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30 Sep

Slash recently told NME about his upcoming solo album. It’ll have 14 songs and it’ll feature a bunch of different singers. He’s been keeping a lot of the new stuff on a tape recorder he carried on the last Velvet Revolver tour.

Slash also dismissed rumors of Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose fronting Velvet Revolver.

He also stated his endorsement for Obama saying “..it’s refreshing to see someone who’s reasonably intelligent come in.” Slash would’ve endorsed Fergie but she didn’t pay him enough for that. She did have enough for him to come out and play Sweet Child O Mine

23 Jul

Slash once used to play for amazing singers like Michael Jackson. Now he’ll play with anyone who’ll throw him a quarter. This is why Velvet Revolver ended. Slash has no heart. It’s not that Scott Weiland was a douche or that Duff McKagan’s done drugs that don’t even have names yet. This past Saturday Slash played Sweet Child O Mine with Fergie.. yes.. the lady lumps london bridgin Fergie. I’m thinking of hiring Slash to play some Green Day at the local high school. I’ll pay him very little though (You don’t pay a guy much who you beat in Guitar Hero, sucka!) Here’s the video

Sweet Child O Mine