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Jason Flom gets Lava Records back

January 16, 2009 spidersex 1

Jason Flom has finally got his baby back. Flom had started Lava Records under Atlantic/WMG back around the 90s where he helped launch Kid Rock, Simple Plan amongst others. This was after spending a decade putting out a bunch of hair metal bands that your mom still probably worships. After getting canned by Lyor Cohen (Chairman and CEO of Recorded Music in the Americas for WMG) at WMG and being downsized from Virgin, Flom is back with his mentor Doug …

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The Huffington Post Interview with Danny Goldberg

November 18, 2008 drainu182 0

Stephen Elliot from The Huffington Post recently interviewed Danny Goldberg. Danny Goldberg used to manage Nirvana, run Atlantic Records, Artemis Records, Air America Radio, produce movies and write political books. He wasn’t really great at any of those jobs but it’s cool because he wrote a book about the music industry and we all go gaga over that kinda stuff. Having worked for Danny, I can say that he was sort of like Commandant Lassard from the Police Academy movies: …

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August 15, 2008 drainu182 0

Jerry Wexler passed away today in his home in Florida. He was 91. Jerry was partners with Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic Records where they signed some of the hottest R&B artists around at the time like Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. Here’s a cool old article I found from the Velvet Rope (I got the pic from there too). Say hi to Ahmet for us, Jerry. You will be missed.

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Fanbase is ready to slow down your computer

July 29, 2008 drainu182 1

Atlantic Records yesterday announced the launch of this new software called Fanbase thats supposed to be an all-in-one program for a band’s fans. This software incorporates Meebo for fans of the band/artist to chat with each other, tour dates, music videos and more. Unfortunately, the program is run through Adobe so it’ll probably slow down your computer until you decide to uninstall it. Simple Plan is the first band to use Fanbase. It should be rolling out soon for Shinedown, …