New Adele – “Someone Like You” Video

The highly anticipated video for Adele’s “Someone Like You,” is now live on! Black-and-white and shot early-morning in Paris, the video features a lonely Adele wandering romantic looking streets, yearning for her long-lost love. The lonely atmosphere and Adele’s impeccable vocals makes for a video that is sure to resonate with viewers.

Also check out what Adele had to say to VEVO’s ASK:REPLY:

· “I have just discovered a hobby that I really really love. In between my first record and my second record, I’ve learned how to cook and bake.”

· “My cupcakes are moist and soft and airy!”

· “I really wanted to learn to make cupcakes ‘cause on my big American tour, bakeries used to send me loads of cupcakes with my face on it, and stuff like that! When I’m on tour I’m going to bake lots and give them out.”

· “Fame hasn’t changed me at all. I’ve been very good at surrounding myself with ‘no’ people, rather than ‘yes’ people…My mum would disown me if I changed.”

· “I really want a child but I thought maybe now’s not good timing yet so I got a dog.”

These quotes, part of VEVO’s ASK:REPLY original program, are the result of fans asking artists any question on their minds, via Twitter and Facebook.

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