All Time Low and The Early November 10/12 Starland Ballroom Sayreville Review/Photos

By Keeyahtay Lewis

All Time Low recently released their new album Don’t Panic and they are on tour to support that with their “Rockshow at the End of the World” tour. The tour stopped in Starland Ballroom with The Downtown Fiction and Jersey’s own The Early November for support. It has been a long time since I have seen The Early November and I was excited about getting there in time to check them out. Judging by all the comments people made to me when they found out I would be shooting them- everyone in their home state are happy that they have returned.

When they took the stage the place erupted. It was clear immediately that NJ miss their hometown boys. They stepped out smiles all around, and ripped into Digital Age, a new track from their latest album In Currents. Maybe “ripping into” aren’t the words to describe that song- Digital Age is a slow song powered with acoustic guitar and piano, but it sounded wonderful. Something That Produces Results, an older song, was up next. The energy in the sold out crowd was was high and it was clear that the band loved every ounce of it.

Lead by Ace Enders on vocals and guitar, Joseph Marro on guitar and keyboards, Bill Lugg on lead guitar, Jeff Kummer on drums, and Sergio Anello on bass. Over the years they have changed members back and forth a few time, but this current line up (which has 3 original members) sounds tight and fantastic. I will say too that Anello on bass was just really fun to watch. I would say out of everyone his energy was so high and he spent a lot of his time getting the audience riled up.

Mountain Range in My Living Room, Tell Me Why, I Want to Hear You Sad, Frayed in Doubt and Baby Blue were all up next. It is nice to see a band that is really happy to be playing, and The Early November were certainly that band. Ace told a story about playing a show years ago and a young band opened up for them. Of course the band in question was All Time Low, now the tables had turned, but there was an obvious fondness between the guys.

The Early November didn’t have crazy lights or anything, they just went up there and played 9 songs with passion. They closed out their too short set with the headlining track off their new album, In Currents and the obvious favorite, Ever So Sweet. It was really great to see them back on tour and clearly loving every second of it.

All Time Low were coming up next and judging by all the LED lights on the stage, I knew it was going to be a good one. As soon as they stepped on the stage the bras started flying onto the stage. Seriously, maybe 5 seconds into their set bras were literally flying through the air. Reckless and the Brave and Shameless opened up their set. I will never not be moved when I see thousands of people singing along to every word, and watching these kids pressed against the barricade losing their minds with their favorite band brought a smile to my face.

ATL had rows of lights and green lasers covering the whole stage. They are definitely another group of guys who really love playing music together. Led by the team of Alex Gaskarth on vocals and guitar and Jack Barakat on guitar and backing vocals, they were a powerful duo. Not to take anything away from Rian Dawson on drums and Zack Merrick on bass- they kept the music moving forward.

ATL are a fun band, you can tell from their videos that they don’t take themselves too seriously. I like that about someone. In no time at all every microphone stand had bras hanging from it. The light show made it a little hard at times to take pictures, but from a fan’s point of view it looked pretty great. I know that every single person pressed against the front waited in line for hours but I am sure that every time one of the guys reached a hand out to them or made eye contact- it was all worth it.

All in all, another great sold out show at Starland Ballroom. It was just a fun show, and a pretty great tour all around. I would say that if you just want to go out and forget about your troubles for a while- this is the tour to catch.

Full Set List for ATL:

The Reckless and the Brave
Forget About It
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)
Coffee Shop Soundtrack
Somewhere in Neverland
Lost in Stereo
The Beach
For Baltimore
Remembering Sunday
If These Sheets Were States
Jasey Rae
Poppin’ Champagne
Dear Maria, Count Me In



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