DJ Havana Brown’s “We Run The Night” Ft. Pitbull Out Now On iTunes

DJ Havana Brown can do it all.

Not only is she a superstar, international DJ, she’s also quickly becoming a pop phenomenon with “We Run the Night” (iTunes) featuring Pitbull, her debut single for Universal Republic Records. However, that was always the plan for Brown.

Growing up in Melbourne, the singer discovered music by raiding her brother’s collection of R&B records. Crooning along to the likes of Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown, Brown taught herself how to sing. Soon, she was performing at family gatherings and immersing herself deeper into music. After high school, the budding star started seriously writing her own songs.

Moving to the UK, she formed an R&B dance group called Fishbowl and landed a deal with Polydor. Even though Fishbowl recorded an entire album, a single was never even released as the group dissolved due to inner tensions. Brown was crushed, but she found solace under the bright lights and pulsating sounds of London’s club scene.

“I was clubbing a lot in order to suppress my depression about things not working out,” recalls Brown. “One night, I looked at the DJ, and I thought he had the best job on the world. As a DJ, you get to perform, entertain, play good music, and have fun. I knew I had to try it. When I started, it was so natural. At the time, it was what I was meant to do. It didn’t work out for me Polydor, but it led me to the next phase.”

Snagging some turntables and equipment in 2006, Brown picked up small gigs spinning around London. She slowly but surely started to carve out a following due to her diverse and energetic sets. Moving back to Australia, she landed an opening spot on tour with The Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga in 2008. From there, she supported Britney Spears all over Australia and Europe.

Brown established herself as a go-to DJ, manning the decks on tour before major pop presences such as Chris Brown, Rihanna, Enrique Iglesias, and many more. In the meantime, she became the first female DJ in Australia to sign a major label record deal with Universal Music and she began releasing her compilation series, Crave, via the label. Juggling everything flawlessly, she hosted various popular radio shows across Australia, remaining inescapable.

However, everything simply served as a prelude to “We Run the Night”. Over infectious beats from mega-hot producer RedOne, Brown seduces with an irresistible refrain. Her voice shimmers soulfully, while Pitbull drops a kinetic verse. The song stands out as a bona fide anthem equally ready for the radio airwaves and the clubs.

About the “We Run the Night”, Brown reveals, “I wanted to combine the club and commercial words in one song. I wanted to make something that I could play in my DJ sets and on my radio show. It was a challenge, as I had to work with people who understood what’s happening in the club scene and in pop music at the same time. RedOne was perfect. We were trying to mix two types of music together.”

The track bridges those gaps seamlessly with its hyper catchy, sexy hook and incendiary bump ‘n’ groove. “The lyrics are about music, but there’s this sexual innuendo in there. I like boys, but I love music,” laughs Brown. “It brings everything together, while showing how music makes me feel.”

Listeners are going to feel “We Run the Night” as soon as they hear it. Most importantly for Brown, the song establishes her foundation as an artist, seeing her jump from behind the decks to center stage.

“It’s a great introduction to the kind of artist I am and I’m going to be,” she declares. “However, it also represents me as a DJ. I didn’t want to neglect that side. My dream was always to make music that I could play in the clubs and on my radio shows.”

That’s exactly what she’s doing. Still, Brown is at another new beginning. “I want people to forget everything and feel free when they hear my music,” she concludes. “I want them to move, dance, feel sexy, and enjoy life. I want them to escape.”

Havana Brown doesn’t simply “run the night”, she’s about to run pop.!/djhavanabrown

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