Two Door Cinema Club, Friends, Guards 9/28 Central Park NYC Review/Photos

By Matt Arena

Two Door Cinema Club have had an incredible start. After the release of their incredibly successful debut album, Tourist History, they toured hard, cementing the hype that surrounded the record. Quickly growing into one of the indie rock scene’s biggest and most “it” bands, they soon found themselves sub-headlining festivals and playing some of the premiere rock clubs around the United States. Following a sold out show at New York City’s Terminal 5 during the annual CMJ Festival, TDCC took a bit of a break to record their sophomore album. Over the course of the winter through summer, Beacon was written, recorded, and released. It’s the first of the coming slew of highly anticipated sophomore albums, with bands like Foster the People, Young the Giant, and others a mere months behind where Two Door is now. Beacon came and was very well received by fans and critics alike. Along with the new album came a new tour, bigger and better than before. One of the first stops was at New York City’s Central Park Summerstage/Rumsey Playfield. It’s the go-to venue for popular artists in the summer and though autumn had started, it was still perfect for a gig. Bringing with them Friends and Guards, Two Door Cinema Club quickly sold out the show, further proving them to be a force of power within the indie rock community.

First up on the night was Guards, an indie rock band that, much like Two Door, had an impressive blend of rock and pop elements. The crowd was extremely supportive, something rare for the first of three bands on any given night.

The second support act was Friends, a five piece from Brooklyn. Having garnered a strong amount of success, being named on NME’s top 50 artists of 2011 and having their music played on major music channels. If their impressive reputation wasn’t enough, the massive support they had from the crowd showed how quickly this band’s stock is rising. Fans screamed and applauded before the band was even completely on the stage, even prompting lead singer Samantha Urbani to dip her head into the audience and get a little…close with some of the fans up front. If their set was any indication of where this band is headed, it truly seems the sky is the limit for friends.

Coming out to the near deafening screams of the audience, Two Door Cinema Club opened up with their newest single, always a ballsy movie, ‘Sleep Alone.’ When a band is touring in support of an album there are usually songs and parts of the setlist where you can feel the crowd starting to fade. But not with Two Door Cinema Club. Not only did the audience seem to love the new songs just as much as the band, but maybe even more so than the older songs. A true rarity. They mixed in a healthy amount of songs from both releases, and for a band with only two studio releases, played an impressive 17-song set. Tracks like ‘Costume Party,’ ‘Something Good Can Work,’ and ‘What You Know’ echoed loudly throughout the entirety of Central Park and sounded as great as they ever have. It’s clear the growth in popularity suits Two Door Cinema Club well. Boasting a visually wowing stage set up, and the musical skills to match it, this tour is poised to be on the best of the year and will no doubt see Two Door Cinema Club soar even higher.

Two Door Cinema Club Setlist
Sleep Alone
Undercover Martyn
Do You Want It All?
This Is The Life
Wake Up
You’re Not Stubborn
I Can Talk
Costume Party
Next Year
Something Good Can Work
Eat That Up, It’s Good For You

Come Back Home
What You Know

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