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07 Jul

This July, renowned pop songwriters and frequent collaborators Adam Schlesinger (Fountains Of Wayne/Ivy/Tinted Windows) and Mike Viola (Candy Butchers) will be doing a few intimate shows together, performing songs from their respective albums as well as songs written for films and other projects.

Both writers have balanced their careers as recording artists with work as songwriters-for-hire, and both are skilled at mimicking various eras in pop history. In 1996, Viola sang and co-produced Schlesinger’s Beatlesque title track to Tom Hanks’ That Thing You Do. Recently, Viola wrote hilarious Britpop anthems for Russell Brand in Get Him To The Greek and many of the pseudo-classics featured in Judd Apatow’s music biopic parody Walk Hard. Schlesinger’s songs were featured in the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore film Music And Lyrics, about the comeback attempt of a washed-up 80′s idol; he also won a Grammy and received an Emmy nomination for A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift Of All!, as well as two Tony nominations for the Broadway version of John Waters’ rockabilly fable Cry-Baby.

Viola and Schlesinger will perform at Philadelphia’s Tin Angel on July 27, and at Joe’s Pub in NYC on July 29. They will also perform with the string quartet ETHEL as part of the Lincoln Center Out Of Doors series on July 28 (a show which will also feature Tom Verlaine, Juana Molina, and Dayna Kurtz).

Complete performance schedule is below:

July 27 Tin Angel Philadelphia – 8:00 pm
July 28 Lincoln Center Out Of Doors NYC with ETHEL String Quartet – 7:30 pm
July 29 Joe’s Pub NYC – 11:30 pm

24 Feb

Tinted Windows, the poppiest name for a supergroup ever, will have their new self-titled album out on April 21st (S-Curve). It’s made up of Taylor Hanson (Hanson-singer), Adam Schlesinger (Ivy and Fountains of Wayne-bass), Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick-drums) and James Iha (ex-Smashing Pumpkins-guitar). Apparently, Taylor and Adam have been friends for a long time and they pulled Iha into this collaboration a few years ago.

Adam says” “Even though it seems really sudden to everybody else, we’ve been working on making this happen for a while.”

re: The three of them writing before finding a drummer
“We kept trying to brainstorm who could play like Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick.”
“But then it just seemed obvious we should at least try Bun E. Carlos.”

After sending Carlos some demos, he hopped on. Carlos and Adam were already somewhat familiar with each other as their bands had played a few shows together.

Though it took a while to even get a month of the band recording together at the same time, they were able to crack out a fine album of power-pop.

“For me personally as a writer, this was much more straight-forward musically and lyrically. Lyrically, these aren’t meant to be not ironic, not trying to be clever. They’re just pop songs,” Schlesinger says. “When I write a song, I’m always thinking about who’s going to be singing it. We have Taylor with this incredible voice so I had the idea of doing something with a lot of energy. It’s a shame that when people think of Hanson, they think of Taylor as a teenage. But he’s a grown man, and he’s capable of doing so much.”

The band should be playing some club shows in the spring. They’re already confirmed to be playing SXSW and Bamboozle.

Enough talking, let’s listen to some of this here. Wow, that’s not bad at all.

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