Moving Mountains 3/16 Knitting Factory Brooklyn Photos/Review

By Michel Dussack

On March 16th, Moving Mountains played an intimate (compared to when I saw them opening for Biffy Clyro and Thrice) show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, treating the packed and sweaty venue to a 13 song set that included some special treats. It’s seems that the band’s entire full length ‘Waves’ is one big hit among their fans, though they opened the show with two of the more popular songs on it (which also happen to be the two first songs on the album), ‘My Life Is Like A Chase Dream’ and ‘Where Two Bodies Lie’. This one-two punch of a show kickoff set the tone for the new several songs including other fan favorites like ‘The Cascade’ and ‘Tired Tiger’.

It’s not particularly surprising that every time I see this band they have more followers in tow, as their blend of indie and post-hardcore is surprisingly accessible. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear their music on the radio, that is, if New York had a rock radio station anymore. Vocalist Gregory Dunn is where the band truly shines as his dynamically ranged voice, which can go from softly singing delicate lines to screaming at the drop of a hat, is what sets the band apart from most of the rock world right now. That’s not to say that he carries the band, this is indeed a team effort and it’s hard to imagine any of the songs having the same weight without Nicholas Pizzolato’s crashing drumming, Mitchell Lee’s thumping bass lines and Frank Graniero’s extremely powerful guitar riffs.

After a truly stunning and energetic rendition of ‘Alleviate’, which saw the crowd starting to mosh a bit up front, the band left Dunn alone on stage to perform solo versions of ‘Keep Your Head Above’ and ‘Sol Solis’. The technically weren’t acoustic as they were still performed on an electric guitar, though it’s hard to imagine the songs any more stripped down. While the songs sounded great and the audience loved them, it should still be noted that they effectively killed the great energy created during the previous song. Soon enough, the entire band returned for four more songs, and they had no trouble recreating the lost energy from the crowd, winning them over yet again before ending the night with the 10 minute long masterpiece of ‘With One’s Heart In One’s Mouth’ and walking off the stage.

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