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27 Jul

By Matt Arena

Drawing the festival to a close, Sunday at Firefly Festival’s inaugural weekend did so in a spectacular fashion. With bands that ranged from unstoppable dancing machines to more relaxed indie acts, there’s no doubt that the final day had a little something for everybody.


Putting themselves in the self described genre of “disco dust” (more of a parody on the recent obsession of band’s having to categorize their sound), Reptar are anything but your average band. Their quickly growing reputation as one of the most energetic live acts precedes them, and having recently just seen them on tour with Grouplove, it’s a worthy title. But their Firefly set was on another level. Playing an early 1:00pm slot and with the sun on their side, a rarity over the course of the weekend, they definitely played one of the wildest sets of the day. Right out of the gate guitarist Jace Bartet came out dancing like a man possessed, as we would later learn he pulls the ferocious dancing power from his cutoff camouflage shorts. Add to that lead singer Graham Ulicny’s penchant for never staying in one place for more than five seconds, and it’s pretty easy to see how the crowd could become so enraptured with the band. Much like my first introduction to the band, many were there simply because of Reptar’s reputation and recent tour with fellow Firefly artists Grouplove. No more than 2 minutes into the set and almost the entirely of the crowd was dancing and jumping just as crazily as the band on stage. The set comprised mostly of songs off the band’s debut album, ‘Body Faucet,’ the pop-rock-Caribbean-indie genre bending mash-up of sounds came off incredibly well. It’s no wonder the band classifies themselves as “disco dust,” it’s really the only thing that makes sense after seeing a Reptar show. Tracks like ‘Sebastian’ and especially ‘Please Don’t Kill Me,’ as the frenzied island-rock drumming all but forced the crowd to move their feet. During any given Reptar song it seems as if there are a thousand different things occurring on-stage, so all you can really do is just brace yourself and allow the music to take you. Definitely living up to their ever-growing reputation as one of the most energetic live bands, the only thing on anyone’s mind after a Reptar set is this; disco dust. See them and it’ll make sense to you too.


Up immediately after Reptar was Red Bull Records pioneers, AWOLNATION. Being the main driving force behind the energy drink’s new venture into the music industry, they’ve grown pretty rapidly since the release of their debut album Megalithic Symphony a little over a year ago. Their unique blend of electronic rock, a refreshing true blend of the two styles, and their ability to put on an amazing live show has helped them establish a strong enough fan base to have headlined multiple tours already. Lead singer Aaron Bruno has made it a festival set regular to crowd surf toward the end of the set. Quite literally. As in he actually gets on a surfboard, balances himself, and surfs above the supporting arms of the crowd. His raspy, growling vocal style sounds great on record and surprisingly is even stronger on stage. Bruno’s really able to showcase this on ‘Sail,’ one of the band’s biggest and best songs. Making multiple trips into the crowd, allowing them to scream the “blame in on my A.D.D.” line (which is possibly the best scream-along line EVER) into the mic, there’s a real connection between AWOLNATION and the crowd. From the first song encouraging them to crowd surf, it’s pretty clear that they’re not the type of band you sway and nod your head to. It’s is an incredibly refreshing thing to see when so many new bands try so hard to live up to the “indie” label, afraid to show emotion on stage and consequently fail to illicit anything but a slow head bob from the crowd. Not so with AWOLNATION.


When you first look at Cold War Kids, you probably don’t expect to hear a sound that’s as much soul as it is indie rock. In short, they take a lot of people by surprise. Or maybe “took” is the operative word. Having blown up since their very first album, Cold War Kids quickly became a household name on the alt-rock scene. Landing them on the main stage at Firefly for a midday set, they garnered a pretty large crowd who seemed to love every minute of the band’s hour-plus set. Though the sound mixing was a bit low, making it hard for lead singer Nathan Willett’s powerful voice to really shine, the band still performed great. Willett’s staggeringly strong vocals and the poppy drumming of Matt Aveiro are the backbone of what makes their music so good, and that definitely applies to the live show. Songs like ‘Rubidoux’ and ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’ received huge reactions for the crowd, which reached farther back than it had for anyone on that stage thus far. Though it wasn’t the type of set that drove the crowd into a jumping frenzy, they without a doubt enjoyed Cold War Kids as they left to a cheer that lingered far after they had exited the stage.


Though not touring at the moment, Firefly was still able to procure indie juggernauts Death Cab for Cutie. Opening with the full 8+ minute version of ‘I Will Possess Your Heart,’ the band showcased a set comprised of mostly deep cuts. As a fan of Death Cab for a while now, it was great to see them dig into their catalogue and play songs that might not to familiar to casual fans. Especially at a festival, where the crowds tend to be a bit causal as opposed to headlining gigs. Battling a cold, lead singer Ben Gibbard didn’t seem to be slowed down at all, spending his time between vocal, guitar, piano, and even drum duties. The material from last year’s Codes and Keys sounded great, with songs like ‘You Are a Tourist’ growing much heavier and bolder than they sound on album. One would think that Death Cab for Cutie would be a pretty reserved act, the one you sit back and watch instead of really getting into, but they’re a different band live. The bass lines of Nick Harmer were much more evident as he plays an integral part of the ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ extended intro, which is pretty much all Harmer plugging along the instantly recognizable notes. Long-time fans of the band were treated from tracks as far back as their very first album. ‘Amputations,’ ‘A Movie Script Ending,’ and ‘Marching Bands of Manhattan’ are all rarities for the band, and ones they’ve made an effort of not forgetting. With seven total albums, it’s impressive to see them not abandon the older tracks as to not alienate casual fans, something that bands of their caliber tend to do. The major highlight of the set was ‘We Looked Like Giants.’ Not only a fantastic (and rare) song in it’s own right, they extended it with a 10 minute long interlude that sees Gibbard take up drumming duties on a special mini-kit brought out just for this song. It shows the confidence Death Cab has in the abnormal nature of their live element. Most bands would shy away from material 7 seven albums ago and wouldn’t dare play two outros that combine over 15 minutes in length. It’s what makes Death Cab for Cutie such a great live band. They craft a set that isn’t comprised of all hits, even though they did make sure to pack a few in there, and aren’t afraid to get a little weird. It’s hard to walk away from a set like this unimpressed and there’s no way anyone at Firefly could have been anything but blown away with what Death Cab for Cutie did on the main stage.


Having never seen The Flaming Lips before, they’ve got quite the reputation preceding them. Known for the effort they put into production behind their shows, and not just complicated lighting rigs and visuals (though they did have a giant circular screen behind them), but by far less common means. Starting off with a Wizard of Oz-esque mob of Dorothy’s and Scarecrow’s on each side of the stage, it was clear that they would be anything but droll. During their first song, ‘Race for the Prize,’ they were shooting confetti for what felt like the entirety of the song. Seriously. There wasn’t a moment during the first 10 minutes where confetti wasn’t falling from the sky. Not only looking incredibly cool, there’s nothing that makes a crowd yell louder than shooting out confetti. In addition to the individual hand cannons they each had on stage, two crewmembers had massive tubes firing out fog and confetti, creating a rainbow colored haze. Add to that the spectrum of colors on the giant circular lighting rig/screen behind them and it felt more like a Tim Burton movie than a festival set. Lead singer Wayne Coyne then whipped out a megaphone, one would assume it would be used for vocals on a song, but that’s boring to The Flaming Lips. A heavy blue smoke starting pouring out of the megaphone as Coyne traipsed about the stage, creating a trail of permeating blue behind him. The trippy visual element aside, they sounded great as well. When a band has been around since 1986 with over 10 albums, it’s easy to just mail it in and play without much heart. This is the exact opposite description of The Flaming Lips. If anything they try harder than most bands half their age with twice their energy, and it shows. Right before ‘Is David Bowie Dying??,’ Wayne Coyne showed off his very unique take on crowd surfing. Inflating and then stepping inside a massive, transparent ball, he was rolled onto the barrier and them went end over end as hundreds of arms rolled him throughout the crowd. It was a live spectacle unlike any other. There are bands that spend millions of dollars on elaborate stage designs with lasers and complicated visuals, but Flaming Lips out-shined all of them with a much more creative take on their production. All other bands take note, if you want to be trippy, you’re not going to do it better than The Flaming Lips.


Unless you’ve been living under a soundproof rock for the past 2 years, you know who The Black Keys are. Having been around since 2001, they finally broke through to massive mainstream success, topped off by two sold out nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden. This is an impressive feat for any band, but especially one like The Black Keys who don’t first hit you as an arena rock band. It goes to show exactly how popular they’ve become. Headlining arenas and now closing out festivals, the jam-packed crowd was proof of why the band is on such high profile live slots. Opening with ‘Howlin for You,’ they set the tone early, grabbing the crowd immediately with such a big hit so early. The modern dirty blues style refined (and some could say pioneered) by The Black Keys transfers live quite well, especially so at a festival setting. One might think at first that a two man band may seem a bit over their head on such a large stage, but if anything they used it to their advantage. It helped adding two touring members to beef up their sound, but the sheer presence they have on stage is undeniable. Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have chemistry that’s beyond refined, at times it just seems like they’re going along with totally improvised jams and showed off how naturally loose they are on stage. The perfect choice to end the three day festival, The Black Keys arguably had the best well received set of the entire weekend and had a trail of cheers echoing as they left the stage.

Head over to FireFlyFestival.com for info on next year’s festival!






29 Jul

Flaming Lips are on a national tour this summer. Wednesday night they played the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston. Our photographer Jennifer Murtha (FromThePhotoPit.com was to get some cool shots of Wayne Coyne in his bubble, the band and a ton of confetti. Check them out below and go to flaminglips.com for more tour dates.

01 Jun

>AC Entertainment is proud to announce the initial lineup for Moogfest 2011, the annual festival of electronic and visionary music, celebrating the innovative spirit of Bob Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer. Taking place Oct. 28 – 30, in beautiful Asheville, NC, Moogfest’s Halloween harvest of musical delights builds on the tremendous success of last year’s reinvention of the Moogfest concept in the city that Bob Moog called home.

This year’s Moogfest lineup highlights a remarkable synergy of classic electronic music pioneers, contemporary groundbreaking artists, and young upstarts who are further pushing musical boundaries. ‘70s innovators, including Tangerine Dream, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Suicide, will present rare US performances as they join a lineup that includes the Flaming Lips, Passion Pit, STS9, Ghostland Observatory, Crystal Castles, Chromeo, Battles, Umphrey’s McGee, Mayer Hawthorne & The County, M83, Holy F**k, Matthew Dear, Twin Shadow, Toro y Moi, The Naked And Famous, Tim Hecker, Anika, Austra, Causing A Tiger, and Gold Panda, with many others still to be announced.

The final Moogfest 2011 lineup will ultimately feature performances by over 60 internationally acclaimed artists in numerous venues throughout downtown, including the Asheville Civic Center Arena, the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, and world-renown Orange Peel Social & Pleasure Club. The festival will also host workshops, talks, interactive experiences and art exhibitions and installations.

“Last year’s reinvented Moogfest – the first to take place in Asheville – was an amazing experience – and the response from artists and fans alike was extraordinary,” says AC Entertainment founder, Ashley Capps. “We’re very excited and inspired to build upon that success for the 2011 festival.”

Weekend passes for Moogfest 2011 will go on sale on Saturday, June 4, at 12 Noon Eastern exclusively at www.moogfest.com.

Visit the official festival website, www.moogfest.com, for more information.

Moogfest 2011 Confirmed Artists:
Flaming Lips
Passion Pit
Tangerine Dream
Ghostland Observatory
Suicide (performing their legendary first album)
Crystal Castles
Umphrey’s McGee
Mayer Hawthorne & The County
Adrian Belew Power Trio
Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Holy F**k
Matthew Dear
Toro Y Moi
Twin Shadow
Oneohtrix Point Never
The Naked And Famous
Tim Hecker
Brandt Bauer Frick
Gold Panda
Little Dragon
Causing A Tiger
Ford & Lopatin

14 Feb

THE FLAMING LIPS are pleased to announce the release of their first new music since their acclaimed albums, EMBRYONIC (released in October 2009) and “The Flaming Lips & Stardeath And White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins And Peaches Doing The Dark Side Of The Moon” (released in April 2010). The brand-new composition will take the form of a digital streaming “single,” entitled “TWO BLOBS F**KING,” and will be released appropriately enough today, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at noon PST only at: http://www.youtube.com/flaminglipsfree. This piece of music is conceptually, romantically, and scientifically just what one would come to expect from the world’s most predictably unpredictable band. The intrepid Oklahoma-based artists have created a set of multiple tracks that, when combined with their melodic counterparts, will equate to the first-ever musical experience of its kind and, in this form, has never been done before.

“TWO BLOBS F**KING” will stream along with videos as 12 individual tracks that ultimately create one complete song, in much the same manner and concept as other past “audio experiments” conducted by THE LIPS, including the four-disc ZAIREEKA album (October 1997), which was intended to be listened to when played on multiple machines simultaneously.

You may also recall that, around the same time, THE FLAMING LIPS conducted a series of auto-audio “Parking Lot Experiments” around the country in which the band invited fans to secret locations utilizing 40 cars equipped with sound systems that were strategically arranged in patterns around a parking lot. Each car was assigned a cassette tape best suited to that car’s position and stereo power. Once frontman Wayne Coyne instructed each car, by cassette number, to press play, the auto symphony began. The next logical step, “The Boombox Experiments,” toured various cities around the world utilizing 101 boomboxes and cassettes, each with different pieces of music or sound effects. Wayne and guitarist Steven Drozd would “conduct” the controlled cacophony while bassist Michael Ivins would manipulate the PA with psychotic volume surges and panning effects.

2011′s modern progression introduces the mobile experiment meant to be experienced and enjoyed in the most socially interactive way possible: “TWO BLOBS F**KING” was created specifically for iPhone-type devices. Imagine the lo-fi symphonic joy that you, along with family, friends, pets, and others, will create at the touch of a button. The more devices, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. You and your device, at one with the music, become the orchestra, just as the Gods of Technology naturally intended it to be.

Instructions on how to enjoy this musical creation by THE FLAMING LIPS will be available at the site as well: http://www.youtube.com/flaminglipsfree.

A reminder: “HEADY NUGGS: THE FIRST 5 WARNER BROS. RECORDS 1992 – 2002,” the five-vinyl-disc Box Set collection will be released on April 16th, otherwise known internationally as Record Store Day. Go to the LIPS’ official store for details: www.flaminglips.com/store/featured.

Don’t miss THE FLAMING LIPS on tour:

Thur Mar 3 Tibet House US Benefit / Carnegie Hall NYC
Sun Mar 6 Snow Ball Fest / Nottingham Park Avon, CO
Sun Apr 3 Lollapalooza Santiago, Chile
Detroit, MI (on sale Feb
Fri May 13 The Fillmore Detroit 11)
Sat May 14 Nelsonville Music Festival Nelsonville, OH
Sun May 15 The National Richmond, VA
Tue May 17 TBA
Wed May 18 TBA
Atlanta, GA (DATE
Thur May 19 Tabernacle CHANGE!)
(Special performance of “The Soft Bulletin” and more)
Sat May 21 The Hangout Festival Gulf Shores, AL
Thu May 26 Primavera Festival Barcelona, Spain
George, WA (on sale Feb
Sun May 29 Sasquatch Festival / The Gorge 12)
(Special performance of “The Soft Bulletin” and more)
All Tomorrow’s Parties/Alexandra Palace
Fri July 1 London, UK
(Special performance of “The Soft Bulletin” and more)
Thur July 7 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL (on sale Feb
Fri July 8 Aragon Ballroom 19)
(Both dates Special performance of “The Soft Bulletin” and more)
More dates will be announced soon.

“TWO BLOBS F**KING” by THE FLAMING LIPS is available February 14th, just for you.

…And there’s plenty more where that came from. THE FLAMING LIPS have more in store in the months ahead. Stay connected to www.flaminglips.com.

29 Jul

Flaming Lips performed “See The Leaves” on the Late Show with David Letterman. Check it out and pick up their album Embryonic on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

18 Jul

I haven’t watched it yet but I’ll give “ya’ll” my opinion on it later. It’s on the DVR but I heard it kicked ass. Here are the videos from the show if you missed it.

Pearl Jam – The Real Me

Pearl Jam – Love Reign O’er Me

Foo Fighters – Young Man’s Blues

Foo Fighters – Bargain

Adam Sandler – Magic Bus

Incubus – I Can See For Miles

Flaming Lips – Medley from Tommy

Tenacious D – Squeeze Box

The Who – Baba O Reilly

The Who – Who Are You

The Who – My Generation

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes

The Who – Tea and the Theatre

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