Adelitas Way 4/20 Best Buy Theater NYC Review

By Bridget Maher

A half capacity crowd that was ready to party and celebrate, greeted Adelita’s Way as they stepped onto the Best Buy Theater stage at 8pm on Friday, April 20. Adelita’s Way opened for Shinedown, but most people there are clearly fans. Rick DeJesus kicked the night off with “The Collapse” off their new album Valedictorian and a hole in the armpit of his ratty plaid shirt. He was joined by the handsome Keith Wallen on guitar and backup vocals, Robert Zakaryan and Derek Johnston on bass and guitar, respectively. The loudest cheer for the evening was for Trevor Stafford, the drummer who was rocking a mohawk and sleeveless neon shirt, reminiscent of Travis Barker. The group looked a little mismatched on stage, but once they got to playing, they fit together perfectly.

After a quick welcome, they launched into “Dirty Little Thing” with sweet lyrics like “tie me up and take control”, but with Keith’s harmony, the song sounded romantic. Rick welcomed the now full room to the 2012 Avalanche tour, saying that his one goal for the night is to have the “best fucking night at a rock show!” and I have a feeling it was for a lot of people. The crowd cheered loudly as “Hurt” (another new song from Valedictorian) began, and only got louder when Rick stood on the barrier and leaned into the crowd. Hands reached up, grabbing at Rick’s legs and tore at his shirt, making the hole even larger. They were able to maintain the high energy level through their ballad “Alive” and I even saw some big tattooed men swaying along and the girls in the crowd were clearly getting into the mood as Rick crooned “what if I told you, I think you’re perfect?”

Rick stepped forward into the crowd and everyone began to clap along. “On the count of three, New York, let’s do this shit!” Rick screamed as he announced another new song called “Cage the Beast”. Another request from Rick was to “fuck some shit up” as they started “Criticize”. The crowd still seemed happy as the three strings and sweaty singer pounded around the stage. he show included cliche rock concert maneuvers like back-to-back guitars, but overall it was fun watch and I couldn’t help but sing and dance along.

The evening ended in a bang, literally, when Trevor stood up, throwing his drum sticks in the air at the end of their final song, “Invincible”. Rick thrashed around the stage and in a grand gesture ripped off his sweat soaked shirt and threw it into the crowd (where it was promptly grabbed by a thick, hairy arm.) They exited the stage quickly, having successfully warmed up a hard rockin’ crowd, which isn’t always an easy feat!

Set List:

The Collapse

Dirty Little Thing



Cage the Beast




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