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31 Aug

By Phil DeSimone

On a typical hot and humid day in Houston, the Honda Civic tour feat MuteMath, Incubus and Linkin Park came rolling through and heated things up a bit more. This shorter than average summer tour had been the talk of the town amongst the locals and critics alike.

MuteMath kicked things off with a short 30 minute set. Despite the heat, the band came out decked in business-casual attire and got the crowd a lil more sweaty. For a 30 minute set, MuteMath did a great mix of songs off all 3 of their albums, ending their set with the infamous “Reset”.

Incubus, the touring kings, were up next and this was such a special treat, because the band is planning on taking a break for a little bit after this tour. These guys have toured for many years non-stop and are some of the most seasoned performers I’ve seen to date.

About halfway during their set, Brandon Boyd said “Hello Dallas”, which is where they played the previous night. Though there were some immediate boos, Brandon quickly realized his mistake and apologized. Lead guitarist Mike Einziger then stated an interesting fact. “Wow, after 21 years of being a band, that has never happened”. Immediately boos turned into applause.

Towards the end of the set, Incubus added their own renditions of “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie and “I Need You Tonight” by INXS, which sounded unexpectedly awesome and received an immediate positive response from those in attendance.

Linkin Park took the stage right on time and opened up with “A Place For My Head”. These guys thrive off the live show and the response the crowd gives them. Mike Shinoda said multiple times how much he loved the response Houston was giving. All members were in great form and Chester’s voice was impressively young sounding as if all those years of touring and screaming every night have had no effect on his voice.

Lights and sound effects certainly complimented the show and the stage set up was shown off even more when lots of fire effects were shown off when the band performed “Burn it Down”.

What really got my blood flowing was when Chester integrated “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, into “Bleed it Out”. Aggressive rhymes and scratchy yells complimented this song so well and the crowd went nuts.

Performing a great mix of classics and some newer material, it was another great Honda Civic tour that should not be missed. This is only a 20 date tour which is coming quickly to an end. Make sure to catch it if it comes by your area.

31 Aug

By Keeyahtay Lewis

For those of you who have been visiting this site a while, or even to my site, it has been established how much we like Circa Survive. I found out that they would be doing two record release shows in Philly and I jumped at the chance to cover it. Their new album, Violent Waves, came out this week. Like many others I pre-ordered it, so I got the advance copy and I listened to it for a week straight before the show. I couldn’t wait to see these songs live. I headed down to Union Transfer on Saturday night, and I prepared to have my mind blown by Anthony Green and the guys, once again.

Another favorite band of mine, Balance and Composure, were opening the show. I have seen them play a few times now and I am always impressed. Led by Jon Simmons on vocals and guitar, this 5 piece band out of the Philly area always bring passion to the stage. Opening with Void, Burden and Quake it was obvious that the audience were not strangers to this band. Bringing them along on the tour definitely is a good fit. Special guest Ned Russin of Title Fight was on the bass, and he brought a little extra energy to the band.

Most of their 9 song set came from their last album, Separation, and songs like Stonehands, I Can’t Do This Alone and Rope were huge hits with everyone in the room screaming along every word. Jon’s voice was strong and the rest of the band kept the energy high. It was nice to see them play again and I am sure that they are going to build many new fans on the upcoming tour.

I had an all access pass from Circa so I spent the time in between bands back stage talking with everyone. The new album has a guest vocal from Geoff Rickly of Thursday and he was back there as well. The energy was high from everyone, you could almost feel it tickle the back of your neck while the front of the house got everything ready. I will say again something I have said before, Circa Survive shows always feel like family. Anthony always greets me like an old friend when I see him. Various friends, kids, and band member’s parents make up the rest of the people. Soon enough though, there was the band huddle, then it was time for them to take the stage.

As soon as there is even a hint that they band is ready to come out, the packed, sold out crowd went insane. I have never been to Union Transfer before, but I knew that Saturday night would test the strength of the rafters. They opened up with a new song, the one with Geoff singing the chorus: Lottery. It was fantastic to see him on stage again, (RIP Thursday), the chemistry between him and Anthony is obvious. There is never any getting warmed up with Circa Survive, they go out there and kill it from the first note. Anthony spent a lot of time on the barricade and in the crowd, letting the kids hold his legs up and scream along every word.

Another new one, Sharp Practice, and then an older song, Holding Someone’s Hair Back were next. The new songs were treated just like the old ones, with excitement and a chorus of voices. At this point the album had not even been released yet. It was clear to see that everyone had pre-ordered it to get the instant digital download. The set list bounced around all four albums: Living Together, Imaginary Enemy, Through The Desert Alone, Bird Songs, and Strange Terrain followed. Circa shows are never just 5 guys on stage going through the motions. Confetti, inflatable balls and Anthony getting sweaty in the pit with the kids were all part of it.

A lot is said about Anthony Green, and it is understandable. He has charisma to spare, enough energy to power Philly for a week, and a voice that is unmatched. But behind him are 4 extremely talented guys who keep it all moving along. Nick Beard on bass, Steve Clifford on drums, and Colin Frangicetto and Brendan Ekstrom on guitars. The band has never sounded better. Beyond that, from my spot next to Steve, it is easy to see how much they all love playing together. I was able to hear the jokes and comments they all shared in between songs. And the smiles they passed around.

Before the show, Anthony told me he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. The interaction he has the whole show makes it clear that he just feels like a regular guy who is lucky to do what he does.

A definite favorite was up next: The Only Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is The Dose. As soon as it started hundreds of voices sang along, “Move one inch at a time, don’t make shit rhyme…”, beautiful. After that song Anthony decided to add a song in that wasn’t on the list. He ran around and talked the guys, a couple changes were made on the spot. Then he told the audience they were going to play something that they almost never played. Always Getting What You Want from the Juturna album was that song, and people lost their damn minds. “It’s the talent, not the promotion” are some of the lyrics, and the talent was on display Saturday night.

Stop The Fucking Car, Suitcase, and Birth Of the Economic Hit Man were the last 3 songs before the encore. The latter two are from the new album, and both songs are a bit slower. Suitcase has delicate vocals which Anthony handled beautiful, with the help of every person in the room. Hit Man is the longest song Circa has in their catalog, at around 7 minutes, and for those minutes everyone just got lost in it.

The band left briefly and then came out with the one, two punch of In Fear and Faith and the ferocious Get Out. Talk about leaving everyone wanting more. Both of the songs are long time favorites of the fans, and the band left everything they had on the stage afterwards.

Taking my bias out of it, Circa Survive are one of the best bands doing it right now. Period. A few really great albums have came out the last few months, but with Violent Waves the band is trying to stake their claim. The album is self produced, and self released, and today is was #1 on ITunes for Alternative Rock. And they deserve it. It is definitely the best, and most easily accessible album of their 8 year career. Beyond that, I have been able to get know some of the guys on a more personal level, and they are super down to Earth and just…damn nice. All too often I see guys on stage putting on a show and going through the motions. You can see the band that doesn’t give a shit about anyone beyond the stage. Circa Survive is not that band.

They will be going out on the road for a small tour starting 9/13/-10/27/12. Just go. Seriously. Don’t think about it, go online now, and buy tickets. You won’t be sorry. And buy the album. Support a band that really gives a shit. But even if you don’t care about 5 guys trying to do it on their own, pick up the new album because it is incredible. This past weekend Circa Survive played two sold out shows in Philly. If it is any indication of what we can expect on the upcoming tour, I will be at every show I can be at. So should you.

31 Aug

Ah, it’s Labor Day weekend. If you’re not away at the beach this weekend, you should be at FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Our writer Ace Ubas gives us his picks for the festival. Make sure to get there early!


The Men (2:45-3:25 Hill St. Stage)

If you want to start the festival in a rather blood pumping manner, then I highly recommend seeing Brooklyn’s The Men (not to be confused with MEN). For two years straight, they’ve released albums that cements their place as the top punk rock band today (with a third coming out next spring). Then again, it helps that the band has three different talented songwriters to provide diversity with each and every song that they write, so calling them purely a punk band is a bit of an injustice. Their latest album, Open Your Heart, is one of my favorites this year where they have taken punk elements and infused elements of blues and psychedelic rock into their songs. In a day that’s already punk/hardcore heavy, The Men is a MUST see.

Fucked Up (5:25-6:10 Spring St. Stage)

Once you have the chance to get your adrenaline going and looking for another band to keep your mosh on, then look no further than Toronto’s Fucked Up. It’s not often that a hardcore band gets nominated for a Polaris Prize or makes it in nearly every music critic’s year end list, but Fucked Up manages to do so especially with their latest David Comes to Life, an 18-track epic that is actually a rock opera. This should make you realize that they’re obviously not your typical hardcore band, which gives it all the more reason why you need to see them.

Chromatics (6:35-7:20 Spring St. Stage)

If you’re going to go by this schedule for FYF, then you might be tired (or bruised or bloodied or both) from all the moshing. With the sun setting at this time, why not have a nice change of pace with Chromatics and get your dance on. Their subtle yet complex style of synth-pop makes them a stand-out in the electronic music scene. In fact, they’re the only band that has taken the Italo Disco sound and added their own modern spin to it. This has lead to their latest album Kill for Love to be one of the best this year after a five year break.

James Blake (7:50-8:40 Spring St. Stage)

James Blake had a huge, and I mean HUGE year last year. While he was progressively making an impact in his native England, it wasn’t until his hit and cover of Feist’s “Limit to Your Love” that truly garnered him popularity and success. Having collaborated with Bon Iver certainly doesn’t hurt either. The post-dubstep musician/producer is finally back in the states, ready to build off his success and make waves once again. Plus, he has one of the more mesmerizing voices around that is full of dramatic emotion and soul. Why not have your heart wrenched at least once during a festival?

Refused (10:55 Main St. Stage)

How can you go through a festival without seeing one of the most important bands in the history of punk and hardcore? You’d be foolish to do so. Refused are fucking back so get ready to get be part of one crazy mosh pit. After 14 years after their initial break up, the Swedish hardcore punk band reunited early this year, going mainly on the festival circuit. But now they’re back in Los Angeles in what could be the last time they set foot in California (at least for the foreseeable future). Having the opportunity to see a seminal and influential band such as Refused is one that everyone has to take, whether you’re a fan of the genre or not!


Father John Misty (3:50-4:35 Hill St. Stage)

Fleet Foxes took a huge blow when drummer J. Tillman announced he was leaving the folk group to focus on his solo project, Father John Misty. Luckily for us, he made a pretty good decision. Father John Misty is his light-hearted and witty approach to folk rock, evidenced by the title of his debut album, Fear Fun. Basically, if you want to start off the second day of the festival on a weird, quirky, (maybe) fantastical note, then see Father John Misty.

Lightning Bolt (5:50-6:35 Spring St. Stage)

This is where things pick up for the day: Lightning Bolt. Known for their guerrilla-style performances, it’s not often you get to see them play in a traditional setting. But who cares what setting you see them in, just as long as you get to see them! It might be helpful and safe if you wear ear plugs because they are LOUD. It’s hard to believe that that amount of noise can be produced by a drummer and a bassist that incorporates a banjo string into his instrument. You wouldn’t have guessed that their influences come from classical composers because of their raucous nature, but their impressive ability to improvise is clearly a classical influence. Simply put, see Lightning Bolt. It’s not often they play shows and in Los Angeles for that matter. This one is a no-brainer.

Dinosaur Jr. (6:40-7:30 Main St. Stage)

Dinosaur Jr. ALWAYS puts on a great live performance, even after being in the business since the mid-80s. Watching J. Mascis shred on his six-stringer is always a spectacle, leaving you awestruck. Not to mention that their use of distortion and feedback has influenced many bands in the punk, noise, and garage rock scene. With a new album coming out in a couple of weeks, expect some new tunes but also some classic ones thrown in there as well.

Yeasayer (9:10-10:00 Main St. Stage)

It’s hard to pin down a term to describe Yeasayer. Their sound ranges from psychedelic pop, freak folk, and world music. But it might be accurate to describe them as experimental – taking influences from where ever they can to create a mélange of music such as melodies from the Middle East and Asia. The fact is that their music is highly textured and intricate that it can create a mental visual on their own. Their music is filled with infectious pop hooks, three-part harmonies, tribal beats, and lush melodies. That makes for one hell of a hypnotic performance that is sure to trip you out.

Beirut (10:55-11:55 Main St. Stage)

Having Beirut end FYF is a great way to relax after a pretty chaotic line up. Their European-esque folk sounds should serenade and calm you. I had the pleasure of seeing the Zach Condon-led outfit live at Outside Lands last year and they were perfect in an open air setting. Granted the grounds at Outside Lands are much bigger than FYF, but regardless, their signature multi-horn-driven and intimate sound travels beautifully in that type of setting.

31 Aug

The Heavy returned to the Late Show with David Letterman to perform their new single “What Makes A Good Man?” and their classic hit “How You Like Me Now?”. If you remember, over two years ago Letterman fell in love with the band and asked them to perform “How You Like Me Now?” twice (never done before on the show). Judging by how much Dave likes the band and that song it was only given that he’d ask them to perform it again.

Watch both “What Makes A Good Man?” and “How You Like Me Now?” below and pick up their album The Glorious Dead on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

30 Aug

Los Angeles-based duo BLONDFIRE has signed with Warner Bros Records. Brazilian-American siblings Bruce and Erica Driscoll have been writing, producing, playing and performing together since they were kids, creating bouncy electro-pop-n-roll that combines worldly sophistication with American accessibility.

Fronted by Erica’s soft, breathy vocals and rounded out by a catchy, danceable beat, Blondfire’s songs have developed something of a cult following. They’ve received airplay on Sirius Alt-Nation, KCRW, KCSN, KROX (Austin) and KNDd (Seattle) as well as KROQ and 98.7′s “Locals Only” shows, been touted on RollingStone.com, Filter and MTV.com and licensed in several films, television shows and commercials. Blondfire’s recent residency at LA’s Bootleg Theatre became the party of the week.

Blondfire is currently in the studio working on their debut Warner Bros full-length Young Heart, set for release early 2013. The video for their first single “Where the Kids Are” is out now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K3l2VfLDMI. Rolling Stone recently premiered another track off Young Heart, “Waves”: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/song-premiere-blondfire-waves-20120817

30 Aug

Grammy-winning alternative rock band Deftones have announced the November 13th release of their seventh studio album, entitled KOI NO YOKAN. To support the release they will hit the road on a nationwide headlining tour, with special guest Scars On Broadway, which kicks off October 9th in Ventura, CA and will conclude on the West Coast mid November. Tickets on sale next Friday, September 7 via Ticketmaster.com.

KOI NO YOKAN was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Rush) who also produced Diamond Eyes. Front man Chino Moreno summed up Deftones’ sound in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying “Obviously we’re an aggressive band – not the heaviest, but there’s a lot of attack. He continues, “But there’s also this lush beauty that flows within everything that we do, and that’s my favorite part of the band. To me, it’s the epitome of what the Deftones do.”
From their 1994 debut Adrenaline to their platinum-certified, Billboard chart-topping, Grammy-winning breakthrough album White Pony, Deftones have continually crossed-over genres, defied categorization and delivered compelling live performances around the world. The Sacramento band’s 2010 release Diamond Eyes was named iTunes’ “Rock Album of the Year,” as well as KERRANG!’s 2010 Album of the Year. Diamond Eyes also graced many other critics and readers “Best Of” lists, including MySpace, AOL Noisecreep, Alternative Press, MOG, and Drowned In Sound.

Deftones US tour dates are below.

9/22/2012 – Irvine, CA – Epicenter Festival
9/23/2012 – Sacramento, CA – Aftershock Festival
Headline Tour:
10/9/2012 – Ventura, CA – Ventura Theatre
10/10/2012 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield
10/12/2012 – Portland, OR – Roseland Ballroom
10/13/2012 – Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO
10/14/2012 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore
10/16/2012 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
10/17/2012 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue
10/19/2012 – Denver, CO – Fillmore Auditorium
10/20/2012 – Kansas City, MO – Harrah’s
10/21/2012 – Columbia, MO – Blue Note
10/23/2012 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
10/24/2012 – Royal Oak, MI – Royal Oak Music Theatre
10/26/2012 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
10/28/2012 -Philadelphia, PA – The Electric Factory
10/29/2012 – Boston, MA – HOB Boston
10/30/2012 – New York, NY – Terminal 5

Stay tuned to Deftones.com for more information on the tour, including additional dates as well as the latest Deftones news.

(photo credit: Marcello Ambriz)

30 Aug

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist extraordinaire Gary Clark Jr. will release his long-anticipated full-length debut album for Warner Bros. Records on October 23rd. The album, for which the title and track-listing will be announced soon, was produced by Gary Clark Jr. and Mike Elizondo, who is known for his work with Mastodon, Fiona Apple, Dr. Dre, and many others.

Clark has been slipping new songs into his sets while performing at all of this year’s major music festivals, including Bonnaroo, the alt-leaning mainstays Coachella and Montreal’s Osheaga Festival, the indie rock-driven Sasquatch!, Lollapalooza Festival and the eclectic NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival. This coming weekend of Sep 1st and 2nd Clark will be the only artist to play both nights of Jay Z’s Made In America Festival at Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. Other performers include Jay Z, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Drake and more. After that, Clark winds up at the final major US festival of the season, Austin City Limits Festival, along with Warner Bros. Records label-mates Neil Young & Crazy Horse and LP the weekend of October 12-14th.

To coincide with the release of his album Clark will also make several television appearances in October. Those details will be announced soon.

While you wait Clark’s debut full-length, you can snap up Clark’s acclaimed THE BRIGHT LIGHTS EP, as well as an exclusive 12″ vinyl single, Gary Clark Jr. Presents HWUL Cuts Vol. I that contains two previously unreleased live tracks, “If You Love Me Like You Say” and “Bright Lights.”

28 Aug

By Matt Arena

It’s rare to find someone who really cares about their fans. Not in a “thanks for coming out (insert any city here), you guys are the best” as they walk off the stage kind of way or the “I love you (insert country here)!” tweet. An actual sense of giving a shit about the people who pay money to buy what your material or to see you perform, whether it’s music, movies, comedy, or any other art form; it’s not something you see every day. It’s why Foo Fighters’ 3+ hour shows and constant “we’re gonna play till we puke” mentality make them arguably the best band on the planet. It’s why guys like Kevin Smith, who interacts with fans quite literally 24/7 and provides tons of free material, are so beloved. But Louis CK has taken that to a whole new level.

It started last year with the release of his new special ‘Live at the Beacon Theater.’ Prior to that, Louis had tried out the alternative method of releasing via Epix, the video-on-demand service that doesn’t charge the standard $20+ for DVDs, and it did well. So when he announced that he’d be releasing his latest hour independently, it took everyone by surprise. As it should have. Someone at Louis CK’s level, one of the top comedians out there, can have a real impact when they decide to do something this radical. ‘Live at the Beacon Theater’ was released only on louisck.net, and for $5 (which through PayPal went directly to him), you get a hi-def download, a streaming link, and a separate audio version of the special. You’ll never find that much new material for $5, no matter what the platform. Of course this method has its downfalls, mostly how easy it made piracy. Speaking to those who may instead choose the free (aka torrent) way of obtaining his latest release, Louis says:

“Look, I don’t really get the whole ‘torrent’ thing. I don’t know enough about it to judge either way. But I’d just like you to consider this: I made these files extremely easy to use against well–informed advice. I was told that it would be easier to torrent the way I made it, but I chose to do it this way anyway, because I want it to be easy for people to watch and enjoy this video in any way they want without “corporate” restrictions.

Please bear in mind that I am not a company or corporation. I’m just some guy. I paid for the production and posting of this video with my own money. I would like to be able to post more material to the fans in this way, which makes it cheaper for the buyer and more pleasant for me. So, please help me keep this being a good idea. I can’t stop you from torrenting; all I can do is politely ask you to pay your five little dollars, enjoy the show, and let other people find it in the same way.”

You’d have to be a real asshole to upload to a torrent site after reading that. This wasn’t some generic corporate warning not to infringe on copyright, it came from the guy who made it himself, just asking not to screw him over. And it worked. Not only financially (it’s grossed over one million dollars in under two weeks), but in deterring piracy too. There were a couple torrents up (as this is the internet and there are always at least a couple assholes), but the comments section were littered with registered members of the torrent site coming down hard on the uploader. Some uploaders disabled comment sections and those that did allow it were rampant with apologies and promises to pay to see him live. For the first time ever, people on the Internet felt bad about being jerks. By uploading the people who warned him against such a trustworthy, fan-friendly way of releasing (most likely distribution companies) were proven right. If people can’t be trusted not to upload when the artist goes out of their way to make it easy for the fans to purchase, then why even bother? But these instances were few and far between, and by a long shot, it paid off. Louis even gave $280,000 of the proceeds to charity; this in addition to the 250k he gave his staff. The repercussions were pretty evident; soon other high profile comics like Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari saw the upside and released their new material in a similar way. Though it requires an established fan base to be able to pull off this unique method of release, it’s still a groundbreaking way to sidestep the restrictive distribution companies that make it harder on both the artist and the fans.

So how do you follow up such an innovative effort? Take it to the live show. On his upcoming tour, Louis CK took another step forward in putting the power back in the artist’s hands by handling ticket sales himself. Much like his special, tickets were available only on louisck.net and were only $45 dollars. No ridiculous $15+ service charges, no overpriced seats; just a fair, across the board, and easy way to buy tickets. That’s cheaper than it’s been for any of Louis’s shows in the last two years. This method also targeted scalpers, by identifying any tickets that were being sold over the $45 price and canceling the entire order. Two of the biggest problems with live performances, both negated by a conceptually simple idea. Louis himself said it was difficult to make this work, as many venues simply wouldn’t book him without partnering up with Ticketmaster and surely keeping track of overpriced scalpers surely isn’t easy. But the effort behind it speaks volumes. Some artists will say how ridiculous fees are and how they’re sorry and there’s nothing they can do about it. Turns out there is. It certainly couldn’t have been easy to book and roll out a tour like this, but it was done to make things easy and simple for fans. That’s the crux of virtually everything he does professionally. There simply isn’t a performer out there who consistently works as hard to make things painless and easier on his supporters. And they respond by selling out his shows in mere hours.

So giving the finger to greedy distribution and ticketing companies surely would be enough, right? Nope. Louis CK had one more surprise up his sleeve when he announced three last second shows at The Bell House in Brooklyn this past Monday night. The announcement came suddenly at 12:00 pm, with the tickets only available via venue’s physical box office and only $10. Yes, Louis CK was playing three shows in one night at a venue about the quarter of the size he normally plays (Louis has 8 straight shows at the New York City Center this October), for about the quarter of the price. Of course tickets sold out within two hours for all three shows. They would be a test run of sorts for him to work out some of the new material for the upcoming fall tour, ‘working on his new hour of material’ was even printed as the event name on the ticket. Around half an hour before doors, there already was a crowd gathering inside The Bell House and by the time doors opened, the line was snaking all the way down 7th street.

Soon Louis CK hit the stage, water and notebook in hand, to a packed house of at least 400 people. From the moment he walked on, Louis made it clear why the show was so cheap, “you’re gonna get a shitty show, that’s why the tickets are only $10, so don’t expect to be happy in any way,” he joked as he held up his notes. Even though it was new test material it still was some of his best yet. To go into detail would not only be a disservice to the jokes themselves (lord knows there’s nothing less funny than a repeated joke in a blog article), but it would destroy the whole purpose of a last second, intimate show to test material. So you won’t find a bit-by-bit dissection here and quite honestly there isn’t a worse way to portray a comedian’s set.

But what I will say is that this new material sees him arguably at his funniest. Having seen every one of his stand-up specials, and probably even every appearance on Opie & Anthony, there isn’t an old joke to be found. Louis CK is known for his ability to constantly churn out a new hour of great material on a yearly basis, lately even more so as he’s released both ‘Live at the Beacon Theater’ and ‘Word – Live at Carnegie Hall’ in under a year’s time. He’s more introspective, brutal, and honest than ever. What makes Louis such a great comic is that he’s able to take usually hack tropes, like marriage, divorce, and technology, and make them hilarious. That’s increased ten-fold with this new hour. His closing bit was arguably my favorite and most brutal piece of material he’s ever done. It takes a lot to make a Louis CK crowd uncomfortable, but he somehow managed to do it in a way that subconsciously calls out the hypocrisy of that feeling. Not to say there were groans or moans from the audience (there weren’t, he absolutely destroyed for the full hour), but parts in the final bit brought up that wonderfully awkward dread as a couple of the more uptight audience members started to get a bit uncomfortable. Which again at a Louis CK show is an accomplishment by itself. Of course that just makes it all the more funnier. He also snuck in the absolute greatest Rocky reference ever committed to human speech. To go any farther would be a cannonball right into spoiler territory, but all you need to know is this; those going to see Louis CK on his upcoming tour are in for an amazing hour of comedy. Go buy tickets to his closest show to you (if it isn’t sold out already) on louisck.net.

28 Aug

There has been a witch’s brew boiling for 10 years, and America’s greatest rock band is about to blow the cover off.

On November 6, Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums) will release MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION on Columbia Records. It marks the band’s 15th studio album and their first studio album of all-new material in 11 years. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and at the band’s studio in Massachusetts; it was produced by Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, with the exception of three tracks produced by Tyler and Marti Frederiksen.

MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION’s first two singles have been released simultaneously to radio this week. “What Could Have Been Love” is now impacting at Hot AC and “Lover A Lot” at Rock, Active Rock, and Classic Rock. The album features 15 new tracks, including two songs that audiences in North America were treated to on the first leg of the band’s triumphant, sold-out “Global Warming Tour”: “Oh Yeah” and “Legendary Child.”

MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION presents AEROSMITH in ferociously fine form and at the peak of their powers. They’re the only band of their stature with all-original members and who are playing better than ever have before. The album abounds with one highlight after another, including “Out Go The Lights,” “Oh Yeah,” “Luv XXX,” “We All Fall Down,” “Street Jesus” and “Can’t Stop Loving You,” on which Tyler duets with Carrie Underwood. The album also includes “Freedom Fighter” which features Johnny Depp on backing vocals. See the full track listing below.

AEROSMITH wrapped their U.S. tour August 12 in Bristow, VA. The dates included the band’s triumphant, sold-out return to the legendary Hollywood Bowl (August 6) in Los Angeles, where Depp joined the band onstage . A new leg of fall dates will soon be announced to support the release of MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION.

“It’s not that it took ten years,” STEVEN TYLER says, “but that we were busy getting ready!”

“This is the album we wanted to make since the band got back together in 1984,” JOE PERRY says. “Can’t complain about number one singles or album-driven sold-out world tours, as we blaze the Aerosmith trail with our fans. But this is the record that when the five of us are in a room yelling turn up the volume, that room could be 1325 Commonwealth Avenue (a reference to the band’s first apartment where they lived and wrote their first song).”

A deluxe version of MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION will include:

● Four live performance videos: “Rats In The Cellar,” “Train Kept A Rollin,” “Oh Yeah” and “Same Old Song and Dance”

● Exclusive interviews with the members of AEROSMITH band members

● Three exclusive new bonus tracks: “Up On A Mountain,” “Oasis” and “Sunny Side of Love”

The MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION track listing is as follows:


Oh Yeah


Tell Me

Out Go The Lights

Legendary Child

What Could Have Been Love

Street Jesus

Can’t Stop Loving You

Lover A Lot

We All Fall Down

Freedom Fighter



Another Last Goodbye

AEROSMITH are a living piece of American music history, having sold over 150 million albums worldwide and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They are the recipients of countless awards including four GRAMMYs, eight American Music Awards, six Billboard Awards and 12 MTV Video Music Awards among many other honors. Proving that they can cross genre-boundaries with ease, these rock legends have even taken home a Soul Train Award for Best Rap Single for their remix of Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.” With scores of multi-platinum albums, AEROSMITH continues to inspire generations to get their wings, get a grip and just push play. It is no wonder why they are one of the most beloved bands of all time.


28 Aug

A Thing Called Divine Fits (iTunes), the debut album from Divine Fits, has been released today, August 28, in the U.S. on Merge and on Universal in Canada. It was released yesterday in the UK and Europe via Anti-/Epitaph.

Divine Fits will be on tour well into the fall, with a Los Angeles residency being completed by an August 28 day of release show at the Masonic Temple and a September 4 date at The Echo with Daughn Gibson supporting.

http://www.divinefits.com / facebook.com/divinefits / @divinefits

Aug 28 – Los Angeles, CA – Masonic Temple
Aug 30 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile * Black Whales support
Sept 4 – Los Angeles, CA – The Echo * Daughn Gibson supports
Sept 5 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace * Hooded Fang supports
Sept 9 – New York, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg * Sean Bones supports
Oct 6 – Nashville, TN – SoundLand Festival
Oct 14 – San Francisco, CA – Treasure Island Music Festival
Oct 27 – Asheville, NC – Moogfest