The Kills 8/18 Converse City Carnage Pier 63 Hudson River Park NYC Review/Photos

By Michel Dussack

This summer has been incredible for free shows in New York City. Just a few weeks after a Converse City Carnage sponsored Sleigh Bells show, the sneaker company threw another awesome show featuring a headlining performance by The Kills. The duo of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince enthralled the crowd throughout a 17 song set. The only fault to be found in their performance was that they covered much of the same ground as they did in February during their 10th Anniversary show.

Kicking things off with the instantly recognizable ‘No Wow’, fog blanketed the stage as the pair took the stage, Alison donning a black hat and cigarette. She quickly extinguished it to grab the microphone and begin wailing in her own unique style. She rarely stood still throughout the performance, save for an appearance on drums later in the set. Once again, the band was backed by a group of live drums for a few songs, including ‘Future Starts Slow’ and ‘U R A Fever’.

During ‘Kissy Kissy’, the duo switched places a bit with Jamie on lead vocals and Alison donning a guitar. The duo continued on throughout the night, rarely stopping in between songs, though it seemed like it was only to fit as many songs in as possible before the strict 10pm curfew of the outdoor venue. Before they concluded with ‘Pots and Pans’, Jamie thanked the crowd and mentioned that New York was one of his favorite cities with sincerity.

When the group returned for the four song encore, they seemed even more energized as they burned through ‘Last Goodbye’ and ‘Pull A U’. As usual, the combination of ‘Fuck the People’ and ‘Monkey 23’, off the band’s debut album closed out the show in a frenetic fashion, and Jamie and Alison drew near to each other to take one last bow in front of the crowd. New York has been lucky enough to have been graced by two performances by The Kills in the past six months, though everyone that says them will tell you even that doesn’t seem often enough.

The Kills’ setlist
1. No Wow
2. Future Starts Slow
3. Heart Is A Beating Drum
4. Kissy Kissy
5. U R A Fever
6. DNA
7. Satellite
8. Last Day of Magic
9. Baby Says
10. Black Balloon
11. Tape Song
12. You Don’t Own The Road
13. Pots and Pans
14. Last Goodbye
15. Pull A U
16. Fuck the People
17. Monkey 23




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