Brite Futures (Formerly Known As Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head) Playing CMJ, New Album Dark Past Out 11/1

Formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, indie pop/electro rock quintet Brite Futures are back with a brand new album to go along with their new name. Due out Nov. 1, the band’s record Dark Past, set to be released on Turnout features single “Too Young To Kill” and “Baby Rain” (available as a free download on their official site). The album is now available for preorder at

On first listen to Brite Futures’ fiercely catchy new album, Dark Past might seem like quite the misnomer. Dubbed “punk rock Abba disco Osmonds with chainsaws” by the band themselves, the album’s synth-happy mix of New Wave, rock, funk, and dance music packs all the boundless pep of a hyperactive kindergartener on a never-ending sugar high. But tune in closer to these ten tracks and you’ll soon hear the pain behind the pop.

“The title Dark Past is a half-serious reflection of the tough times we went through over the past few years,” says guitarist Luke Smith, referring to the band’s split with Warner Bros. Records. The epic and rousing “Black Wedding,” for instance, addresses the aftermath of extricating themselves from their contract with that label and reveling in the freedom to make the kind of music they wanted again.

Still, Dark Past is first and foremost a party record, a freewheeling funfest that “should be played really loud, with lots of people around,” according to Luke. Brimming with brilliant moments (a lovingly stolen Beatles melody on “Too Young To Kill,” bassist/keyboardist Claire England’s turn as a dancefloor-dominating lead vocalist on “Black Wedding,” lyrics that reference The Kinks and Gossip Girl in the same breath, and the occasional face-melting guitar solo), the album challenges the notion that irresistible pop can only be peddled by solo artists propped up by big-name hitmaking producers.

Baby Rain by Brite


Oct. 18 (8 p.m.) All Things Go CMJ Showcase at Dominion Theater, NYC
Oct. 20 (10 p.m.) The Williamsburg Official CMJ Showcase at Trash Bar, NYC
Oct. 20 (12:15/12:30 a.m.) LES/Neon Gold/ POPSHOP Showcase at Tammany Hall, NYC
Note: this show is on Thursday night)
Oct. 31 (9:30 p.m.) Halloween Party/Record Release at Sole Repair, Seattle
Nov. 1, (7 p.m.) Dark Past Album Release Show at East Street Records, Seattle

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