Redlight King 11/5 Studio At Webster Hall NYC Review

By Michel R Dussack

“Neil Young liked this next one, he even let us use a sample of his song” remarked Mark Kasprzyk before playing Redlight King’s most popular song, “Old Man”. This was the turning point of the band 40 minute set at The Studio at Webster Hall earlier this month, with these words grabbing the attention of the crowd who had gathered to see Everlast up next. While the majority of the crowd seemed to be uninterested for the beginning of the set, mentioning that Neil Young approved of one of the songs seemed to get them all to listen. There was, however, a healthy amount of people at the show who were there just to see Redlight King, myself included.

Redlight King played nine songs during their set, all of them from their debut album “Something For The Pain”. The band came out strong with heavy hitters “Bullet In My Hand”, “City Life”, and “Comeback” play in succession. In between songs, Kasprzyk apologized for some sound issues they had early on, as well as joked about how loud they were compared to the headliner, but insisted they would only get louder. They took things down a notch by playing “Little Darling” which was dedicated to all the ladies at the show, particularly one member of the crowd that Kasprzyk seemed to know. The aforementioned “Old Man” followed, and the crowd really started to get into their set, especially now that they had something they could sing along with. “Drivin To Kalifornia” followed, a mellow blend of rock and rap that doesn’t quite translate as well to a live show as the band’s other material, however they quickly recovered by playing a more upbeat number, “Built To Last”. They closed with two more heavy songs, the title track of the album “Something For The Pain” and “Underground”. With lines like “Follow me, I’ll take you to the underground” resonating even more at a show in a basement, the band gained numerous new fans at the show. This was the second time I’ve caught them perform live and it’s clear that this band is going places and they won’t be an underground band for much longer.

Redlight King’s setlist:
Bullet In My Hand
City Life
Little Darling
Old Man
Drivin To Kalifornia
Built To Last
Something For The Pain

All photos by Michel R Dussack

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