Bush 10/12 iHeartRadio PC Richard & Son Theater Review

By Michel R Dussack

When a band disappears near the peak of their fame, then reforms with a new lineup as Bush did, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll be nearly as effective as they were in their heyday. However, the bands new album “The Sea of Memories” has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and when it comes to live shows, they prove haven’t lost a step.

Thanks to iHeartRadio, 200 lucky fans were able to witness the bands incredible energy and their passion for playing live. Taking the stage to heavy intro music, the band launched into massive hit “Machinehead” off debut album “Sixteen Stone” much to the crowd’s delight. Bassist Corey Britz and guitarist Chris Traynor looked right at home on stage with longtime drummer Robin Goodridge and singer/guitarist Gavin Rossdale (Editor’s note: Corey joined the band in 2010 but Chris has been playing with Gavin since 2002). The unmistakable guitar riff of “The Chemicals Between Us” was next, and for a bit, one could easily forget what year it was exactly. “The Sound of Winter” from their latest album fit in perfectly among the older material, a true testament to the strength of the new record.

Gavin introduced “Everything Zen” as the song that started everything, and he was quite literally right. The first single ever released by the band, it somehow manages to still sound fresh after over 16 years. Gavin even threw in a snippet of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” during it as tribute to the band recently announcing their breakup. At this point Corey stepped away from his bass to play keyboard on newer track “All Night Doctors”, which although being a great song, seems to slow the energy of the crowd a bit. Given that the band only had a 40 minute set, this seemed like an odd choice for the obligatory slow song, especially when big hit “Glycerine” was overlooked that night. Another new song, “The Heart of the Matter”, followed and fared much better, mainly due to it’s upbeat nature.

The band went back into their hits section to close out the show, with two more tracks from their debut album – “Little Things” and “Comedown”, and once again the dedicated crowd was singing every word along with Gavin, even overtaking him briefly during the latter song. The crowd pleaded for an encore, but it was in vain, as time did not allow for it. Gavin’s energy when performing live can’t be denied, and it’s easy to see just how much fun he has on stage, as well as how much he cares about his fans, making eye contact with us frequently, and even fist bumping a fan he recognized in the front row. On October 12th, Bush proved to everyone in attendance, that despite their long absence, they’re fully prepared to step back into the spotlight. Let’s all hope that the next album doesn’t take nearly as long as “The Sea of Memories”, as I absolutely can not wait to see them perform again.

Bush’s setlist:
1. Machinehead
2. The Chemicals Between Us
3. The Sound of Winter
4. Everything Zen (with a snippet of The One I Love)
5. All Night Doctors
6. The Heart of the Matter
7. Little Things
8. Comedown

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