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31 Dec

For New Years Eve in New York City, you always have a ton of options. If you want to avoid paying over $100 a head for a limited open bar and finger foods, you should consider going to a concert. If you’re not a Phish phan (sorry, had to do it), you should head over to the Bowery Electric (tix) to see New York City garage rock veterans the Fleshtones headline a special New Year’s Eve rock show. In addition, you’ll get to catch The Waldos (ft. Walter Lure of Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers), The Todd Youth All-Stars, The Threads, and The Dead Tricks. This show’s indie, it’s punk and a little rockabilly (there will be a SURPRISE SPECIAL GUEST!).

Doors open at 7:30pm, tickets are $20. Pick them up here now to avoid the wait. If you can’t make it to the show, don’t worry! The whole thing will be BROADCAST LIVE at!

The Fleshtones w/The Waldos (featuring Walter Lure of Johnny Thunder’s Heartbreakers), The Todd Youth All-Stars, The Threads, The Dead Tricks and a SURPRISE ROCKABILLY GUEST!)
Saturday December 31, 2011
Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, NY 10003

Ages 21+
7:30pm doors

02 Nov



Tijuana Gift Shop & The Audio Perv are joining forces for WILD TURKEY FEST on November 23rd at Bowery Electric in NYC. The pre-Thanksgiving event will feature music from Robbers On High Street, My Cousin, The Emperor, Only Living Boy and Hey Battlefield. Doors are at 8pm, tix $5 and there will be WILD TURKEY drink specials all night long.

Tuesday, November 23 – 8pm
WILD TURKEY FEST @ Bowery Electric
327 Bowery
New York, 10003

Robbers On High Street

MetroMix Profile
Robbers On High Street “Electric Eye”>

Jon Pareles of the NY TIMES recently stated, “There’s a lot of the Beatles, especially their piano-pumping side, in the songs of Robbers on High Street, updated with Elvis Costello’s gruffness and a matter-of-fact desperation.” The Brooklyn outfit released the “ELECTRIC EYE” vinyl single this summer with b-side “Face The Fog” via Engine Room Recordings. The two tunes are pulled from a collection of songs comprising the band’s forthcoming third album, Hey There Golden Hair, possessing a new sound that harkens back to the brash, instantaneous pop appeal of their debut Tree City.

Fans of the Robbers’ previous single, “The Fatalist,” will recognize the calculated strut of “Electric Eye,” a song packed with enough soul claps to fill even the most discriminate dance floor; while “Face in the Fog” bounces playfully between a Gal Costa backing track and a soaring chorus dripping with vocal harmonies. Alana Harper of WNYC’s MUSIC HUB called “Electric Eye,” “an aggressively catchy tune that harks back to the big, beautiful, horn-filled pop-rock of the ’60s and ’70s.”

My Cousin The Emperor

MetroMix Profile

My Cousin, The Emperor “Nothing Left For Us To Find”

“Hailing from the green pastures and rolling hills of Brooklyn, NY, MY COUSIN, THE EMPEROR is a young band of country punks with a book full of ragged honkey-tonk anthems,” attests RELIX MAG. They released their debut album A Long Way From Home last year and won the WNYC “Battle OF The Boroughs” for BEST BAND IN BROOKLYN and the IMA for “Best Alt Country Song.”

“They say the Devil is in the details, but God is in there too,” notes John Schaefer from WNYC-Soundcheck. “It’s those little details that can make or break a song, and I hear those details in My Cousin, The Emperor’s songs.” My Old Kentucky Blog says, “A Long Way From Home is filled to the brim with both alone-in-the-pouring-rain ballads and throw-me-another-whiskey barroom romps.” Time Out New York says “My Cousin, the Emperor makes happily gnarly music; the band’s debut album, A Long Way from Home, trades in rolling country rock & roll.” and Brooklyn Rocks blog calls the music “Reverb-heavy melancholy that is very comparable to songs from artists like Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison.”

MC, TE are releasing a single disc, double EP “THE SUBWAY EPS” in Feb 2011.

Only Living Boy

Only Living Boy eats raw hearts for breakfast. Fueled by life’s stunning brokenness, the band offers an authentic and poignant experience through a distinct rock sound. The trio’s unrivaled style is a combination of 70s vinyl inherited from their parents and the alternative rock of their own MTV adolescence, rounded out with bits of jam, blues, reggae and punk. Thanks to their hometown’s suspension between Pennsylvanian woods and New York City concrete, Only Living Boy’s Northwest New Jersey roots help define its sound and attitude—organic with an edge.

Throughout two years of constant national touring (150-200 shows/year) the band has developed a ravenous, grass roots fan-base, which continues to grow with each and every show. They recently released of the double A Side Digital Single – “Worthless/Homesick”, possess the road chops of a band twice their age and the songwriting prowess that only comes from real experience.

Hey Battlefield

“Indie-approved alt-country with touches of Caribbean and doo-wop sounds blended with their generally rollicking approach. Sounding like a mix between Bob Dylan and Joe Strummer, albeit with more irony, singer/guitarist Jason Rossi was perfunctory with a detached charm.” – BROOKLYN VEGAN

“Hey Battlefield is an example of great music made outside the grips of major-league record labels. Three masterful practitioners of various instruments and multiple genres, creating a seemingly endless stream of perfectly orchestrated original songs, and motivated by a mutual love of making and sharing music.” – V MAGAZINE

” The lyrics materialize by his low and authentic voice, complemented by a subtle use of harmonica.” – INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

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Set Times!

11:30pm – Only Living Boy
10:30pm – My Cousin, The Emperor
9:30pm – Robbers On High Street
8:30pm – Hey Battlefield

29 Jun

By Britnee Foreman

The Wind Cries Anna Rose

Anna Rose, New York native, recently released her debut album “Nomad” and I had the pleasure of sitting in on her release party set. The twenty-five year old songwriter performed for a near capacity crowd at the Bowery Electric.

The folky songstress sings in a strong soprano pitch. The petite blonde’s songs tell stories of a life well lived and traveled. If there was a country Disney princess, the sound track would be provided by Anna Rose. Her songs have a maturity about them but a crisp, clear quality sang in the same cadence as many of our childhood favorites. It may have something to do with who the singer’s father is, but as an individual, she is a strong singer and very talented also playing guitar and piano.

Her music is very guitar heavy, having three guitar players in her band set-up with herself included. Accompanying was a drummer and a bassist to round out the sound. The way her songs are written it is easy for the audience to visualize the story she is telling. She has definitely been an apt pupil in the school of Hendrix, Morrison and Dylan.

My first impression of Anna Rose is that her music would be most fitting in a trendy coffee shop due to the very relaxed vibe about it. She definitely has the country-rock thing down and the potential to soon be counted as a peer to many of the young country starlets. She even performed a Dolly Parton cover of Jolene, for her encore. I’ll give her this, she definitely knows her audience.

However, I personally didn’t connect with the music. She is good, she is extremely talented, but if you asked me a month from now how I liked her show, I wouldn’t remember. It kind of kills me to write that because she seems so sweet, but it’s the honest truth for me. Even since the show, I’ve been listening to her songs to gain a better perspective, but soon after I forget what they’re about. But that is my personal opinion and doesn’t detract from all the potential that she has. I wholeheartedly welcome the chance for Miss Anna Rose to change my mind, because as a girl in this industry, I’m sincerely rooting for her. Maybe that’s just me. I recommend that you see her and judge for yourself. It’s the only fair thing to do.

Set List
• Walk Away
• Picture
• The Four Corners
• Whispers
• Overtone
• Wilshire Blvd.
• Gillian
• Manic Depression
• I’ll Be Gone
• You Got It For Free
• Jolene