Anthony Green and The Dear Hunter 1/19 NYC Bowery Ballroom Review

By Keeyahtay Lewis

A few months back I was able to catch Circa Survive on tour and I sat down with Anthony Green for a bit beforehand. He told me then that he would be releasing a new solo album and touring on that album. “Beautiful Things” was released last week, and I head out to Bowery Ballroom on 01/19/12 to catch his solo tour. I heard a bit of the album before the show and I was excited to hear it live.

The Dear Hunter opened the show up. Going into it all I really know is TDH was fronted by Casey Crescenzo formerly of The Receiving End Of Sirens. TREOS is one of my favorite bands so I figured anything having to do with any of those guys would be fantastic. I wasn’t disappointed. Taking the stage with just two backing members, it was obvious it was going to be a low key set. Casey mentioned that when Anthony asked him to tour that he wanted to make sure that they did something special. Just three guys on stage, trading guitars, keys, and sometimes drums, it sounded beautiful. Casey has a pretty powerful voice and even in a smaller setting you can feel that coming across.

Even though the set was subdued, it was by no means boring. “Fall and Flee”, “The Church and The Dime”, “Home”, “Progress” all of these songs sounded fantastic live. “Things that Hide Away” was played acoustically with everyone singing along. It was gorgeous. At one point you could see Anthony Green backstage watching The Dear Hunter play with wide eyes and half a smile. They closed out their set with “Red Hands” and “The Collapse of the Great Tide Cliffs.” The set wasn’t super long, but it was a perfect intro for Anthony Green.

Shortly after TDH finished their set, Anthony Green took the stage backed by the Philadelphia band Good Old War. He came out to frantic screams with a grin across his face. They launched into a song everyone knew, “She Loves Me So.” They followed that up with another song from his previous solo album,Avalon, “Baby Girl.” That song has some great drumming and guitar and Good Old War sounded fantastic backing Green. Next up was the first single from his new album, “Can’t Be Satisfied.” Even though the album had only come out a couple days before the show, everyone knew every single word. Green seemed to really love playing these songs, and he loved the fact that everyone knew all the words.

Green is known for his soaring vocals and per vocative lyrics about sex and drugs. Solo he plays guitar more. That was the first thing I thought. With Circa Survive he doesn’t really play guitar. His crowd interaction has always been fantastic and the Bowery is made for that. Low stage, no barrier, he went into the crowed many times. Holding hands, singing songs, sharing smiles with everyone. He sounded fantastic and Good Old War is an incredibly talented band. Drums, guitars, keys and Green sometimes on guitar also. They sounded a lot fuller than just 4 guys on a small NYC stage.

The set was filled with songs from his debut album and his brand new one. all of the songs were met with excitement. “Moon Song, “Drug Dealer,” Do It Right” they all sounded great. “Get Yours While You Can” was definitely met with a different kind of energy. It felt like that the walls might crumble down. But the quiet “James’ Song” was received beautifully. “Right Outside” is a song recorded with Chino of the Deftones. Before they played it Green mentioned that he would be singing both parts and might need a little help. No one in attendance had any issues helping him out.

Green and Good Old War played a set 17 songs deep. It was both beautiful and memorizing to them on stage. Green is definitely one of the most charismatic frontmen I have ever seen live, and it is nice to see just how much he loves and appreciates everyone who comes to see him play. They played “Devils Song” second to last. Green spit the audience and had each side sing different parts. Then they closed out the set with his most well known solo song, “Dear Child.”

The Beautiful Things tour came to NYC and it was a special night for everyone there. Everyone filled out into the cold night sweaty, exhausted, and grinning from ear to ear. I am looking forward to seeing what Anthony Green will do next. Whatever it is, I am sure that it will be fantastic.

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