Jane’s Addiction 8/12 State Theatre New Brunswick NJ Review/Photos

By Keeyahtay Lewis

Fresh off of stops at Bethlehem Musicfest and Lollapooloza, Jane’s Addiction brought their Theatre Of The Escapists tour to The State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ on Sunday night. At about 9:20 or so the lights went down, the audience stood up, and Jane’s Addiction took the stage. The background was what looked like a sculpture of two naked ladies and there were also girls hanging down from the ceiling on swings. From where I was standing it didn’t look like the band had changed much in the last 20+ years. Singer Perry Farrell, drummer Stephen Perkins, bass player Chris Chaney, and the “Ink Master” himself on guitar, Dave Navarro. They all looked fit, and like they were ready to tear the State Theatre apart.

Opening with “Underground”, “Mountain Song” and “Just Because” the band sounded pretty great. Never having seen the band before, I was quite impressed. Up next was the band’s biggest hit, “Been Caught Steeling” and everyone in New Brunswick lost their minds at once. The State Theatre is typically a place for theatrical plays, but on Sunday night Jane’s Addiction turned it into a full blown party.

Because there is no real barrier at The State Theatre, the band, specifically Farrell and Navarro could be seen shaking hands, pounding fists, and sharing smiles with fans against the stage the whole night. Farrell has always been a charismatic front man and he certainly charmed those in the front. The background always stayed pretty interesting: girls hanging from swings, girls floating across the stage, naked girl statues, lights and girls, girls, girls. But at times it was really quite beautiful.

“Ain’t No Right”, “Irresistible Force” and another fan favorite, “Jane Says” kept everyone on their feet the whole time. The band jumped around all four studio albums with “Up the Beach”, “Had A Dad” and “Three Days” before leaving the stage for a short time. They band returned to play three more: “Splash A Little Water On It”, “Ocean Size” and “Stop!” before taking a bow, and walking off for good.

The band has been on hiatus, switched members and reunited more than a few times in their career, but this latest reunion felt like a good one. It is always nice to see a band enjoying themselves, and it definitely showed on Sunday night. Farrell and the rest have made no definite plans on what is happening after this tour. A follow up to The Great Escape Artist has been hinted at, but nothing solid. Watching them play on Sunday though, if they come off this tour and take that energy into the studio, the next album should be a killer one. In the meantime, it is nice to see a band do what they do best, and loving every second of it.

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