TAP Firefly Festival Interview: Reptar

By Matt Arena

After their wild set earlier on the third and final day of Firefly Festival, we sat down to chat with Graham Ulicny, Ryan Engelberger, and Poof Daunghty of Reptar to talk about twitter, touring, and their reputation as one of the craziest live bands out there.

*NOTE: Some backstory on the first question. The night before Reptar took to twitter basically all night tweeting, hashtagging, and posting photos with the simple caption “having a blast…” and then wherever they were currently partying.

So…did you guys have a blast last night?

Graham: (laughs) Yeah, we’ve going to send out a formal apology to Twitter and to the world and to…Adele for all the things we said on the internet last night. We’re not going to take it back, we’re just going to say “hey guys, sorry we had a blast last night. We should have told you in advance.”

Like a blast warning?

Graham: Yes, next time we’ll send out a blast warning and you’ll know when Reptar is about to have a blast on Twitter. Last night we all had our social media cherries popped. We just went crazy with it, we went to the next level. We agreed to it too, we’re like “ya know what, we’re just gonna go to the next level of social media and see what happens.” And when you go that far, it’s kinda hard to come back. I’m talking to you right now, but what I really want to be doing it tweeting at you.

We should just do a tweet interview.

Graham: YES. That happens.

Walk the Moon did something like that not too long ago.

Andrew: Walk the Moon did that?

Graham: They are on another level of social media. They have achieved level 35. They are not having a blast like we’re having a blast right now though.

I caught a show on your latest tour with Grouplove, how did that go for you guys?

Ryan: The tour was cool, they’re really nice people. We missed them last night, so we were just hanging out on Twitter. That counts right?

Graham: They were having a blast too. They’re really great, great people.

Poof: It was a super great tour, we had a blast on it.

Was that the first big, full-on nationwide tour Reptar?

Graham: I think our first full nationwide tour was in October of last year with Foster the People and Cults. And then we had our own tour earlier this year that was pretty extensive and nationwide.

You have a reputation for being a crazy live band, do you think that’s changed our show at all or at least how you guys approach it?

Graham: That’s the only way we’ve every performed together is to be that energetic. To me that’s just how it is.

Ryan: You would have to get some real levels of self-conscious analysis to try to determine if that affected us or not. William (keyboardist) kind of always just walks around like that and shaking that much.

Graham: Man, he is the impetus of that. It’s impossible to play that music with William and not do that.

I think the shorts help, he seemed to be drawing his power from the cutoff camoflauge he had on earlier.

Graham: Yes, he does draw power. Super Saiyan style.

Reptar’s debut album Body Faucet is out now on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

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