripped down rendition of “Possibility” with just her on the piano, and then everyone came out to finish with her hit “Unrequited.”

The night was filled with her effusive energy and soulful voice. She’s petite, but her voice sure does pack a punch. Her North American tour wraps up at Lollapalooza this weekend, then she heads back to Europe.

for more photos from the show, go here

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