Let’s Get Personal: 1,2,3 Studio Diary #1

We really appreciate everyone who stops by the site every day, we really do. Thank you. Aside from the usual news, tour dates and videos, we try to help you the fans get a little closer, a little bit more personal with the artists that we write about every day.

Starting today, we’re launching Let’s Get Personal, a weekly studio diary feature with the band 1,2,3 as they record their second record Big Weather – a double concept album about natural disasters/the end of the world.

If you’re not familiar with the guys, they’re from Pittsburgh and on Frenchkiss Records (home of The Antlers, Bloc Party, Freelance Whales and more). 1,2,3 has played shows with some of your favorite bands including We Are Scientists, Grouplove and Givers. We really love these guys and their album New Heaven (iTunes). In fact, so do our blogger buddies and colleagues like ListenBeforeYouBuy, Wild Honey Pie, Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, Under The Radar Mag, Buzz Chips and Pretty Much Amazing.

Before we hand this over to Nic Snyder (vocals/guitar), check out “Work” (free download) below.

Dear Reader,

You’re entering through a squeaky storm door in the basement of 123land, passing thousand-leggers so big they’ve got tattoos and wristwatches. Inside the band thumps on Tupperware drums and guitars with spiderweb strings. You’re gonna be holed up here for the next couple of months trying to figure out how to make a rock and roll album about big weather and loneliness. You’ll be living amongst the insects, empty beer bottles, and Gibson guitars. This is the boiler room of western Pennsylvania and there just happens to be a pro-tools rig. Outside a mighty tic-tacking rain is filling up the recycling bins, thunder strikes, and it’d all be too terrifying if not for that close friend, music, to ease your heart and soul. The world is wonderful but weary and we’re going play it out like a great ship sinking slowly into the night.

Yours truly,
Nicolas Snyder

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