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12 Nov

Los Angeles rock radio station KROQ 106.7 announced the lineup for the 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th, 2012. Tickets are available online at only on Friday, November 16th at 12:00pm PST. Presale tickets are available to KROQ Street Team members at



Proceeds from 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas to benefit the following charities:

Para Los Ni̱os РPara Los Ni̱os is a non-profit family service agency designed to raise at-risk children out of poverty and into brighter futures through positive educational
opportunities and support.

Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center – Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center provides a safe after-school environment where hundreds of boys and girls in South Central Los Angeles participate in tutoring, learn important social skills and are guided to succeed in school and enter college.

24 Oct

AWOLNATION are in the middle of their “Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate” tour with Imagine Dragons and Zeale. Last Thursday, they played Emo’s East in Austin. Our photographer Phil DeSimone was there to get some shots from the show. Check them out below and pick up the band’s album Megalithic Symphony now on iTunes

10 Sep

By Matt Arena

It’s always interesting to see indie bands get big. It happens at least once every year. In 2011, it was Foster the People and Young the Giant, bands who over the course of a couple months went from relative anonymity to becoming household names on the alt rock scene. 2012 is shaping up in a similar way and Imagine Dragons seem poised to be one of the breakout stars. To say they’ve blown up this summer is a massive understatement. They first appeared on many people’s radar last winter with the release of their EP, Continued Silence. Choosing ‘It’s Time’ as their first single, the song began making the rounds almost immediately. Charting quickly and picked up by seemingly every MTV affiliate, it wasn’t long before people started to take notice. But somewhere between spring and the end of summer, they jumped to a whole new level of popularity. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when this happened, though no doubt slots on some of the major US festivals helped, but it seemed as if suddenly everybody loved Imagine Dragons. The first shock came when they booked the intimate Santos Party House in NYC for their album release show, and then promptly sold it out in less than 15 minutes. Moving the show to the much larger Irving Plaza may have seemed like a pipedream, but they proved their headlining status by selling that show out as well. Soon the release of their first full-length album, Night Visions, shocked many by becoming the number one selling album on iTunes on its very first day. Suddenly everybody knew, and was really into, Imagine Dragons. This was no more evident than at Irving Plaza during their sold out album release show.

First up as support was local indie rock band Ghost Beach, who received a surprising amount of love from the crowd. Whether this was due to it being a hometown show or that Imagine Dragons fans previously were acquainted with the band’s music was hard to tell. But it didn’t matter much. After every song they were privy to deafening applause and screams from the audience. At times sounding like a very familiar mix of Reptar and Foster the People, their groovy indie rock sound definitely found a home with the incredibly receptive audience.

Even before Imagine Dragons took the stage there were screams of joy as a band member or two was seen fiddling with their instruments, and when they actually came out it was an overpowering wall of noise from the crowd. It was very surprising to see the type of audience they were able to pull so quickly. There are pros and cons to having a screaming audience of girls (the cons being the non-stop screaming part), but it still remains baffling as to how they managed to build such a strong audience in what seemed like a month. And with songs like ‘Radioactive,’ ‘On Top of the World,’ and ‘Its Time,’ it really isn’t all that mystifying as to how the band got so big. Incorporating parts of electronic, alternative, and even pop rock gives them a large musical net that clearly catches all kinds of ears. Fans from the barrier all the way to the stragglers in the back were dancing and singing along to every word. That’s pretty damn rare at a band’s debut album release show. Having just seen Imagine Dragons earlier at Firefly Festival, they seemed to lack the punch they had previously, whether this was due to the venue itself or the recent vocal problems lead singer Dan Reynolds has endured is still unclear. Even without the punch-in-the-face volume of sound, they still were stellar. At times it was hard to hear Dan’s vocals as the mass of people were more than happy to shout the lyrics out at almost every occasion.

‘Radioactive’ is a master work of modern indie rock, and with hints of electronic, it’s one of the best songs of the year thus far. When played live, it’s even better. Slamming on a bass drum bigger than himself, lead singer Dan Reynolds helps bring the song new life. With a chorus so catchy it’s almost impossible not to scream along, the crowd at Irving Plaza definitely felt the same. Of course that can be said of nearly every song they played, as the crowd didn’t seem to relent even for a minute. The band always comes across as incredibly appreciative, which was evident by the smiles and disbelief on their face as they were playing a sold out show in one of New York City’s legendary venues. It’s been less than a week since the album came out and they’ve already surpassed 100,000 likes on facebook and been nominated for a MTV VMA for Best Rock Video of 2012. They’ve come on strong the second half of the year and are going to be hard to deny as the breakout artist of 2012 by the time December rolls around. But this is just the beginning as it seems the sky is almost literally the limit for this Vegas alt rock quartet.

05 Sep

Imagine Dragons performed “It’s Time” on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Watch the video below and pick up their new album Night Visions on iTunes, Amazon MP3 (Only $5), CD

07 Aug

With their current single “It’s Time” continuing to build at multiple radio formats, Las Vegas’ Imagine Dragons are gearing up for the September 4th release of their debut full-length album NIGHT VISIONS on KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records. The band, which has been nominated for a 2012 MTV Video Music Award for “Best Rock Video,” has appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the day NIGHT VISIONS is released.

“This is our first full length album, and we wanted to do it right,” says lead singer Dan Reynolds. “For the first time, we can say we know what our identity is, and we know this is our jumping off point for future albums. We love big and interesting rhythms, and sweeping melodies and huge choruses. We want people to feel something when they hear our music.”

NIGHT VISIONS follows on the band’s fourth EP Continued Silence, which recently topped the New Artist Alternative album chart. The EP includes “It’s Time,” which is currently No. 6 at Modern Rock radio, No.2 at AAA, and has just broken through at Hot AC. “It’s Time” has sold over 300,000 copies and combined track sales are approaching 500,000 units. It is currently featured in the trailer for the upcoming film The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which hits theaters on September 20th. The video for “It’s Time” recently climbed to the No. 1 spot on Yahoo! Music. Watch it here:

Catch Imagine Dragons on the road:

09/05 Las Vegas, NV The Hard Rock on the strip
09/07 New York, NY Santos Party House
09/08 Philadelphia, PA Piazza at Schmidt’s/WRFF Block Party
09/15 Milwaukee, WI Rock The Green, Veteran’s Memorial Park
09/16 Chicago, IL Riot Fest 2012
09/17 Toronto, ON The Opera House
10/02 Seattle, WA Showbox at the Market
10/06 Vancouver, BC Venue
10/08 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
10/22 Nashville, TV Mercy Lounge

With AWOLNATION and Zeale:

09/10 Portland, ME State Theater
09/11 Hartford, CT Great Hall at Union Station
09/12 Rochester, NY Water Street Music Hall
09/13 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
09/18 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
09/19 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
09/21 Indianapolis, IN Egyptian Room
09/22 St. Louis, MO The Pageant
09/23 Kansas City, MO Uptown Theater
09/25 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater
09/27 Denver, CO The Summit Music Hall
09/28 Denver, CO The Summit Music Hall
10/01 Boise, ID Knitting Factory Concert House
10/03 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
10/04 Portland, OR Roseland Theatre
10/09 San Diego, CA House of Blues
10/10 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
10/11 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia at L.A. Live
10/15 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
10/16 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
10/18 Austin, TX Emo’s East
10/20 Dallas, TX House of Blues
10/23 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
10/24 Tampa, FL The Ritz Ybor
10/25 Lake Buena Vista, FL House of Blues-Orlando

IMAGINE DRAGONS are: Dan Reynolds (vocals), Wayne Sermon (guitar), Ben McKee (bass), Daniel Platzman (drums).

02 Aug

By Matt Arena

After their early set at Firefly Festival, we got the chance to sit down with Dan Reynolds (lead singer) and D. Wayne Sermon (guitarist) of Imagine Dragons, to talk about their debut album, what it’s like being a band in Las Vegas, and their first ever TV appearance.

You guys have really taken off lately, and though I hate the term “buzz band” but if it applied to anybody it would be you, what’s it like being a buzz band?

D. Wayne: It’s rewarding. We’re glad it seems that way to the public, from our perspective we’re just trying to build something organically. For us it’s been a steady, slow incline as far as fans and popularity goes.

Dan: A three year build.

D. Wayne: We’re so grateful, how many bands get to have that said about them?

Dan: It’s a really incredible thing to come to a place you’ve never been before and see tons of people singing the songs. It’s pretty surreal. We’re both just a little bit in shock, it’s like “wow, people know the music out there and we haven’t even been here yet.” It’s very cool, we feel very humble and grateful.

D. Wayne: There’s a lot of bands that work just as hard and they don’t have their songs on the radio so we always try to keep that in mind. Every show we play we try to have our expectations a little bit low, we think “oh maybe no one will come,” that way we’re surprised when people actually do and know the words. It’s a shock every time.

I saw you guys on Leno, how was that?

Dan: Yeah we played Leno on Monday, that was unreal. We all grew up watching late night television and Leno is one of the legends. Being able to meet him and hear him say he’d been listening to the song was just like wow. He’s so nice.

How was the actual performance, it must have been a lot different.

Dan: When we came in everyone warned us that it’s a really stiff audience and I think we just got lucky. The audience was really reactive and you can actually hear them in the recording. There was a lot of energy in the room. So we fed off that energy and hopefully it translated through.

D. Wayne: We kinda have this singular experience as a band, since we grew up in Vegas playing casinos so people don’t really come in listening to you. We have the whole ‘non receptive’ thing down because we’re so used to it. People were pulling slot machines or trying to count cards so we always had to fight for their attention. I think that ended up being a plus for us because we learned how to keep the energy on stage no matter what was going on out there.

(photo credit: Ken Grand-Pierre)

You’re currently recording a new album, correct?

Dan: Our debut album, Night Visions, comes out September 4th and we couldn’t be more excited with how it turned out. It’s being mixed right now, it’s all finished. We just feel like it’s a good reflection of what the band is, it’s our first statement as to who Imagine Dragons is so the audience can wrap their heads around it and understand what our sound is. I think the EP is a good reflection of what the album is, just on a broader scale.

There’s been 4 EP’s released before you started work on the album, was that a timing thing or do you just prefer EP’s to albums?

Dan: We just wanted to be ready before we did our album, to feel like we understood who we were as a band before we tried to tell other people who were are. You only get to do your first album once and it’s a pretty big step for a band so we wanted to make sure we were ready. For us that took three years, for other bands maybe not but it’s worked well for us.

In looking at some past interviews, you’re almost always asked about the band name. What do you think the fixation with everyone needing to know the meaning behind the band name?

D. Wayne: There’s a certain mystic quality to our name I guess.

Dan: I think it’s such a unique name that people just wanna understand how it’s involved with the art. The great thing about being an artist is that there’s so many different avenues to be able to express yourself, whether it’s music or the visual on your artwork or the name of the band, I think people just like the understand all the different parts of an art project. It’s cool that people ask and we tell that about how it’s an anagram, we don’t tell them what the anagram was, but it’s a nice thing for us. As an artist you expose yourself so much in your lyrics or your music that it’s nice to have something that we keep private as a band that has special meaning to us.

What was it like trying to build a fanbase in a place like Vegas where there’s so much other stuff going on?

D. Wayne: I moved to Vegas to start a band with Dan. I had never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect. There’s an underground movement, an art scene, that I had no idea about. In that scene there’s painters, musicians and bands that are up and coming that I had no idea about. There’s a festival the first Friday of every month downtown that I didn’t know about. The environment, there’s nothing like it in the world, no other place like Las Vegas.

Dan: It was good for us because we got to play a lot of cover gigs in the very beginning to make ends meet. So we’d do sets that were 50% covers and 50% originals. I think that was good in developing the band because we were able to study how a lot of our favorite bands wrote music, like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin, a lot of the legends. It was very important for us to analyze them and grow as artists. You can always grow and learn from others so I think that helped develop our sound a lot.

What kind of bands did you cover?

Dan: Rolling Stones, The Cure; we did newer stuff too like MGMT…

D. Wayne: Franz Ferdinand. Basically stuff that we loved but would get a crowd going as well so we tried to ride that line.

Dan: We had to pick more popular music, we listen to a lot of bands that are a little less well known as well. But you can’t really play those to a Vegas crowd so we find the median. Songs that we felt were eclectic that we grew up listening to and loved.

Are there any other bands you’re looking forward to seeing today?

D. Wayne: Tons. This might have the most impressive resume of artists we’ve seen so far.

Dan: Girl Talk, Cold War Kids, Grouplove, Jack White, Young the Giant, The Black Keys, The Killers; basically all the bands that are playing. We really wanted to see Passion Pit but they dropped out I guess.

Pick up Imagine Dragons’s EP on iTunes or Amazon MP3

30 Jul

Last Wednesday, Billabong held their 6th Annual Design for Humanity benefit fashion, music and art event at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The Joy Formidable, Imagine Dragons, Walk The Moon and The Lumineers. Our photographer Marcello Ambriz was there to get some great shots of The Joy Formidable and Imagine Dragons. Check them out below and head over to to buy some clothes to support the Cultivate Foundation.



26 Jul

By Matt Arena

After an incredibly successful first day, Firefly had even more in store for day 2. With doors opening at 11 am, there was much more music to be packed into the schedule and if you weren’t there first thing in the morning, you may have missed some of the best sets of the entire festival.


It says a lot when a band can put on a killer set with one of the first performances of the day at an all day festival like Firefly. It certainly can’t be easy playing so early in the morning when most people aren’t there. But none of this seemed to faze Imagine Dragons. The Las Vegas four piece has generated a lot of buzz lately, appearing on many people’s radar after their wildly popular set at Coachella. And their Firefly set did more than impress. It blew people away, almost literally. Easily the loudest band out of all three days (probably due to the massive bass drum lead singer Dan Reynolds was beating upon), they definitely blasted the sleep from the festival goers eyes Saturday morning. ‘Radioactive’ is an absolute monster of a live track. Starting off with light acoustic strumming and harmonizing, one may think, “ugh, here’s another restrained indie song,” but then the bass drops and what comes feels like the love child of an AWOLNATION and fun. song. The aforementioned giant bass drum plays a large role here, as Reynolds smashes against it as hard as he can, providing a boom that should register on the Richter scale. Thought it may have only been noon, the crowd didn’t seem sluggish one bit. From the drop in ‘Radioactive,’ they were bouncing and singing as if they were watching a headliner. Bands tend to pull larger crowds at festivals, just naturally as there are more people than standard gigs, but with Imagine Dragons set it seemed as if every person watching did so deliberately. There weren’t any usual festival stragglers who came just because they heard loud music, everyone already knew the band. The word “catchy” is used a lot to describe music, and usually with the connotation this in some way makes the song or lyrics inferior, but Imagine Dragons are catchy in the superior sense. The music just grabs you in a way that’s impossible not to join in. The fast and upbeat drumming foundations on ‘Round and Round’ give it a never-ending, pounding feel and combines with the wonderfully constructed choruses to make one of the best live tracks I’ve heard in a while. Plus the sheer energy this band exuded from the stage made it near impossible for the audience not to return back in kind. Though starting even before noon, Imagine Dragons put on easily the best set of the day and possibly even the best out of the entire weekend.


Up a bit later on in the day was Grouplove. A band that seems to just be getting bigger by the day (they just announced another, larger headlining tour after finishing their first one just a month ago), and they deserve every bit of it. To call Grouplove unique would be an understatement. From the music, to the band members themselves, there’s nothing ordinary about this band. There isn’t another band out there you can fairly compare their sound to and it’s taken to another degree in their live shows. Frequently extending intros and outros on a whim, Grouplove seem completely free on stage. Songs like ‘Slow,’ are slowed down and distorted to a massive wall of drum beating, echoing static, and the fading screams of lead singer Christian Zucconi (who seems to sport a different hair color every time I see them). They’re able to change their sound so quickly from song-to-song that if you close your eyes (and count to ten, ZING!) you’d think a different band had taken the stage. Lead vocal duties switch between Zucconi, Hannah Hooper (who doubles on keys), and bassist Sean Gadd. They have a very distinct vocal style, so when singing separately they give each song a different feel but still manage to blend together perfectly when harmonizing. This blender type vocal style is used on songs like ‘Chloe,’ which starts off with Gadd’s deep, almost country voice and joined by the higher sound from Hooper and the ever present ethereal wailing of Zucconi. Though the vocal styles may change, one thing always seems to be a constant with each Grouplove song; they’re all so fun. Granted that’s a pretty vague term to apply to a band’s sound, but upon seeing them perform it’s hard not to agree. The loose nature of the rapid acoustic riffs, the constant rhythmic drumming, jumpy bass lines, and warbly key structures all come together so well. Take a song like ‘Tongue Tied’ for example. There’s so much going on in that song, a blending of musical styles that shouldn’t work, but somehow they pull it off in spectacular fashion. Like all great bands, they take what makes them great and amplify it live. The passion and energy they play with on a consistent basis is astounding, almost as if they haven’t played these songs countless times. It’s what makes each Grouplove show different, and their set at Firefly was no exception.


This alt-rock five piece has had one hell of a year. After their now classic performance of ‘My Body’ on the VMA’s, Young the Giant have been on a rapid increase upwards. Having just wrapped up their sold out nation-wide tour, they hit up a couple major festivals too. First was Bonnaroo and now Firefly. To see this band on the power of the main stage was quite spectacular. Though their sound rangers from the alt-rock jumper of a track ‘My Body’ to more mellow tracks like ‘Guns Out,’ they always manage to engage the crowd. Having chatted with bassist Payam Dootstzadeh prior to their set, he said they’d be playing a number of tracks and to be on the lookout for one in specific called ‘Teachers.’ As the band is currently writing and recording the new album, they’ve been showcasing a number of new songs and ‘Teachers’ is definitely one to be anticipated. One of the more upbeat songs they have, it’s able to do so in a way that doesn’t feel like a My Body 2.0. The band is looking for a more evolved and experimental sound on the new record, the few new tracks they played evidence of that. It wasn’t one of those moments in the set were you dread the new material, but instead something to look forward to, as everyone in the crowd is dying to see what Young the Giant have in store next. Of course the material off their massively successful debut album went down fantastically as well. Utilizing his now trademark two microphone set-up, lead singer Sameer Gadhia is able to re-create the haunting vocal echoes on songs like ‘Guns Out’ all the while slapping a tambourine against his hip. The two latest singles, ‘Cough Syrup’ and ‘Apartment’ made early appearances in the set and were greeted with a blast of cheers as the audience loudly sang along. Though the true highlight of the set, and by far the entire weekend, was during the final song. If you know even a little about Young the Giant, you’ll know how close they are with bands like Grouplove, Cage the Elephant, and a number of other young alt rock bands. Coincidentally enough, two of them just so happened to be at Firefly as well. So to the initiated, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise when all the members of Grouplove and Walk the Moon mobbed the stage during the last chorus of ‘My Body.’ From the very beginning of the song the crowd was deafening in their singing of literally every single word. Check YouTube (video proof!), it’s even louder than Sameer’s voice. Add to that the power the chorus has to turn any standing structure into a trampoline, and the bouncing mass of fans was already insane before the impromptu jam session. So when suddenly two full bands just charge the stage and start jumping and singing along, it pushed the crowd into a further frenzy. Walk the Moon front man Nicholas Petricca shared a mic with Sameer as the stage was crawling with the rest of the members from each band. Sometimes singing, other times just jumping and spinning around like dancing fools, it was the “moment” of the festival and one of the coolest things this writer’s ever seen at a gig. It’s still unclear whether or not Young the Giant even knew about it beforehand, which would make it that much more a definitive festival moment.


Being that the lineup was mostly filled with up-and-coming alt rock acts, Firefly did the smart thing and made sure to throw in some bands to change up the style. Cake was definitely one of those bands. John McCrea’s voice is instantly recognizable, as is the band’s sound in general. At first glance they might not seem like an interesting live act, McCrea’s voice, though unique, is rather monotone and deadpan. While that’s part of what make their music work, it’s not necessarily ideal for a live environment. Yet somehow they’re able to come alive. The surprisingly loud and much more pronounced riff from ‘The Distance’ nearly transforms the once mellow track into a live anthem. Suddenly they were a full on rock band, turning the once monotonous track into a booming song that sprang to life. The trumpet work of Vince DiFiore is key in keeping the songs similar, but seeing Xan McCurdy on guitar is what really makes this band take a step forward as a live act. While underplayed in studio versions, the riffs in songs like ‘Short Skirt/Long Jacket’ come to the forefront. Louder and fuller, they become the backbone of the song and are hard to deny a mild headbang to. Definitely a band that will catch you off guard with their surprising life and energy, Cake was playing to an already established group of fans but was definitely able to win pretty much everyone who saw them over. They’re not the type of band that will have the crowd jumping and going crazy, nor do they pretend to. But what they do so well is take their niche sound and expand upon it, possibly winning over those who at first pass on the droll nature of their studio sound.


Bands with one massive hit are always interesting to watch. Not only how they go about structuring their sets, but how the crowd reacts when the majority of them are just waiting for “that one song.” And Modest Mouse is a good band, but there’s no denying that they will draw that type of audience from ‘Float On.’ Being that the song hit back in 2005, it’s clear just from watching them play that they’re not only used to this but have learned how to use it to their advantage. They don’t pull the cliché move and use it as the encore, but throw it a little more than midway through the set, as if it were any other song. There’s not big show of “alright, now here’s the song you all came to hear,” it’s just simply there. And by putting it there in the set you give the less familiar audience members a chance to hear some other material without making them wait 15+ songs for it. It’s a delicate balance and Modest Mouse strikes it quite well. Of course it helps that their other material is great as well. Songs like ‘Dashboard’ and ‘The World at Large’ sounded full and cram packed with instrumental layers coming from the production of the festival’s main stage. It helped having what seemed like a legion of fans going 100% for every single song on the set, too.


Bookending day 2 of the festival with another Las Vegas band, this one considerably larger than the first, was the Killers. Having been on hiatus since 2010, the hype around the return of the Killers was massive. Though they tend to be a bit overrated and have a penchant for being extremely stubborn with photographers (making my job that much harder), it’s impossible to deny their ability to pull a crowd. Especially considering the current mainstream musical climate that seems to demand a non-stop presence or else a band risks losing their “status.” Not so with the Killers. After being gone for a full two years, they’re still able to draw just as well, if not better. The hiatus seemed to benefit the band if anything, instead of people forgetting about them, the demand for the band actually grew. Having headlined Madison Square Garden prior to the hiatus, it’s easy to see the band returning to a similar level of success. Especially after seeing their set at Firefly. Definitely the “biggest” headliner of the weekend, hence the Saturday slot, they definitely played like it. Bringing with them a strong amount of production for a festival and the massive hits that a band of their caliber has, it’s hard to deny that the Killers know how to put on a show. Opening with ‘Somebody Told Me,’ arguably their biggest hit, they made it clear that they weren’t pulling any punches and were there simply to blow people away. And if the sound of the screams from the crowd is any indication, they definitely succeeded. Ironically enough this billing was the main reason for going to Firefly, even though I’m not as enraptured with the band as everyone else is. They’re a massive band to have headlining, and one of the few that isn’t touring at the moment, and even I have to admit that hearing ‘When You Were Young’ is an experience in itself.






17 Jul

Last night Imagine Dragons performed their hit single “It’s Time” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Watch the performance below and pick up their Continued Silence EP on iTunes or Amazon MP3,

29 Oct

SAINT MOTEL ( and NICO VEGA host a night of Halloween hilarity at The Roxy tonight. The Witch Hunt, presented by 987FM also features performances by IMAGINE DRAGONS and QUEEN CAVEAT. Witches and warlocks will enjoy a burn at the stake photo booth and special $5 witching drink specials, including Bitches Brew, Demon Dewars, and Salem Witch Cocktails. The winner of the best costume of the evening will also receive a huge prize package including 2 pairs of All Access 365 tickets to any on-sale shows at The Roxy in the next year, and CDs and T shirts from SAINT MOTEL, NICO VEGA, and IMAGINE DRAGONS.

Check out the PROMO VIDEO:

Expect new music and over the top antics as this explosive lineup will be channeling rock from another dimension.

TICKETS can be purchased through The Roxy box office by calling 310-278-9457 or on Ticketmaster here:

NICO VEGA, SAINT MOTEL, and IMAGINE DRAGONS will also be bringing the show on the road for more musical madness. Tour dates below.



11/6 Soho – New Noise Music Festival – Santa Barbara, CA

11/9 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA

11/11 Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR

11/13 Horseman’s Lodge – Grass Valley/Nevada City, CA

11/15 Cafe du Nord – San Francisco, CA

11/16 The Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA

11/18 Audie’s Olympic – Fresno, CA

11/19 Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV



WATCH: The video for Saint Motel’s “BUTCH”:

WATCH: Video for Nico Vega’s “Million Years”:


They’ve got the stuff! Saint Motel’s music really caught my ear and you can tell right away that they are ready to reach a new and bigger audience Jason Bentley, KCRW Music Director & Host of Morning Becomes Eclectic

Every Saint Motel concert outdoes the one before 
 Daniel Kohn, LA Record

Saint Motel never fail to put on a show that’s a treat for the senses

From radio airplay on Los Angeles’ KROQ to a headlining show at The Roxy… Saint Motel has been generating a substantial amount of buzz throughout the music scene ever since the band released their debut album, ForPlay, earlier this year.

Along with a penchant for combining elements of this decade’s hitmakers into one explosive rock package, the Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel have a sense of humor… but make no mistake, 
 they are deadly serious about making music that transcends the boundaries…
 Kevin Bronson’s