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The Damned Things 6/1 Brooklyn Knitting Factory Photos

June 14, 2010 drainu182 0

The Damned Things is one of the newest supergroups errr.. big side projects out there. Made up of Every Time I Die, Anthrax and Fall Out Boy, the metal/hard rock band made their New York debut at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on June 1st. Alexandra Reisner was there and took some pictures for everyone. WOOHOO! Check them out below and head to for the latest on the band.

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Rockstar Taste of Chaos announces international lineup

October 6, 2009 drainu182 0

Rockstar Energy Drink Taste of Chaos is preparing to storm Europe and The UK again after over 330 Worldwide dates in the past 5 years and playing in over 23 countries to over 3 Million fans that have included the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico and many others, the only worldwide lifestyle festival tour, the Rockstar Taste of Chaos is back with another onslaught of international shows.

Europe and Scandinavia will see IN FLAMES …

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Every Time I Die is annoyed with Guns N Roses but will still continue “November Reign” tour (You can WIN to be onstage!)

November 6, 2008 drainu182 0

Every Time I Die is currently out on their “November Reign” with The Bronx and Stick To Your Guns. This tour which was planned months ago is a pun on the Guns N Roses album “November Rain”. Unfortunately for Every Time I Die, Guns N Roses is releasing “Chinese Democracy” this month. This is what lead singer Keith Buckley had to say about it:

“You haven’t put out a GNR record in 10 years and the month we decide to