Steel Panther 8/16 Starland Ballroom Sayreville NJ Review/Photos

By Keeyahtay Lewis

Steel Panther. Mothereffing Steel Panther. Last Thursday night Steel Panther rolled back into town. Like a hyper-sexed circus, they were going to, once again, take over Starland Ballroom. I couldn’t wait. I saw them play back in December and it was one of the most fun shows I had ever seen. I knew that Thursday night would be more of the same.

Taking the stage in a wave of hair spray and spandex, a packed house erupted at once. I said it before, it is easy to forget what year it is when you are at a Steel Panther show. For much of the audience, being at a SP show is the closest they will ever get to the decadence that was the 80s. There were plenty of people at the show who were around for the real thing also. You looked around at the teased hair and tight outfits of those in attendance and you could see that everyone was there to party.

Opening with Supersonic Sex Machine, Tomorrow Night, and Fat Girl the energy was high from the first second. With lyrics like:

    It’s the party of the century that’s right
    Unfortunately it’s tomorrow night
    I’m going to a party
    Tomorrow night Tomorrow night
    I’m gonna get some pussy
    Tomorrow night Tomorrow night
    But tonight I’m gonna jerk off… Ahh feels good

It is nice to see “Rock Stars” who don’t take themselves too seriously. SP always makes sure that the people who are there to see them feel like part of the show. They spend a lot of time joking around with the audience, making lewd comments to the attractive girls, congratulating certain guys with hot girlfriends. They spend just as much time ripping into each other. Talking about plastic surgery’s, hip replacements and the fact that they haven’t showered in weeks.

Although the lyrics are jokes, the guys playing these songs have some serious chops. Led by Michael Starr, who has the look and that 80s vibrato down. Satchel on guitar, Lexxi Foxxx on bass, and Stix Zadinia on drums. If these guys had been around 30 years ago, bands like Poison and other glam metal bands would have had a serious run for their money.

Asian Hooker, Just like Tiger Woods, Gold-Digging Whore, every song is a good time. They even made time for a really, really impressive guitar solo by Satchel. He just goes off for several minutes. The really cool part is when he gets behind the drum kit. He plays guitar and the bass drum parts to many metal songs including, Breaking the Law, Master of Puppets, Crazy Train, Iron Man, all 80s classics. He even ripped into Flight of the Bumblebee. If anyone thinks that SP can’t really play, that solo alone would shut all doubters down.

Community Property, Eyes of a Panther, Weenie Ride were next. Then of course the girls. They just bring a flood of girls from the crowd on stage to make out, and flash some boobs. Just in time for the next song, Party All Day (Fuck All Night) and It Won’t Suck Itself. Classy? No. So much fun? Absolutely. That is the point with SP, they thank you for spending your hard earned money on a ticket, and then they make sure you will leave every single problem at the door.

Death to All But Metal was next, then Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ and 17 Girls in a Row for the encore.

I can’t say it enough, SP are just a great time to see play. They don’t write songs to change the world, they write songs to bring a smile to your face. And they certainly do that, and then some. I am pretty sure I said this last time I wrote about them, but I will definitely go see them play any chance I get. It is just refreshing to see 4 guys on stage who love what they do, and really appreciate that others would pay good money to share that with them. They don’t act like they are better than the people on the other side of the barricade, and they bring a good many of those people on stage during the show. They do everything they can to bring a little of that 80s excess to their shows, but they also bring a lot of heart. Both leave a lasting impression.

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