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31 Oct

By Michel R Dussack

On Sunday, October 16th, O’Brother played Irving Plaza in an opening slot for post-hardcore band Thrice. Having seen O’Brother previously open for Cage The Elephant, I knew that they were more than capable of commanding respect from larger crowds, however they seem to have mastered it even more in the short time since May. Shortly before the band took the stage, security entered the photographer’s pit with us, briefly warning us that they were tipped off that crowdsurfers were possible during O’Brother’s set. While the crowdsurfers never came, the crowd was still very into them, a few even headbanging from the instant the band started to play.

When you have three guitars being played simultaneously as O’Brother often does, you run the risk of at least one of them being lost in the sheer force of your sound, however this never seemed to happen. Every single band member looked right at home on such a large stage, most notably vocalist Tanner Merritt who moved around the stage constantly while not singing. Guitarist Johnny Dang and bassist Anton Dang were constantly rocking out, their long hair frequently obscuring their faces from the crowd. Throughout the band’s (far too short for my tastes) 30 minute set, the band won over more and more of the crowd, each applause between songs louder than the one before it. After the band concluded with two songs from the upcoming album “Garden Window”, the crowd even seemed reluctant to let the band leave, however with two more openers and a headliner to follow, there was no time for more songs to be played. Look out for “Garden Window” to be released digitally on November 15th, and make sure to get to Thrice’s tour early to catch O’Brother at work!

All photos by Michel R Dussack

31 Oct

Infamously DIY musician Amanda “Fucking” Palmer is widely celebrated for having carved a career for herself using social media and direct fan support, she has been an innovator in creating new models in the music business that do not depend on corporations. Last Spring, she put out a call on Twitter for lyrics about “an empowering three-syllable object that you weren’t allowed to take to work” to a massive response.

The results were added to the lyrics of “Ukulele Anthem,” an ode to the DIY ethos to which Palmer (and her army of fans) is firmly committed. Palmer has been playing the song to wild applause at her recent “Ninja Gigs” – spontaneous free performances for which Palmer has become known, the most recent taking place at Occupy Wall Street in NYC, Occupy Boston (Palmer’s Hometown) and her appearance yesterday at Occupy LA. Two weeks ago, artist Shepard Fairey heard Palmer playing a song at a party in Santa Fe, and loved what he heard. Palmer had no plans to release the song, but was encouraged by Fairey and others at the party to put it out instantly. She recorded it four days later, while Shepard Fairey went to work in his studio creating an image to represent the song.

“I’ve admired Shepard’s work since I was a teenager. The fact that he was excited about the anthem and was willing to create an image for it literally kicked my ass into releasing it. This song is so much more powerful than I expected it to be. At the #Occupy gigs that I’ve been doing, I’ve been playing all sorts of inspiring songs, from Lennon to Billy Bragg, but this one’s been getting the loudest cheers. It actually speaks to the here and now. I think it’s a good time to put it out. The ukulele is a perfect symbol for hope and empowerment. It’s cheap, it’s easy to play, it’s punk rock, and as I think George Formby said, you can’t be unhappy holding a Ukulele.”

Through Amanda’s typical “pay what you want” model, fans will be able to get the track and artwork by Shepard Fairey for free or voluntary donation via bandcamp.com.

Award-winning author Neil Gaiman and DIY-musician Amanda “Fucking” Palmer have embarked on a brief co-headline tour of the West Coast, starting with a Halloween engagement at Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles. The newlywed (and anything but conventional) couple are billing the event as “An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer” and promise an unusual and intimate few hours of spoken word, songs, stories, chats with the audience, and – given Palmer’s penchant for the unplanned – more than a few surprises.

Fans who are unable to get to the limited run of dates can still celebrate Halloween with Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and friends as they will be making a Halloween appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson tonight. When asked to perform on the show, Amanda recruited her friends Moby and Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields to be part of her band for a special Halloween performance of a “cult classic” song that the “supergroup” have not yet revealed.

31 Oct

Last week, Yelawolf released the single “Let’s Roll” featuring Kid Rock (Take a listen here). Today, he has a new live video of “Hard White” live from the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Watch it below and pre-order the new album Radioactive

31 Oct

The Internet is Syd the Kyd on vocals and Matt Martian handling production. The past couple weeks have seen the duo release tracks “Love Song -1″ and “They Say” to significant praise. Now, The Internet is ready to announce the release of their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, coming at the end of this year from Odd Future Records. Today, the group releases the video for “Cocaine” as a special Halloween treat via Odd Future’s Tumblr.

Watch the just-released video for The Internet’s “Cocaine” featuring Leftbrain and listen to “Love Song -1″ and “They Say” below, and prepare yourself for The Internet. “Cocaine” will be available on iTunes tomorrow, “Love Song -1″ and “They Say” available now right here.

VIDEO: “Cocaine” – http://oddfuture.tumblr.com/day/2011/10/31

MP3: “Love Song -1″ – http://soundcloud.com/wegetpress/the-internet-love-song-1

MP3: “They Say” – http://soundcloud.com/wegetpress/the-internet-they-say

31 Oct

Today, October 31st, Matador Records releases a charity 7″ from Philadelphia’s TV Casualty.

This is the first recorded document to be released by a collective made up of Brian Sokel (Franklin, AM/FM), Andy Nelson (Ceremony, Paint It Black), Atom Goren (Atom and His Package) & Chris Wilson (Ted Leo & the Pharmacists). Over the past few years the group has played out in and around Philly for different charitable events, assembling as The Ramones (with Rodney Anonymous), Black Flag (with Dan Yemin) and Minor Threat (with Mike McKee). Here, Ted Leo joins the band as Glen Danzig, in what else but their take on The Misfits (watch some past performances here)!

As part of Matador’s famed ELO- catalogue series (confused? consult the discography), this blood-red 7″ features covers of Children In Heat, Angelf***, Teenagers From Mars, We Bite, Who Killed Marilyn, and Some Kinda Hate. All proceeds collected on sales of this release will be donated on behalf of TV Casualty & Matador to The Attic Youth Center, Philadelphia’s only LGBTQ Youth Center.

31 Oct

By Tina Benitez

Nearly 20 years since their self-titled debut, Garbage are aware that nothing will ever be like their first—and why should it? “We’ll never sound like the first record again,” says singer Shirley Manson. The Scottish-bred “Supervixen” admits that she felt like a complete innocent when she first joined Garbage, but that was a long time ago. If Manson felt naïve back then, it didn’t show as the raccoon-eyed, sex kitten crooned out dark, pop echoes of “Only Happy When it Rains,” reaffirmed the need for more female prowess in “Stupid Girl” or revealed a blatant girl-boy seduction in “Queer.” Manson, now 45, still oozes that sexy that some female front women work to attain. She’s even retained her potty mouth, randomly blurting out “fuck” in most sentences. Perhaps some things do remain the same, but almost two decades since their inception, there’s an older, wiser Garbage working on their fifth studio album, due out spring 2012.

“What I feel people are responding to this time is that there’s a lot of energy, and I feel like that is totally reminiscent of our first record,” says Manson. “It’s hard to do when you’re on your fifth record and you’re much older and you’ve seen a lot more. It’s hard to capture that sort of naïveté, and I feel like we have. It may not be the first album, and it doesn’t have to be.”

Maybe a glimmer of early Garbage is present, according to Manson, since she and the band are “mildly abnormal,” so it’s easy for them to tap into their childish notions with a lack of sophistication. Or perhaps Garbage has simply grown up, and the six-year hiatus since their last studio album, Bleed Like Me, has done them some good. During the band’s break, Manson wrote and recorded several songs for a yet-to-be-released solo album and was a regular, liquid metal terminator Catherine Weaver in the 2009 series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” Manson recently starred in the upcoming “Knife Fight” with “Modern Family” mom Julie Bowen and brat packer Rob Lowe but admits that even if acting is something she’d like to continue to pursue, she still has a lot to learn, and Garbage is her focus. Drummer and founding member Butch Vig continued doing what he’s always done: producing. Keeping himself busy with Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown (2009), Muse’s Neutron Star Collision and the Foo Fighters’ latest Wasting Light, Vig is once again at the helm of the band he helped form in 1994.

Garbage is now clear of all the refuse of past corporate obligations and refuse to respond to any premature business decisions until the new record is complete. Past business commitments were something Manson says contributed to sucking the life of out of her by the end of the Bleed tour and part of the reason why the band eventually needed a long break in the end. After hitting their highest charts with Bleed Like Me at No. 4 (Garbage’s first-ever top ten album in the US), the band were called into a meeting and told “You’re kind of fucked,” says Manson. More than 17 million records worldwide throughout their first decade together and their recent tour already sold out still wasn’t enough. “They sort of pissed on our parade, and we just thought this is insanity,” says Manson. “We were running trying to live out someone else’s dream. Now, we’ll tease any tracks we feel we should and reintroduce ourselves and … fuck that as they say in Scotland.”

Far from their former, Madison, Wisc. haven Smart Studios, founded by Vig and guitarist Steve Marker and where the band recorded all four of their previous albums, Garbage moved their recording post to Los Angeles where Manson and Vig now live. “There’s no deeper reason [for the move] than practicality,” says Manson. “I wish I had more fantastic explanation like we got hijacked and taken to this hideout with these rebels. I would love if it was something that mental, but seriously, I don’t want to ever get kidnapped.”

Collaborating proves more chaotic than recording locale. Ideas mentioned over the telephone. Scraps of paper or a riff that didn’t quite fit on one song a few years ago and was never used—or other lyrics shoved away in someone’s computer. It’s rare for one band member to come in with a finished idea, according to Manson. This is how Garbage operates. “Over the course of working on the song, we disassemble it,” says Manson. “To be perfectly honest, we’re not particularly good musicians, so that has defined our style. We’re not virtuosos by any stretch of the imagination, and as a result that defines how we approach our music for better and for worse.”

Manson knows it’s a new era for Garbage. She gets that magic of discovering a new band and how fans will always love the Garbage of the 1990s but trusts that get this new age. “I don’t want to make a record that I made in my ’20s,” she says. “I want to make a record now, of who I am now in my ’40s. I want to be an adult. I’ve been there. I’ve done that, and I’m totally different now. So, there you have it.”

Read more of Tina’s work at http://tinabenitez.wordpress.com/

31 Oct

Said The Whale have released a new video for their single “Lines.” The video mimics the Enchantment Under The Sea dance scene from the classic movie Back To The Future. Head over to saidthewhale.com to watch the video and hear two new songs for the band’s upcoming album Little Mountain (out March 6th, 2012)

31 Oct

Portugal. The Man have a brand new claymation video for “All Your Light.” Check out the clip below and props to Justin Kramer (Producer, Writer, Director) Lee Hardcastle (Animator, Director) and Rob Neild (Additional Post) for their work on the video.


31 Oct

Childish Gambino has a new video out for “Bonfire” off of his album Camp (out November 15th on Glassnote Records).

Watch the video below and catch Childish Gambino live tonight at Brooklyn Bowl

31 Oct

A new webisode was recently released in which Sting talks about his childhood in the industrial landscape near a shipyard, and his first “rock ‘n’ roll catharsis” with Elvis Presley that would have him “run around the floor in a catatonic fit.” The clip can be seen here: http://vevo.ly/piTfQu

Sting: The Best Of 25 Years, is now available! Featuring 12 re-mastered tracks, including several remixes and newly unearthed live recordings, selections for this compilation represent a diverse cross section of Sting’s enduring solo career.

Highlights include the No. 1 hits “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” and “All This Time,” as well as Grammy® winners “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” and “Whenever I Say Your Name” featuring Mary J. Blige. The CD also includes a new mix of “Never Coming Home” as well as previously unreleased live versions of “Message In A Bottle,” “Demolition Man” and “Heavy Cloud No Rain” (full track listing included below).

Sting: The Best Of 25 Years was produced by Rob Mathes and Executive Produced by Sting’s longtime manager, Kathryn Schenker.

Also recently released was the comprehensive Sting: 25 Years box set. This consummate collection contains three CDs personally curated by Sting, as well as a DVD, Rough, Raw & Unreleased: Live at Irving Plaza, featuring previously unreleased live concert footage filmed at New York City’s Irving Plaza. The discs are housed in a hardcover book containing rare photos, complete lyrics, and newly written commentary by Sting.

Embodying the highlights and rarities of his illustrious solo career, Sting: The Best Of 25 Years and Sting: 25 Years (3 CD/1 DVD box set) celebrate the distinctive work of one of the world’s most dynamic artists.


Sting: The Best Of 25 Years

1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

2. We’ll Be Together

3. Fragile

4. All This Time

5. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

6. Fields of Gold

7. Desert Rose

8. Whenever I Say Your Name

9. Never Coming Home

10. Message in a Bottle (Live)

11. Demolition Man (Live)

12. Heavy Cloud No Rain (Live)