Owl City 11/13 Starland Ballroom NJ Review/Photos

By Keeyahtay Lewis

Owl City has spent the last 6 months or so off and on tour pretty much the whole time, and on 11/13/11 they brought their brand of electronic rock to Starland Ballroom. Opening the band was the young band from Virgina, Days Difference. Days difference is not a band I have ever heard of, but their brand of piano driven pop-rock made them a pretty perfect opener for Owl City.

Live they were pretty tight. Great vocals and a steady beat kept the crowd moving. I would say that they were pretty earnest, trying to connect with the fans. Their music seems tailored to young girls, which made them popular with the crowd at Starland that night. Frontman Jeremy Smith seems very comfortable leading his band and also very comfortable with his falsetto, which he uses often. Young and shaggy, they definitely kept the attention of all the girls in the house. And there were definitely a few songs that everyone knew the words to.

Owl City was next up. I didn’t really know what to expect. A couple years ago you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “Fireflies,” but that is pretty much where my Owl City knowledge began and ended. When they finally did take the stage I was immediately impresed: backwall of multi-colored LED’s, keyboards, drums, violin cello, with Adam Young on vocals and mostly guitar. The lights really were spectacular, something above and beyond what you usually see at Starland.

I thought that Adam Young would be on the keyboards the whole time but he really led his band. With the exception of the previously mentioned “Fireflies” I can’t say I know any songs by Owl City, but it was pretty evident that I was alone in that. Every word was met with 900 kids singing those words right back. Young seemed really thrilled to be playing these songs that he wrote in his basement. His band sounded pretty amazing. I have a soft spot for violin and cello live, and the two girls playing those instruments did a fantastic job.

Young spent his time making the most of the stage, singing, playing guitar, playing keys and dancing between the lights. He wasn’t super energetic, but Owl City really isn’t music to rock out to. He drifted across the stage with the music, and the crowd drifted with him.

Set list below:
The Real World
Cave In
Fuzzy Blue Lights/Airway
Hello Seattle
Swimming In Miami
Umbrella Beach
Dear Vienna
Lonely Lullaby
Dreams Don’t Turn To Dust
Meteor Shower
Jan. 28th
I Hope You Think Of Me
Deer In The Headlights
The Yacht Club

Vanilla Twilight
If My Heart Was A House

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