Is Coming To An End

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy. So it might take a few days/weeks but definitely by the end of the year, we’re going to wrap things up. Yep, this website/constant pain in TV show music bookers/music blog will be coming to an end. No, it’s not your fault. Seriously, stop blaming yourself! It had to happen eventually. We will be okay and so will you.

Before we go, we have a ton of people to thank. Let’s start off with our staff of writers and photographers (in no particular order): Marcello Ambriz, Ace Ubas, Phil DeSimone, Michel Dussack, Matt Arena, Cassandra Paiva, Keeyahtay Lewis, Malvina Rincon. You guys were always so consistent at being awesome. I love you all. Thank you so much for everything. I also want to thank everyone else who has contributed to the site in the past including Bridget Maher, Jennifer Murtha, Meredith Newsome, Laura McWhorter, Marianne Spellman, Grant Ruby, Lavina Loya, Jennifer Trainor, Meimi Yeung, Genevieve Jacko, Britnee Foreman, shit I know that I’m forgetting a few people, I’m sorry. But thank you all, I couldn’t have done it without you.

I also want to thank our fellow bloggers who always supported us whether it was linking back to us, retweeting us or simply even just opening a post. Thank you Some Kind of Awesome, Consequence of Sound, Rock It Out Blog, Antiquiet. Love you guys.

Thank you to USvsTHEM, Sideways Media, Tijuana Gift Shop, RethinkPopMusic, The Bowery Electric, The Delancey, Legion and everyone who’s been apart of our CMJ and SXSW shows. We had a blast, thank you for helping to make these shows happen!

Thank you to all the publicists who put up with our attitude and gave us access to shows and interviews with your artists. We really liked you a lot more than we let on despite our constant ranting on Twitter.

Thank you to the bands who read our site, retweet us, mention us on Facebook and link to us on your site. Thanks to every band who has done an interview with us or premiered some exclusive content. You guys rock and without your support, music blogs would not exist.

And finally, thank you, the reader or viewer. I know that you’d come here to watch videos from Letterman and the other shows but I still really appreciated the fact that you visited the site. I know that you have plenty of options to wasting some time during your day and I’m happy that you did it here.

I’m not sure if the site will exist in the new year but it definitely won’t be updated beyond December 31st. We still might be using our Twitter and Facebook but who knows. We’re on instagram too if you wanna stalk us (we mostly take photos of food and booze, big surprise).

If you have any questions or if you’re a band/publicist/label and you want the video file from your TV performances, email us at


– The Audio Perv

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