Secret Music’s Self-Titled Debut Out March 6th

Black Bell Records is thrilled to announce the March 6th, 2012 release of the self-titled debut from rising duo, Chase Nicholl and Daniel Fry a.k.a Secret Music. The rowdy, “play it now, bring the noise” album is highly anticipated after the release of “T.O.Y.S,” the ridiculously energetic and contagious first single off Secret Music. The single’s vibrant video, which brilliantly complements the song’s get-up-and-go lyrics, was directed by TV CARNAGE; whose library of hundreds of hours of bad TV and films over the past 25 years turned into an outrageous and humorous montage of nostalgic clips for the “T.O.Y.S” music video.

“T.O.Y.S” is currently available for FREE and can be downloaded on the band’s site HERE.

The band’s distinct, boisterous sound was captured by producer and synth mastermind Ayad Al Adhamy of Passion Pit. Ayad is also the founder of Black Bell Records, in partnership with Warner Music’s Independent Label Group, who signed Secret Music earlier this year. Ayad started Black Bell Records in 2010 and has since then released The Joy Formidable’s 8-song EP A Balloon Called Moaning, and DOM’s single and 7” “Bowl Cut” featuring Cults, which he also produced. Together, Ayad and the guys from Secret Music gave their blood, sweat and tears in his Brooklyn basement studio, where they innovatively crafted the band’s 10 song record to perfectly emphasize Secret Music’s wild core.

“We just took demos in and Ayad untied the knots. Whatever didn’t feel right just got left behind, till we found ourselves exactly where we needed to be,” says Daniel. “For a dude who’s known for synth wizardry, he rips the guitar. It was just awesome how he instantly got the vibe that we’ve always intended for Secret Music.”

The debut showcases Chase and Dan’s simultaneously sung verses and memorable, untamed pop choruses, which is fueled by heart-pounding synth melodies and magnetic guitar riffs. The vocals for the entire LP were artistically recorded through pay phones receivers, slyly stolen by Chase and Dan from the hustlin’ streets of Bed-Stuy at 4am-the only Secret Music way.

Secret Music’s purely unique high-energy sound, and quirky lyrics of time traveling, space pirates, and crazy nights full of belligerence transport the listener to a chaotic party. A party where there are no rules, no regrets and Secret Music makes your drink taste better.

Anticipate Secret Music to undoubtedly sneak into your favorite 2012 party mixes soon!

Click HERE to watch Secret Music’s “T.O.Y.S” music video premiere on Consequence Of Sound’s Cluster 1.

Secret Music track listing:

1-Ghost In The Graveyard 3.37
2-T.O.Y.S. 3.09
3-Gulliver 3.00
4-Its Ok 3.45
5-Floozies 4.36
6-Hard 2 No 4.02
7-Top Drop 4.35
8-Stripper 3.42
9-Tidal Lunacy 4.13
10-Bloodied Up 4.37

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