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13 Nov

By Keeyahtay Lewis

Circa Survive spent the last couple months touring in support of their fantastic new album, Violent Waves. I caught the beginning of the tour in Philly, and on Saturday 10/27 I caught the last night of this leg of the tour in Sayreville, NJ at Starland Ballroom. In the last year alone I think I have photographed Circa Survive around 5 times, and a couple solo Anthony Green shows as well. If you are reading this, then you probably know that already. I said it a couple months back, but with O’Brother, Balance and Composure and Touche’ Amore’ as tour support, Violent Waves really was one of the best tours I have seen.

Considering that I already covered this tour at the start, I might do this a little differently. It is easy to talk about set lists, or how amazing each of these bands are. One thing that you might not know is how much of a family everyone on this tour really is. I think people always say that when they are playing shows together, but I have been able to see it first hand. It was evident that night at Starland as well. I have spent time backstage talking to these guys, hanging out on the side stage watching the other bands play with Anthony Green, I have seen first hand how much they all really like each other.

O’Brother opened this night like they have been the whole tour. I am a fan of this band, and it is easy to see why they were added to this tour. They go out there and leave it all on the stage every night. They sound a little better every time I see them play, and they certainly had plenty of fans in the audience that night. Being the last night of the tour, I think they all wanted to make sure it was a little special. So when Anthony Green came out to play guitar towards the end of their set, it was met with screams. That kinda set the theme of guests for the rest of the night.

Balance and Composure were up next and they are another band I absolutely love. They played mostly songs from their last album, but those are the songs everyone loves. Stonehands, Quake, Fade, Progress Progress. They only played a 7 song set, but they left sweaty and smiling, and we all smiled along with them. I met front man Jon Simmons at their other show a couple months back, and he greeted me like an old friend when I saw him after their set. It just re-affirmed to me how nice all these guys really were.

Touche’ Amore’ were after B&C. I had never listened to them until I saw them on this tour a couple months back, and honestly, I have no idea what Jeremy Bolm is singing. But goddamn does TA know how to work a stage. Reminds me a bit of Defeater, another band that gets crowds riled up. They move like they are attacking every note, and you can’t help to move along with them. Towards the end of their set Geoff Rickly of Thursday came out and lost his fucking mind on stage with them. It is always nice to see Geoff singing again, but having him home at Starland Ballroom was really special. Before they left the stage Nick Beard of Circa came out, dressed in an insane outfit, and sang Creed acapella well TA stood around him laughing. Awesome.

They left the stage and shortly after Circa Survive came out; dressed like cops. It was almost Halloween and the guys decided that they were going to celebrate in NJ with 3000 of their friends. You can always feel the energy in the room change with Circa takes the stage. It’s like everyone holds their breath and then they all let it out together when the guys rip into their first song. And on that night, their first song was a crowd favorite: Act Appalled. It was obvious that this was going to be a fun night. I have said it before that not many people have more stage presence than Anthony Green. He wasted no time at all getting right on the barricade and holding everyone’s hand in the front row. And behind him, Brendan, Nick, Steve and Colin were spot on. Considering how many times I have seen them lately, it still blows my mind how good they are. Another thing that catches me off guard is how much I look forward to seeing them play again, even though I have seen them so many times already.

Their set list is always pretty great and they made sure they covered all the albums. For Lottery Geoff came out again for his part and nailed it. Anthony and Geoff are going to be touring together soon, and you can plainly see how much they respect each other. Jeremy Bolm of Touche’ lent some screams later on to Glass Arrows. They played everything you would hope they would play, Stop the Fuckin Car, Sharp Practice, In Fear and Faith, The Difference Between…, Imaginary Enemy, and they sounded perfect. They never stopped moving while the huge LED panels behind them constantly changed colors. It felt like Anthony spent as much time in the crowd as he did on stage, but that is what makes everyone feel so connected to him. Confetti canons and screaming along to every word, so good.

Anthony always spends time talking to the crowd, thanking everyone for being there. He told us that this was the best night of the tour. For some reason, when he says it it doesn’t sound like bullshit from another band. They have been closing with Get Out lately and that night was no different. Such a high note to end on.

I said it two months ago when this tour started. I said just go. Just go see these incredible bands. For now at least, the Violent Waves tour is over. I am sure that at some point in the spring it will pick up again. Just fucking go. Seriously. I see a lot of shows. I have met a lot of bands. No one has been more genuine than Circa Survive has. And no one else has impressed me so often. Anthony Green has made me feel like a friend when there was nothing in it for him. But it isn’t just me. Every night that they go on tour, that band works to make everyone feel welcome. When push comes to shove, there are too many “rock stars” and not enough good dudes playing incredible music. Circa Survive is that band. That is reason enough to support them. If you haven’t seen Circa Survive play live yet, just..go.

14 Sep

Before the band’s hometown show at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, our very own Keeyahtay Lewis had the chance to speak with Circa Survive’s Anthony Green about his solo record, Circa Survive’s new album and life without a major record label. Check out the interview below:

31 Aug

By Keeyahtay Lewis

For those of you who have been visiting this site a while, or even to my site, it has been established how much we like Circa Survive. I found out that they would be doing two record release shows in Philly and I jumped at the chance to cover it. Their new album, Violent Waves, came out this week. Like many others I pre-ordered it, so I got the advance copy and I listened to it for a week straight before the show. I couldn’t wait to see these songs live. I headed down to Union Transfer on Saturday night, and I prepared to have my mind blown by Anthony Green and the guys, once again.

Another favorite band of mine, Balance and Composure, were opening the show. I have seen them play a few times now and I am always impressed. Led by Jon Simmons on vocals and guitar, this 5 piece band out of the Philly area always bring passion to the stage. Opening with Void, Burden and Quake it was obvious that the audience were not strangers to this band. Bringing them along on the tour definitely is a good fit. Special guest Ned Russin of Title Fight was on the bass, and he brought a little extra energy to the band.

Most of their 9 song set came from their last album, Separation, and songs like Stonehands, I Can’t Do This Alone and Rope were huge hits with everyone in the room screaming along every word. Jon’s voice was strong and the rest of the band kept the energy high. It was nice to see them play again and I am sure that they are going to build many new fans on the upcoming tour.

I had an all access pass from Circa so I spent the time in between bands back stage talking with everyone. The new album has a guest vocal from Geoff Rickly of Thursday and he was back there as well. The energy was high from everyone, you could almost feel it tickle the back of your neck while the front of the house got everything ready. I will say again something I have said before, Circa Survive shows always feel like family. Anthony always greets me like an old friend when I see him. Various friends, kids, and band member’s parents make up the rest of the people. Soon enough though, there was the band huddle, then it was time for them to take the stage.

As soon as there is even a hint that they band is ready to come out, the packed, sold out crowd went insane. I have never been to Union Transfer before, but I knew that Saturday night would test the strength of the rafters. They opened up with a new song, the one with Geoff singing the chorus: Lottery. It was fantastic to see him on stage again, (RIP Thursday), the chemistry between him and Anthony is obvious. There is never any getting warmed up with Circa Survive, they go out there and kill it from the first note. Anthony spent a lot of time on the barricade and in the crowd, letting the kids hold his legs up and scream along every word.

Another new one, Sharp Practice, and then an older song, Holding Someone’s Hair Back were next. The new songs were treated just like the old ones, with excitement and a chorus of voices. At this point the album had not even been released yet. It was clear to see that everyone had pre-ordered it to get the instant digital download. The set list bounced around all four albums: Living Together, Imaginary Enemy, Through The Desert Alone, Bird Songs, and Strange Terrain followed. Circa shows are never just 5 guys on stage going through the motions. Confetti, inflatable balls and Anthony getting sweaty in the pit with the kids were all part of it.

A lot is said about Anthony Green, and it is understandable. He has charisma to spare, enough energy to power Philly for a week, and a voice that is unmatched. But behind him are 4 extremely talented guys who keep it all moving along. Nick Beard on bass, Steve Clifford on drums, and Colin Frangicetto and Brendan Ekstrom on guitars. The band has never sounded better. Beyond that, from my spot next to Steve, it is easy to see how much they all love playing together. I was able to hear the jokes and comments they all shared in between songs. And the smiles they passed around.

Before the show, Anthony told me he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity. The interaction he has the whole show makes it clear that he just feels like a regular guy who is lucky to do what he does.

A definite favorite was up next: The Only Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is The Dose. As soon as it started hundreds of voices sang along, “Move one inch at a time, don’t make shit rhyme…”, beautiful. After that song Anthony decided to add a song in that wasn’t on the list. He ran around and talked the guys, a couple changes were made on the spot. Then he told the audience they were going to play something that they almost never played. Always Getting What You Want from the Juturna album was that song, and people lost their damn minds. “It’s the talent, not the promotion” are some of the lyrics, and the talent was on display Saturday night.

Stop The Fucking Car, Suitcase, and Birth Of the Economic Hit Man were the last 3 songs before the encore. The latter two are from the new album, and both songs are a bit slower. Suitcase has delicate vocals which Anthony handled beautiful, with the help of every person in the room. Hit Man is the longest song Circa has in their catalog, at around 7 minutes, and for those minutes everyone just got lost in it.

The band left briefly and then came out with the one, two punch of In Fear and Faith and the ferocious Get Out. Talk about leaving everyone wanting more. Both of the songs are long time favorites of the fans, and the band left everything they had on the stage afterwards.

Taking my bias out of it, Circa Survive are one of the best bands doing it right now. Period. A few really great albums have came out the last few months, but with Violent Waves the band is trying to stake their claim. The album is self produced, and self released, and today is was #1 on ITunes for Alternative Rock. And they deserve it. It is definitely the best, and most easily accessible album of their 8 year career. Beyond that, I have been able to get know some of the guys on a more personal level, and they are super down to Earth and just…damn nice. All too often I see guys on stage putting on a show and going through the motions. You can see the band that doesn’t give a shit about anyone beyond the stage. Circa Survive is not that band.

They will be going out on the road for a small tour starting 9/13/-10/27/12. Just go. Seriously. Don’t think about it, go online now, and buy tickets. You won’t be sorry. And buy the album. Support a band that really gives a shit. But even if you don’t care about 5 guys trying to do it on their own, pick up the new album because it is incredible. This past weekend Circa Survive played two sold out shows in Philly. If it is any indication of what we can expect on the upcoming tour, I will be at every show I can be at. So should you.

26 Jun

Circa Survive have a special message for you over at their site. You can also read it below:

Greetings All!

We are excited to announce that we have chosen to self-release our 4th album, “Violent Waves” on August 28th.

Over the years we have been on both indie and major record labels. We are thankful for the opportunities we’ve had with them but it’s 2012 and we want to try something we’ve never done before. We produced this record ourselves. This is raw Circa Juice straight from us to you. We also paid for it with our own money; money that likely came from you buying a ticket or t-shirt over the years. All in all we have never been more deeply involved in every aspect of creating a record.

Starting now you can pre-order “Violent Waves” directly from our website. The digital version will only be $5. We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible and we hope you’ll help us by spreading the word to your friends and families so we can continue doing what we love. By choosing to download or buy our record straight from us you are choosing to give our band a future and are directly supporting us and our families.

As a band we will always support independent record stores – any store that wants to carry our record is welcome to order it directly from us as well. The record will also be available on iTunes. We’re also really excited to announce a US tour in support of the record in the Fall, and two special release shows in Philadelphia August 24th and 25th. All tickets will go on sale this Friday, check your email for pre-sale information which will start on Wednesday. Touche Amore, Balance and Composure and O’brother will be supporting us on the tour. Openers for Philadelphia will be announced soon.

We have always looked at Circa Survive as more than just a band. Above all it’s been a relationship between the five of us and you and everyone who has ever been involved in this community we’ve built together. We believe that this step will bring us even closer. Big thanks to our friend Esao Andrews for once again creating the perfect artwork to match our sounds, and most importantly thanks to you for your endless support.

Infinite Love,
Circa Survive

21 Jun

By Keeyahtay Lewis

Earlier this year Journey’s announced that they would be doing something special. Something free. Something for the fans. They called it Journey’s Backyard BBQ. It would stop in a few cities and each city would have a different band headlining. On Saturday June 9, the Backyard BBQ tour stopped at King of Prussia Mall outside of Philly, and hometown boys Circa Survive would be headlining. I was stoked.

My friend and I headed to Philly on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday. We found a little festival going on when we got there. Things you would expect: merch booths. Food. Kids everywhere. Typical concert things. But it also had a few things I didn’t expect. Mainly, a huge half pipe with kids skateboarding, and the high flying stunts of Metal Mullisha. For those of you that don’t know, Metal Mullisha is a group of free style motocross riders who literally fly through the air.

Besides the skateboarding and motorcycles a few other things struck me. For one thing, water was only $2. Pizza was $1. For anyone who goes to concerts, that alone is noteworthy. Usually any thing that might have a few people attending tend to keep things a little on the more expensive side. Even the merch booths were getting into the spirit. The Circa Survive booth literally had tons of t shirts for $5 and hoodies for $10. Journey’s set this tour up for the fans, and it felt like everyone else there were for the fans too.

They had a couple bands opening up to get the crowds moving.Local band Amyst and Marianas Trench from Canada. Both bands were a hit with the mostly younger audience. Anthony Green of Circa could be seen on the stage during their sets, hanging out and watching them along with everyone else. Because this show was literally in the middle of the mall parking lot, I think fans got a little bit more access than they normally would. The bands weren’t backstage the whole time. The backstage was an open lot where they could easily be seen. Earlier in the day Circa Survive and the other bands were hanging out, signing posters and meeting fans. In between sets the attention was turned to the Metal Mullisha guys, and they kept the energy going.

At 6pm Circa Survive took the stage. Anthony Green has always been one of the most charismatic and energetic front men I have ever seen play, and when he stepped out every single person lost their mind. Dressed simply in a white t shirt and brown pants, his broad smile was met with hundreds more. The band ripped into Through The Desert Alone, and outstanding track from their last release, Blue Sky Noise. I said this I think last time I reviewed a Circa Survive show, but seeing them live truly is an incredible thing. Anthony Green is the clear leader, and his solo career and fan base is extensive, but Circa Survive is clearly more than just Green. Colin Frangicetto, Brendan Ekstrom, Nick beard and Steve Clifford are all incredible musicians. They keep Circa Survive moving forward and sounding amazing.

Glass Arrows was next then an older, and obvious crowd favorite, In Fear And Faith. Green has always been great to his fans and he spent part of his time on stage grabbing hands and encouraging everyone to come to the front of the crowd. Another favorite, The Difference Between Medicine and The Dose was next followed by a new, stellar song, The Birth Of The Economic Hitmen. The new song has been played a bit on their last tour and it was received like one of the favorites. It made me, and everyone else I think, excited for the new album that they are working on.

The band ripped into a bunch more older tracks while the sun lowered in the sky. The Great Golden Baby, Living Together, Holding Someone’s Hair Back, and my personal favorite, Get Out. They left the stage with everyone still going crazy. I was backstage at the time and their manager said that would be it, no encore. But after a few minutes of the crowd screaming, they came back out to do one more. Before they played their final song Green talked to the audience for a bit. He thanked everyone for coming. Told us the new album would be out soon. And then he said the next song was the first song the band ever wrote together. Act Appalled was that song, and it sounded so fucking good.

The band left the stage for a final time and spent a little time backstage. Anthony went over to his son, James, and his parents and wife who were at the show. Other family members were there and the band milled around with them. They also broke off from time to time to sign autographs, but there was a real family vibe to the after show. I felt fortunate that I got to be a part of it.

The whole day was a success. From what I could see, there was no fights, no police or security needing to break anything up. Kids had a really good time. From the promoters giving away free stuff in between bands, to the local kids getting to test their skills on the half pipe. I think it was a good example of what kind of day everyone can have when the love of music drives things more than the love of money. It was a beautiful summer day, and I think that everyone there felt like it was of the clear highlights of the summer. Journey’s put on a great show, a thank you needs to go out to them for that. And of course, a big thank you to Circa Survive as well. They played a killer set and I cannot wait for them to finish the new record and tour.

07 Nov

Before Circa Survive’s show at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ (review/photos), the band’s lead singer Anthony Green sat down for a few minutes with our Keeyahtay Lewis ( to talk about the band’s tour with Maps & Atlases and Sleeper Agent, using a taser from a flea market and his plans for the next Circa Survive record as well as his solo records for 2012.

Watch the interview below:

06 Nov

By Keeyahtay Lewis

I feel like 2011 has been a good year for music tours. I have had the privilege of shooting a lot of them and some definitely stand out more than others: Thrice at Starland, Foo Fighters at The Izod Center, City and Colour at Webster Hall, Brand New at The Electric Factory. All of these shows, and a few others, stand out in my head as incredible nights. Circa Survive at Starland Ballroom on 10/23/11 would absolutely be on this list. That Sunday night in Sayerville, NJ was nothing short of incredible.

Circa Survive is led by the energetic, charismatic Anthony Green. Green has been a part of several bands and has also released a lot of really loved solo material. To say the crowd exploded when he took the stage would be a huge understatement. It was clear that this packed house was there to pour themselves over the frontman and get lost in his lyrics and his falsetto howl.

Circa opened with “Get Out,” a track from their last album, Blue Sky Noise. Right out of the gate it was clear that everyone in attendance knew every word to every song. “Through The Desert Alone” also off Blue Sky Noise was next and then they unleashed a clear fan favorite, “In Fear and Faith.” The mood absolutely changed when they started playing this. It is one of my favorites too and it was amazing to hear live. Anthony Green has a voice that cuts through all the bullshit, and his lyrics always find their mark.

The show was filled with songs from all of their albums. Certain songs definitely had more of an impact where the crowd was concerned “Frozen Creek”, “Kicking Your Crosses Down”, “Lazarus” and “Stop The Fuckin Car” were definitely met with much excitement and energy.

The band sounded amazing too. All too often when talking about Green’s projects the bands are left out of the conversations. It is easy sometimes to see how they can get lost in the shuffle but they do more than just back him up. Live, they keep this train moving. They keep the lyrics flowing. They keep the energy high. Everyone sounded very tight and pretty all around incredible. Circa Survive songs are not always the easiest technically. The highs and lows in the songs are always pretty epic and the band translates this perfectly.

The audience was both at times frenzied and in rapture. Green definitely knows how to control the crowd. He leaped often onto the barricade, held up by the fans, singing every word with a passion that was translated easily. At one point he dove completely into the crowd and disappeared for a couple minutes finally emerging without one of his shoes. Fans clamor for any piece of him that they can get.

In between songs he jokes and speaks to everyone easily. At one point he told everyone that a new Circa album would be out next year which was met with thunderous applause. All in all, the night was fantastic. Circa Survive won’t be on the road again until next year but if you are reading this, and you haven’t seen them play, you absolutely need to go see them as soon as they are the road again. It will definitely go down in my mind as one of the best musical nights of 2011.

All photos courtesy of Keeyahtay Lewis of DeadBoltPhotos

23 Oct

It’s hard to believe but it’s been a year and a half since Circa Survive released their major label debut Blue Sky Noise on Atlantic Records. In those 18 months, the band played several festivals including Bonnaroo and Coachella as well as toured with Anberlin and Coheed & Cambria. For the past month, the band has been on yet another headline tour (bringing Maps & Atlases, States and Sleeper Agent for this round). The tour wraps up this week on the east coast.

Tonight, Circa Survive plays the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Tickets are only $23 and we highly suggest you go. With frontman Anthony Green already writing songs for the next Circa Survive record (as well as his own solo material), it might be a VERY long time before you see the band come back in your area.

Circa Survive w/Maps & Atlases, Sleeper Agent
October 23, 2011
Starland Ballroom
755 Jernee Mill Road
Sayreville, NJ
Doors 6PM
Tickets: $23

Remaining Tour Dates

10/25 The Nutty Irishman – Farmingdale, NY
10/26 Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA

18 Jul

Circa Survive are currently writing a new album but before they go off and record it, they’re going to go out on tour this fall. For support, the band will be bringing Maps And Atlases, States, and Sleeper Agent.

The band presale begins Thursday July 21st at Noon (local venue time). Use CIRCA as the username, FALL2011 as the password to access the presale.

Check out the dates below:

Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011 Dates:
All dates with Maps and Atlases
*w/ special guest States
**w/ special guest Sleeper Agent

9/22: Chameleon – Lancaster, PA *
9/23: Headliners – Toledo, OH *
9/24: The Loft – Lansing, MI *
9/25: Durty Nellies – Palatine, IL*
9/27: The Majestic Theatre – Madison , WI*
9/28: The Blue Note – Columbia, MO *
9/30: Slowdown – Omaha, NE *
10/01: Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO *
10/02: Fox Theatre & Cafe – Boulder, CO *
10/04: Senator Theatre – Chico, CA *
10/05: Rio Theatre – Santa Cruz, CA *
10/07: Fox Theatre – Pomona, CA *
10/08: The Rock – Tucson, AZ *
10/09: Sunshine Theatre – Albuquerque, NM *
10/11: Jake’s Sports Cafe – Lubbock, TX *
10/12: Mohawk – Austin, TX *
10/14: The Marquee – Tulsa, OK *
10/15: New Daisy Theatre – Memphis, TN *
10/16: Expo Five – Louisville, KY **
10/18: Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD **
10/20: Higher Ground-Showcase Lounge – South Burlington, VT **
10/21: Pearl Street Ballroom – Northampton, MA **
10/22: Club Infinity – Williamsville, NY **
10/23: Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ **
10/25: The Crazy Donkey – Farmingdale, NY **
10/26: Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA **

30 Jun

Circa Survive has launched a remix contest for their songs “I Felt Free,” “Dyed In The Wool” and “Glass Arrows.” Visit to download stems and upload your remix. Circa Survive will choose three winners — one for each song — to win a personalized care package from the band and a free Pro account on SoundCloud.

Blue Sky Noise available now at