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Dave Matthews Band GPS on Fallon Video

June 4, 2009 drainu182 0

We forgot to post something totally funny and awesome from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (yes, we know!). As you may have seen earlier today, Dave Matthews Band was on Fallon last night performing “Funny The Way It Is” and “Why I Am.” What you may not have seen was earlier in the program, Jimmy Fallon did his spot on impression of Dave Matthews in a fake commercial for the Dave Matthews Band GPS. Fallon as Matthews played …

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The Lonely Island swear a lot/perform on Fallon 5/12 Video

May 13, 2009 drainu182 0

The Lonely Island performed “I’m On A Boat” (Yeah!) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (5/12). It’s the first time that I’ve seen a music performance that had that much swearing on these late night tv shows. It’s not that I minded it, it was just something different. Check it out inside.