The Ting Tings To Return with “Sounds From Nowhere” in March

Platinum-selling British duo The Ting Tings (Jules De Martino and Katie White) are back with their highly anticipated sophomore album Sounds From Nowheresville (Columbia Records) due out in the US March 2012. The Ting Tings have rediscovered their sound, called upon new inspirations, and are back with revitalized energy and a fresh perspective.

The Ting Tings launched themselves into the world with their DIY hardcore-pop in 2008 to massive acclaim with their debut album We Started Nothing. The album spawned hit singles “That’s Not My Name,” “Shut Up And Let Me Go” along with “Great DJ” selling over four million copies worldwide. Their music was ubiquitous with pop culture, and secured them a spot on Saturday Night Live. They went on to win the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for “Best Album” in 2009 and received a Grammy nomination for “Best New Artist.”

The Ting Tings have fought a hard battle to find themselves back at square one: emotionally, earnestly and even for a moment, geographically. Despite their mainstream success, they aimed to stay true to the punk ethos that had always defined and inspired the music they created together. A year and half after making a record (in East Berlin) and scrapping it, and making another one (in Southern Spain) and loving it, they are ready to share what they’ve been fashioning with their fans. The move from the thawing ice of Berlin that homed the writing to their first global onslaught to the dustbowl of late Spring in Murcia, Southern Spain, proved a success and the band were instantly enthused and cranked into fourth gear.

At the start of 2011, The Ting Tings were pointed in the direction of the unequivocal classic Beastie Boys album, Paul’s Boutique. Having played the record many times before, they were overawed when they delved back into the album and discovered its many nuances. If they needed a bounce-off point to set their muse free, this was it. What they had learned most implicitly was a freedom to move around musically. Hence the title: Sounds From Nowheresville. Musically, the album has really let The Ting Tings rip.

On first single “Hang It Up,” their new, expansive palette is opened up, set against a firing two chord guitar riff. This newly loose Ting Tings has lost none of the commercial sheen of old but stripped back to the raw essence of groove. On “Silence” there are echoes of the chamber pop synthesizer riffs of OMD, the raw buzz of The Rezillos and more familiar Ting Tings influences Tom Tom Club doing battle within the confines of a perfect 3 minute pop song. “Guggenheim” is a song whose central refrain about making up your face like a museum was cooked up in the back of a car on the way to a party while “Day To Day,” sounds very much like a girl from England writing her version of a peak era TLC song.

The band recently revealed their artwork and the story behind the artist. Dubbed the Show Us Yours Tour, The Ting Tings called on art students to design and create fashion items, music videos, mix their tracks and come up with poster and artwork designs exchange for the chance to have their work featured on The Ting Tings website, receive a pair of tickets to a show, as well as time to sit and chat with the band about design and music. Through this opportunity, the band discovered incredible talent and ultimately found what would be the bands artwork for the album.

The Ting Tings will be returning to the US for a tour in Spring 2012. Check this space for tour updates and more.

*Watch the video for “Hang It Up” HERE
*Listen to the Bag Raiders remix of “Silence” HERE.

Sounds From Nowhere Track listing:
Silence/Hit Me Down Sonny/Hang It Up/Give It Back/Guggenheim/Soul Killing/One by One/Day To Day/Help/In Your Life

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