Linkin Park and Incubus (Honda Civic Tour) 8/28 Houston Review/Photos

By Phil DeSimone

On a typical hot and humid day in Houston, the Honda Civic tour feat MuteMath, Incubus and Linkin Park came rolling through and heated things up a bit more. This shorter than average summer tour had been the talk of the town amongst the locals and critics alike.

MuteMath kicked things off with a short 30 minute set. Despite the heat, the band came out decked in business-casual attire and got the crowd a lil more sweaty. For a 30 minute set, MuteMath did a great mix of songs off all 3 of their albums, ending their set with the infamous “Reset”.

Incubus, the touring kings, were up next and this was such a special treat, because the band is planning on taking a break for a little bit after this tour. These guys have toured for many years non-stop and are some of the most seasoned performers I’ve seen to date.

About halfway during their set, Brandon Boyd said “Hello Dallas”, which is where they played the previous night. Though there were some immediate boos, Brandon quickly realized his mistake and apologized. Lead guitarist Mike Einziger then stated an interesting fact. “Wow, after 21 years of being a band, that has never happened”. Immediately boos turned into applause.

Towards the end of the set, Incubus added their own renditions of “Hello” by Lionel Ritchie and “I Need You Tonight” by INXS, which sounded unexpectedly awesome and received an immediate positive response from those in attendance.

Linkin Park took the stage right on time and opened up with “A Place For My Head”. These guys thrive off the live show and the response the crowd gives them. Mike Shinoda said multiple times how much he loved the response Houston was giving. All members were in great form and Chester’s voice was impressively young sounding as if all those years of touring and screaming every night have had no effect on his voice.

Lights and sound effects certainly complimented the show and the stage set up was shown off even more when lots of fire effects were shown off when the band performed “Burn it Down”.

What really got my blood flowing was when Chester integrated “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys, into “Bleed it Out”. Aggressive rhymes and scratchy yells complimented this song so well and the crowd went nuts.

Performing a great mix of classics and some newer material, it was another great Honda Civic tour that should not be missed. This is only a 20 date tour which is coming quickly to an end. Make sure to catch it if it comes by your area.

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