Ra Ra Riot Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2

By Jennifer Murtha

New York indie rockers and one of my personal favs, Ra Ra Riot reminded all of us that sometimes rock music can use a little cello and violin. Vocalist Wes Miles always blows me away live with the quality and perfection that matches the vocals he recorded on both their albums. Playing a great mix of favorites from their first album The Rhumb Line to newer tracks from the Orchard, the energy of the whole band is always a treat to watch. All of them usually grinning from ear to ear instantly infects you and makes you want to just dance or sing along loudly like I usually end up doing. No matter where I see them, at a festival or intimate show, they conduct themselves with such maturity and always have a solid performance. Closing out the set with Dying Is Fine as they usual do I have to think that dying would be fine after viewing such a quality show.

Photos by Jennifer Murtha. See more of her work at FromThePhotoPit.com

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