Evanescence 10/31 iHeartRadio PC Richard & Son Theater NYC Review

By Michel R Dussack

“Here’s one you’ve probably never heard before” quipped Amy Lee before Evanescence launched into arguably their biggest hit ever, “Bring Me To Life” at the PC Richard & Son Theater on Halloween for an iHeartRadio private concert. Except, it was something never really heard, at least by this reviewer. The song was stripped of all the male vocals, leaving awkward silences in their place. Despite this jarring moment, the thirty minute set delivered to 200 fans lucky enough to win their way into the show was a great success, highlighting all three of Evanescence’s studio albums. New members Troy McLawhorn (rhythm guitar), Tim McCord (bass), and Will Hunt (drums) fit in perfectly, and together they form arguably the heaviest iteration of Evanescence yet.

Evanescence opened the show with the first single off their latest album, “What You Want”. Lee greeted everyone with a happy halloween and commented on everyone’s costumes, noting that she was dressed up as the singer from Evanescence, before moving into “Call Me When You’re Sober”, their biggest hit from the previous album “The Open Door”. “The Other Side” followed, and it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most aggressive songs they band has ever written, with Hunt behind a double bass drum. The aforementioned “Bring Me To Life” came next, and then “My Immortal”, giving long time fans a double dose of tracks from the debut album “Fallen”. The band closed with “My Heart Is Broken”, which Lee stopped to express her amazement that the crowd already knew the words, however she then confessed she stopped it because she “totally fucked it up” and started the song over again. While the crowd was clearly not ready to leave, that was all the band had in store for the night, and the crowd reluctantly shuffled out of the theater, eager for more.

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