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17 Feb

There’s no way better to honor Kurt Cobain’s life than to make a movie about him, especially one that’s directed by the dude who made the newest James Bond movie, Quantum of Shit Solace. It’s being reported on Production Weekly (via Cinema Blend that Forster’s interested in it. Forster has also directed The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction and Monster’s Ball. For a detailed timeline about the project, head on over to the Play List.

18 Nov

Stephen Elliot from The Huffington Post recently interviewed Danny Goldberg. Danny Goldberg used to manage Nirvana, run Atlantic Records, Artemis Records, Air America Radio, produce movies and write political books. He wasn’t really great at any of those jobs but it’s cool because he wrote a book about the music industry and we all go gaga over that kinda stuff. Having worked for Danny, I can say that he was sort of like Commandant Lassard from the Police Academy movies: a genuinely good guy but he never knew what was really going on. Anyways, here’s a brief excerpt from the interview but you can read the whole thing here and check out the video of Goldberg at GoogleTalks in regards to his new book.

Huffpo: How did you start out in rock and roll? You make it seem kind of random.

Danny Goldberg: The first step was completely random. I just needed a job and wanted to get my own apartment. I didn’t even know what Billboard was. I thought it was a magazine about highway signs. Today kids are very sophisticated about things like charts but in the 60′s, when I got my first job, there was no real pop awareness of the business. So the first step was completely random and lucky. Once I realized there was a business I was quite taken with it. I was at Billboard a few months and a promo guy form Capitol gave everybody a copy of The White Album the day it came out. That was one hell of a perk. It dawned on me you could be part of it without being a musician. After that I did the best I could to climb whatever ladders were in front of me.

Huffpo: You mention that it isn’t enough to have talent. You have to have a talent for having talent.

Danny Goldberg: I think that artists that I’ve met who have been successful all had some desire to be successful. Not that they would always do things the easiest way or most commercial way, but they had a focus that helped propel them. Like Stevie Nicks doing the songs with Tom Petty at a certain time or working with a producer that, at first blush, was not part of the community that she was into. Or Bruce Springsteen focusing on trying to get a pop radio hit. The music business is competitive and having musical talent itself is not sufficient.

Huffpo: The section of your book about Kurt Cobain made me want to cry.

Danny Goldberg: He’s the most talented person I ever worked with because he was talented in so many different ways. He’s a guitar player and a lead singer and he wrote all the songs. He did everything for Nirvana that it took Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to do for Led Zeppelin. Kurt also designed the album covers and wrote treatments for the videos. He even designed the t-shirts. He was really a comprehensive genius when it came to the art of rock and roll. As an artist he was the most talented and as a person he was the most tragic. I never worked with anyone who killed themselves, before or since. It’s just a terrible feeling and a terrible loss. I’ll never get over it.

Huffpo: Any advice for people wanting to get in the music business?

Danny Goldberg: Well, the only advice I can give would be platitudes, but I’m happy to give them. One is don’t get easily discouraged because everyone who has ever accomplished anything has been rejected. What matters isn’t the people who reject you, but the people who don’t. Perseverance is a big deal. Be loyal to your friends in the bad times because they’ll remember you in the good times. Regular stuff like that.

02 Oct

Yesterday, news came out that some artist named Natascha Stellmach said that she had acquired Kurt Cobain’s ashes and that she was going to smoke it as the finale to some exhibit she has on October 11th. She’s getting attention for it and The Perv only mentions it because it’s being reported today by Courtney Love’s publicist Alan Nierob that Kurt’s ashes were never stolen. Courtney’s still a psycho but let’s just hope we’re done talking about Kurt’s ashes.

30 Sep

Jim Shearer over at IFC interviewed famed music author/journalist Michael Azerrad a few weeks ago. Azerrad wrote probably the best Nirvana biography Come As You Are back when Kurt Cobain was still alive. Shearer asks Azerrad about making About A Son (the Kurt Cobain movie that came out last year), how Kurt was as a father, how he’d react to blogs and the music scene nowadays. It’s quite good stuff. Read all about it here.

23 Sep

With the new Metallica album dropping, there’s been a cornucopia of interviews, news, blurbs and all that other stuff. The Perv’s trying to limit their coverage but thought it’d be interesting to share a video clip of Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s guitarist, talking about how Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was a big fan of the band and about the early days of Metallica in this Rolling Stone interview. Watch the video here.

16 Sep

This Saturday they had the 2nd annual Kurt Cobain Memorial Tribute Concert in Hoquiam, WA. Here is a brief review of the show. If you didn’t go, don’t worry, we have videos for ya (Thanks to RazingCulture on flickr for the pic):

Harvey Danger – Very Ape (Nirvana cover)

Harvey Danger – Aneurysm (Nirvana cover)

Schoolyard Heroes – Territorial Pissings (Nirvana cover)

Gebular – 27

15 Sep

Psycho bitch Courtney Love threw a “goth” suicide-themed birthday party for her daughter Frances Bean’s 16th birthday. Frances Bean is Kurt Cobain (the Nirvana dude) and Courtney Love’s daughter. And we all know how Kurt died. So yeah.. Courtney… you’re sick. But hey, let’s hear what her rep had to say about the party:

“It was a lovely party with a live band, In & Out Burgers and a bunch of 16 year old kids.”

Here are some actual details from the invitation thanks to Metro:
‘My one and only sweet 16…..eerrrr actually it’s my “suicidal 16″.’

Turning the sordid theme into a competition, she then encourages her young mates to look as ‘dead’ as they can, saying: ‘WE ARE ALSO HAVING A CONTEST its the “who can look most dead contest” if you dress up dead and are picked as the top 3 you will receive an: IPOD TOUCH and a $200 gift certificate to amoeba.

‘So get that face paint on, and try to make it as realistic as you can. there will only be 3 WINNERS’, signing out as ‘xx franny’. Ugh, people are mad weird in Cali.

12 Sep

For the second year in a row, The Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee is putting on a tribute to Kurt Cobain concert in Hoquiam, WA. As you may know, the famous singer/guitarist from Nirvana was born in Aberdeen which is only about four miles away. The show will be taking place at the 7th Street Theatre and proceeds will go towards a youth center named after Kurt and a park among other things. One hit wonders, Harvey Danger, will be headlining the show with Schoolyard Heroes and a few other local bands. Each band will be playing at least one Nirvana cover (Ed:Please don’t play Lithium). For more information about the show, go here to read an interview with one of the event’s organizers.