The R’s To Release De Flora Et Fauna On Nat Geo Music On January 10th

Perhaps little known for its contributions to rock music, Italy (yes, the country) may now owe a debt of gratitude to a fierce Milano-based trio who call themselves The R’s.

Having garnered international acclaimed based simply on the release of a handful of singles, the band, who are bassist/vocalist Pietro Paletti, guitarist Pierluigi Ballarin and drummer Mauro Gambardella, are now set to release their first stateside album—a pulsating power pop opus called De Flora Et Fauna on Nat Geo Music slated for a January 10, 2012 physical release (out on iTunes now)

Worth mentioning upfront, De Flora Et Fauna, a diverse 13-track exercise in pop/rock twists and turns, features a chugging rumble seat of a tune, “Call Of The Ice,” released as a limited edition vinyl 7” on October 25th (b/w the Stonesy, “Easy Way Out”) already charting at radio.

“Call Of The Ice” can be heard right here:

What’s more, the video for the song is a gorgeous, must-see psychedelic trek through the frozen tundra complete with grease paint, herding bison and a gorgeous illuminated ice queen, and, well, see for yourselves, as WIRED TV in Italy premiered the vid recently:

The R’s have also recently released two other 7” singles, “I Love My Family” b/w “We All Want To Be Alone” in July 2011 and “Mr. Hide” b/w “Panama Hat” in August 2011, all to be featured on De Flora Et Fauna.

Having risen to the top of an underground indie rock scene in Italy, The R’s played their first US shows last spring in New York and at the SXSW music festival in Austin in March. As for their live show, The R’s do not disappoint, evident from enthusiastic crowd reaction for shows during another recent jaunt to NYC. Do they sound like they would? I think not. One can expect frenetic, almost off-their-rocker sets, prone to jams that are somehow never as indulgent as jams could get.

Call Of The Ice by The R’s by NatGeo Records

Nat Geo Music –

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