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13 Dec

Bad Books are excited to announce new tour dates for 2013 in support of their recently released sophomore album II. A collaboration between Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books drew praise for the latest record with Paste Magazine writing that “on II, Bad Books have proven that they are more than Manchester Orchestra with Kevin Devine or vice versa,” going on to say that they “play off their strengths,” and that “all of us reap the benefit.” Rolling Stone noted that “the band maintains a unique sound, but the musicians have become more willing to stray from their comfort zones,” and praise experimental nature of the “melodic-schizophrenia” that ensues. Upcoming tour dates below.

Watch the video for the single “Forest Whitaker” here.

Presale is going on now at, general On Sale Thursday, December 20th at 12pm local time

II was recorded at Favorite Gentlemen Studios in Atlanta, GA and was produced by Devine, Manchester Orchestra’s lead singer Andy Hull, and Bad Books/Manchester Orchestra guitarist Robert McDowell. Rob Schnapf, well known for his work on Elliott Smith’s seminal recordings XO and Either/Or, leant his talent to mixing the album.

Listen: “It Never Stops”

Tour Dates Below

Upcoming Tour Dates:
* = The Front Bottoms, Weatherbox

13 – Newport, KY – Thompson House*
14 – Chicago, IL – Subterranean*
15 – Pontiac, MI – The Pike Room*
16 – Columbus, OH – The Basement*
17 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Small’s theatre*
19 – Cambridge, MA – The Sinclair*
20 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom*
21 РPhiladelphia, PA РWorld Caf̩ Live*
22 – Towson, MD – The Recher Theatre*
23 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506*
24 – West Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern*

17 Jul

Starry Nights Music + Arts Festival returns for another great year in beautiful Bowling Green, Kentucky, September 28 & 29, 2012. The two-day, two-stage festival will feature a diverse lineup including Cage the Elephant, Portugal. The Man, Manchester Orchestra, Mimosa, Justin Townes Earle, The Whigs and Sleeper Agent, among many others.

“We chose bands and DJ’s that move us, and that we thought would fit with the vibe of the festival,” says Cage The Elephant frontman, Matthew Shultz. “Starry Nights is about getting everyone together for a good time – It’s definitely about the music, but also, art, games, and just being out there under the stars.”

The vital Kentucky music scene is where Cage got their start, and preserving that opportunity for other local acts is a top priority. To that end, the festival has reserved a handful of slots for local bands. More information on that will follow.

Starry Nights Music + Arts Festival takes place September 28 & 29, 2012 just outside of Bowling Green, KY at Ballance Farms.
Tickets are $45 including fees and camping.

Tickets will go on-sale on July 20th at 10:00 AM Eastern at
Follow the festival on facebook and twitter for the latest information.

2012 Lineup:
Cage The Elephant
Portugal. The Man
Manchester Orchestra
Justin Townes Earle
The Whigs
Sleeper Agent
Moon Taxi
JEFF The Brotherhood
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s
Morning Teleportation
Wild Belle
Space Capone
The Kingston Springs
Five Knives
Bad Cop

Cage The Elephant:
Hailed as “…one of rock’s best young bands,” by Rolling Stone, Cage The Elephant had a successful 2011 with the release of their album Thank You Happy Birthday, a wildly-successful headlining North American tour and their critically acclaimed fall dates with the Foo Fighters. Their debut self-titled album was just certified gold by the RIAA and their current sophomore album Thank You Happy Birthday (RCA Records) has garnered the band rave reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, People and Alternative Press who heralded it “one of the best rock albums of the year.” With performances on The Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, it’s easy to see why Rolling Stone named Cage The Elephant “one of rock’s best young bands” and Thank You Happy Birthday as one of the best albums 2011.

C3 Presents •
C3 Presents creates, books, markets and produces live experiences, concerts, and private events. C3 is the force behind Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas and Lollapalooza in Chicago. Other events in the C3 portfolio include the Austin FOOD & WINE Festival, Orion Music + More, Wanderlust Festival, Lollapalooza Brazil, Lollapalooza Chile, and Big Day Out Australia. C3 books and promotes more than 1,000 concerts in arenas, theaters, casinos, and clubs across the US annually, making it the third-largest promoter in the country. In addition to event production and booking, C3 manages the careers of select artists.

14 Jul

You might know Andy Hull as the frontman of the Atlanta based alternative rock band Manchester Orchestra but have you ever taken a listen to his great solo project Right Away, Great Captain!? Andy’s been working on this project for six years with 2006′s “The Bitter End” and 2008′s “The Eventually Home” and is completing the trilogy with a tour in support of “The Church Of The Good Thief” (iTunes) just released last month. Andy’s on tour now with The Dear Hunter’s Casey Crescenzo and took a few minutes to chat with TAP’s Matt Arena. Read on and catch him live this Tuesday at Maxwell’s in Hoboken and next Sunday the 22nd at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

How’s it going, Andy?

It’s going great, man. It’s going really great.

You just recently hit the road, how’s the tour going so far?

We started the tour a few nights ago in Chicago, did Michigan last night, and we’re on our way to Akron, Ohio right now. I haven’t played a lot of this material live before so it’s a totally new experience for me but I’m really enjoying it.

You’re one of the hardest working guys in the music industry. Since 2004 with all the different bands you’re involved with, you’ve released over 10 albums/EP’s, so do you manage to stay so creative?

It’s just really fun for me. I consider it a job but it’s a job I love doing and I certainly don’t consider myself as hard working, it’s just something I really love doing.

You co-produced one of my favorite albums last year, O’Brother’s Garden Window. That was a fantastic album.

Thank you, I think that album’s a masterpiece. I love it. We’ve taken O’Brother out with us as often as we can, they were able to use our studio and they’ve were at it that record for a really long time. They continue to work on their craft and get better and that record was a really difficult album to make, it took us a long time to do it. Because we wanted to make sure we were doing it right and really give it the time it needed to evolve and sound great. They were really open to letting Robert and I get in there and kind of become members of the band for that record, rather than just a producer saying “let’s do that take again.” We were messing with song structure and vocal melodies; it wouldn’t have worked with any other band because you’ve gotta be close to somebody to let them do something like that.

With all the work you’ve been doing between producing and working with all the different bands, do you ever worry about burning yourself out?

Yeah, for sure. When that happens, I certainly don’t ever force anything, it comes when it comes and just recently Manchester certainly burned ourselves out on touring so we took the last 6 months off. We’ve been building a studio at home, we’ve got a house and we gutted it and soundproofed it and now we have this house that’s close to where we live. Nobody’s living there it’s just a studio so we make sure we take time and that’s certainly something we needed this year.

Being involved with so many different bands do you ever find yourself recording for one group and then getting ideas for another? For example recording a Manchester album and stumbling upon a Ride Away, Great Captain! song.

They’re pretty divided. With the latest Bad Books record, which comes out in October, there were a few songs that started as Manchester songs in my head and ended up becoming Bad Books songs. I was able to bring them to Kevin and mess with them to put a Bad Books spin on it. I think with Ride Away the story is so specific that there’s really no way I could mix that stuff up. But when I’m generally writing I don’t really think about it for a specific thing, it just usually makes sense.

For Church of the Good Thief, there’s a great vinyl package that encompasses all three albums, can you tell me a bit about where that idea came from?

For me it was something that was pretty obvious that I wanted to do it. I’ve never really printed up stuff like that and I knew that eventually I wanted to put the culmination of all these records together as one package. It was cool being able to finish something like that, a trilogy that took me six years to do. It was really fulfilling.

It strikes a perfect balance between embracing the digital age without disregarding physical vinyl releases.

I think that people like things that are tangible that they can hold and as long as the quality is there people are willing to do it. When I started making music I never thought I’d have a record that would be on vinyl. Obviously the digital thing allows people to be able to get music faster, without it being a totally insane procedure, you can just click and get it. But it also takes away a little bit because you don’t’ really have to search it out since it’s all there at your fingertips. There are positives and negatives to both of them. I love CD’s still, I like buying records and putting them in my car. But I also buy a lot of stuff on my iPhone, it’s easier to just click and listen to. I still find myself buying something digitally and burning it so I can listen to it on a CD.

I love the running story through this trio of albums. Is it something that you find yourself coming upon with other work or was it relegated to Right Away, Great Captain!?

I think that the next thing I do will have something to do with that because I love writing stories and I like the idea of something that spans over the course of several albums. The new Manchester record will probably have a lot more storytelling on it and be a little bit more character based. With Right Away it was more like an exercise to see if I could do it. When you start something when you’re 19, you never really think about what it’s gonna be like when you’re 25 and finishing it up. It was cool to watch that evolve.

Since you started it young and as you get older the way you make music changes, was it difficult to keep it cohesive musically?

The last one for me was sort of the feeling like having homework due for 4 years. I felt like I was late on a project for 4 years. Every time I’d release an album with Bad Books or Manchester I’d feel even more guilty that I hadn’t finished it. Like I was saying earlier, I don’t ever want to force anything so it wasn’t that I found it difficult to be cohesive, because it’s just me and an acoustic guitar. That actually lent itself to the benefit of the album because as the character grows, the songwriting grows and I feel the songwriting got better over the course of 6 years.

The story within the albums is so well thought out, are there any plans to bring it to another medium? Whether it’s a short story or a series of music videos?

I’ve always been open to a lot of that stuff and that would be really cool to do. I don’t really know how I’d do that, I’d love to see a movie made of it but it might be a boring fucking movie. There’s part of me that still wants to work on that story, maybe with other characters but at the same time I think a fresh start’s going to be really important too. I let things grows the way they’re gonna grow. With other mediums it would be super cool to do but I’m not in a rush to do it.

Touring with an album that’s very musically different from the last tour with Manchester, what kind of adjustment is there?

It’s cool. The reason the third Right Away record is so stripped down musically had to do with the story in part and that there was so much shit happening on Simple Math. They compliment each other the same way live shows do. Playing big venues is fun but there’s something really great about playing to a room of people and it being dead quiet. You can see everyone in the room and they all feel like they’re a part of it rather than being separated from them by a sea of people. I love doing both of them and feel very blessed to be doing both.

Does it help keep the touring experience fresh?

For sure. I haven’t done a lot of these Right Away shows, I do a lot of solo shows, spot gigs here and there, but I’ve never done a tour like this. It’s definitely a cleansing of the palette, it lets me play these songs that I’ve never played live before and I love it.

One last question, since Church of the Good Thief brings the story to a close, is that the end of your work with Right Away, Great Captain! or are there more ideas to explore?

As of now that is the conclusion and the ending. It’ll be a long time before I come back and revisit it. I also don’t want to Stars Wars it and totally fuck it up, ya know? Just because people like it doesn’t mean that I have to keep doing it. The story sits where it is, obviously he’s dead so there really isn’t a lot you can with that.

You can always pull a George Lucas and do a prequel trilogy.

(laughs) Yeah exactly, I could. As of now I feel really great about exactly where it is.

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to talk, I appreciate it.

Yeah, man. Nice talking to you.

18 May

On June 12, Manchester Orchestra frontman Andy Hull will release “The Church of the Good Thief,” the third album in the trilogy of his solo project, Right Away, Great Captain! This new chapter completes the tale Hull began on 2006′s “The Bitter End” and 2008′s “The Eventually Home” of a sailor who, upon discovering his wife cheating on him with his brother, runs away to sea and gradually descends into a vengeful rage.

“The Church of the Good Thief” will be released via all major digital retailers, and will also be available, along with “The Bitter End” and “The Eventually Home,” in a four-LP vinyl box set. Additionally, the deluxe pre-order package for the vinyl box set will include “The Lost Sea,” a collection of unreleased songs, demos and outtakes, as well as a handmade lyric book and keychain, and a photo print by Ryan Russell, all hand-numbered and signed by Hull. The album pre-order begins today at

Hull will support the album with a brief Midwest and East Coast solo tour in July, hitting markets including Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York; see below for a complete list of dates. Tickets are available to fans now via a Ducat King presale at and go on sale to the general public on Thursday, May 24 at 12:00 PM local time.

Hull began the Right Away, Great Captain! project in 2006 as a writing exercise. “I had the storyline for the first album in my head,” he explains, “and started to write it in this other characters body. It was really rewarding as a writer to put yourself in someone else’s position and give yourself some walls that you could not break. I had always wanted to embark on something like a trilogy and from the beginning, I felt like three albums could sum up the story. If I didn’t set out for it to be a trilogy, I could have extended this story and it would have gotten stale and I don’t know if I ever would have finished it. What I could not have ever expected was the amount of growth that I went through personally from ages 19 to 25, because you don’t really think about that when you’re 19. As I began to grow, the character grew, and when the character grew, the story grew too.”

“The Eventually Home” ended with our protagonist returning home from three years at sea and standing over his wife and brother asleep in bed, trying to decide whether to murder her. As “The Church of the Good Thief” commences with the song “Blame,” we’re just 30 minutes later in the storyline, as he chooses to kill his brother instead, while his wife watches in terror. His children witness the slaying, neighbors hear the commotion, and the sailor is quickly arrested, tried, and sentenced to death. The remainder of this final album finds him alone in his prison cell, reflecting on his tragic life, communicating with the ghost of his captain and mentor from the first album, and attempting to make peace with his family and his God before his execution.

Hull intentionally created an album to close out this trilogy that sounds and feels as solitary as the conflicted emotions that the character is experiencing. “Both of the previous albums contained a lot of different settings, but my hope on this record was to have it sound like a man in a jail cell with just a guitar and a piano,” he says. “I wanted my voice to be used as a narrative during his isolation.” Hull spent last winter recording during his breaks from touring, and as with the first two Right Away, Great Captain! records (and the entire Manchester Orchestra catalog), teamed up with his longtime producer/collaborator Dan Hannon. The album was recorded in Hannon’s living room studio in Atlanta, and mixed by Hannon, Hull, another longtime studio collaborator, Brad Fisher; and Manchester Orchestra guitarist Robert McDowell at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC.

“The Church of the Good Thief” track list:

1. Blame
2. When I Met Death
3. I Am Aware
4. Old Again
5. Fur Stop Caring
6. I Wait For You
7. Barely Bit Me
8. Rotten Black Root
9. We Were Made Of Lightning
10. Memories From The End Pt. 1
11. Memories From The End Pt. 2

Right Away, Great Captain! tour dates:

July 11 — Chicago, IL — Subterranean
July 12 — Pontiac, MI — The Pike Room
July 13 — Akron, OH — Musica
July 15 — Pittsburgh, PA — Shadow Lounge
July 17 — Hoboken, NJ — Maxwell’s
July 18 — Hamden, CT — The Space
July 19 — Boston, MA — Brighton Music Hall
July 20 — Philadelphia, PA — North Star Bar
July 21 — Baltimore, MD — Ottobar
July 22 — Brooklyn, NY — Knitting Factory

24 Aug

Manchester Orchestra are gearing up for their fall headlining tour in support of their critically acclaimed third album, Simple Math (Columbia Records/Favorite Gentlemen Recordings). The band will be headlining PacSun’s third PacTour, which will kick off in Houston, TX on October 21st and run through November 22nd in Orlando, FL with support acts White Denim, The Dear Hunter, and Little Hurricane on select dates (see full itinerary below).

Simple Math is the follow-up to the band’s 2009 sophomore album Mean Everything To Nothing, which featured the top 10 modern rock hit “I’ve Got Friends”. The new album has been lauded by Rolling Stone as “intimate and massive” and “grandiose, utterly lovely” by NME. Simple Math is the journey through front-man Andy Hull’s mistakes, regrets and realizations. Spin says that “Hull’s greatest skill is making his emotions sound as extravagant as they feel.”

Manchester Orchestra’s headlining tour adds to an already successful year that has included opening for Kings Of Leon at Madison Square Garden, a co-headlining tour with Cage The Elephant, touring with Blink 182 & My Chemical Romance, a performance at Lollapalooza, and two MTV VMA nominations for their “Simple Math” music video.

PacTour Tickets go on-sale to the public on Thursday, September 1st with the pre-sale beginning Wednesday, August 24th at 12PM local time exclusively via

For information on the PacTour visit


August 23, 2011 – Milwaukee, WI – Marcus Amphitheater *
September 2, 2011 – Seattle, WA – KNDD Fest
September 4, 2011 – Edmonton, AB – Sonic Boom 2011
September 23, 2011 — Huntsville, AL – Big Spring Jam
September 24, 2011 — Atlanta, GA — Music Midtown
October 2, 2011 – Bristol, UK – Bristol Academy 2 **
October 3, 2011 – Glasgow, UK – Glasgow O2 ABC **
October 4, 2011 – Birmingham, UK – Birmingham HMV Institute Library **
October 5, 2011 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy 2 **
October 7, 2011 – London, UK – London Koko **
October 21, 2011 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live #
October 22, 2011 – Austin, TX – Stubb’s #
October 23, 2011 – Dallas, TX – Palladium Ballroom #
October 25, 2011 – Tuscon, AZ – Railto #
October 26, 2011 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues #
October 27, 2011 – Pomona, CA – Glass House #
October 28, 2011 – San Francisco, CA – Regency Ballroom #
October 29, 2011 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom #
November 1, 2011 – Magna, UT – Saltair ++
November 2, 2011 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall ##
November 4, 2011 – Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre ##
November 5, 2011 – Minneapolis, MN – Cabooze ##
November 7, 2011 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues ##
November 8, 2011 – Detroit, MI – Clutch Cargo’s ##
November 9, 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Zoo ##
November 11, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory ##
November 12, 2011 – Boston, MA – House of Blues ##
November 13, 2011 – Montclair, NJ – Wellmont Theatre ##
November 14, 2011 – Washington, DC – 9:30 Club ##
November 16, 2011 – Richmond, VA – The National ##
November 17, 2011 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle ##
November 18, 2011 – Charlotte, NC – Amos ##
November 19, 2011 – Nashville, TN – Cannery Ballroom ##
November 21, 2011 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution ##
November 22, 2011 – Orlando, FL – House of Blues ##

** with XCERTS

16 Aug

Written by Morgan Bailas, Photos by Josh Lowe

One word I would never associate with Blink 182 would be ‘serious’. But I kept coming back to it after experiencing the 2011 Honda Civic Tour in Hartford, CT, on August 14. Blink 182 and their fans are serious. Serious about having a fucking good time.

It first became apparent that this show was going to be entertaining as I attempted to journey through pouring rain across multiple parking lots to reach the Comcast Theater. The first band was to go on at 7, and it was 6:40 but most everyone was still tailgating outside in the parking lots. It had been raining all day in Connecticut, to the point of the National Weather service issuing flood warnings, but it seemed like these fans hadn’t noticed. There was nary a rain poncho in sight. The accessories of choice appeared to be rain boots, Blink 182 shirts from past tours, beer cans and not giving a damn about the weather. These fans were having the time of their life before the show even started, and I almost wished I had arrived earlier to take part in the experience.

Rushing inside to catch the first band, Manchester Orchestra, turned out to be a good call. They were out supporting their newest album, Simple Math. I had been surprised to learn that they were supporting on this tour, as it didn’t seem like they fit with the rest of the line up. Manchester Orchestra, fronted by Andy Hull, is a band that is known for their emotional songs, with Hull’s masterfully heart wrenching lyrics as the centerpiece.

It was my first Manchester Orchestra experience, and I had been waiting for years to hear Andy Hull sing in all his bearded, angelic-voiced glory. They came out quietly with no intro, and launched right into their set starting with “Pride”. They included few new songs such as “Deer”, but played more of their older material including “Everything to Nothing” and “Shake It Out”. They seemed to try to stick with their more powerful, upbeat songs. I could see why; their slower material would have probably not translated as well to such a large venue, and been lost on the crowd expecting a rock show. For an indie rock band from Atlanta, GA, they seemed to be winning in the battle of gaining the support of the pop-punk loving crowd.

My Chemical Romance was up next, and the crowd’s response to them was extraordinary. When the lights dimmed, the roar of the crowd was at the volume of deafening usually reserved for headliners. My Chemical Romance has been touring almost non-stop since the release in November 2010 of their most recent album, Danger Days: The True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys. Their set was fun in a glam-rock way, including the gimmick of huge colorful balloons that dropped onto the crowd for the crowd to bat around like beach balls. That is, until they reached the stage where a red-headed Gerard Way would pop them, showering the crowd with hunks of glitter. Their set focused more on their newest release, playing the tracks “House of Wolves”, and “Planetary (Go!)”. But they didn’t forget about the crowd pleasers “Helena”, and “I’m Not Okay”, which had the kids singing along.

By the time the time Blink 182 was to take the stage at 9:20, the Comcast Theater was utterly packed. Tailgating was over outside, though the drinking and festivities continued in the theater until the house lights went down. If I had thought the crowd’s reception to My Chemical Romance’s set had been enthusiastic, I was not prepared for the staggering volume of the crowd inside the venue as Blink began with “Feeling This”. Thankful for my earplugs, I couldn’t help but be swept away in waves of nostalgia as Blink 182 ran through what was essentially a greatest hits set. They did include four new songs that are off their forthcoming studio album, Neighborhoods, which is set for release on September 27. Their stage banter throughout the night was downright hysterical, starting out with the band renaming Hartford to “Hardford”, complete with hard-on jokes.

Tom fell on his ass during the second song of the night and Mark called him out, which rapidly deteriorated into dirty “your mom” jokes. It reminded me of listening to their live album The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, which showcased their crude stage banter that they have been known for throughout their career. After nearly six albums and starting off in the 90’s, Blink 182 still manages to put on a great live show musically and be hilarious in an organic, unforced way.Manchester Orchestra and My Chemical Romance were great, but Blink 182’s headlining set tipped the scales to make the 10th
Honda Civic Tour the most enjoyable tour I’ve caught this summer.

26 Jul

Manchester Orchestra has been nominated for two MTV VMAs for their “Simple Math” music video. The band is up for “Best Special Effects” and “Best Editing”. The video premiered on earlier this year and was directed by the Daniels. “Simple Math” is the title track from the band’s highly acclaimed third album, Simple Math (2011, Columbia Records/Favorite Gentlemen Recordings), which has been lauded by Rolling Stone as “intimate and massive” and “grandiose, utterly lovely” by NME. Tune in to MTV’s 2011 VMA award show on August 28th at 9 PM EST.

Manchester Orchestra will be touring with Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance this summer and have just announced a headlining tour in the UK this fall.


July 30, 2011 – Montreal, QC – Osheaga Music Festival
July 31, 2011 – Rochester, NY – Bonzai 2011
August 1, 2011 -Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
August 3, 2011 – Portland, ME – State Theater
August 5, 2011 – Holmdel, NJ – PNC Bank Arts Center *
August 6, 2011 – Wantagh, NY – Nikon Theater at Jones Beach *
August 7, 2011 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza Music Festival
August 9, 2011 – Boston, MA – Comcast Center *
August 11, 2011 – Buffalo, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center *
August 12, 2011 – Washington, DC – Jiffy Lube Live *
August 13, 2011 – Hershey, PA – Hershey Park Stadium *
August 14, 2011 – Hartford, CT – Comcast Theater *
August 16, 2011 – Montreal, QC – Bell Center *
August 17, 2011 – Toronto, ON – Molson Canadian Amphitheater *
August 19, 2011 – St. Louis, MO – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater *
August 20, 2011 – Chicago, IL – First Midwest Bank Pavilion *
August 21, 2011 – Cincinnati, OH – Riverbend Music Center *
August 23, 2011 – Milwaukee, WI – Marcus Amphitheater *
September 2, 2011 – Seattle, WA – Marymoor Park
September 4, 2011 – Edmonton, AB – Sonic Boom 2011
October 2, 2011 – Bristol, UK – Bristol Thekla
October 3, 2011 – Glasgow, UK – Glasgow Oran Mor
October 4, 2011 – Birmingham, UK – Birmingham HMV Institute Library
October 5, 2011 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy 2
October 7, 2011 – London, UK – London XOYO



10 Jun

O’Brother have been on tour this spring with label mates Manchester Orchestra and Cage The Elephant. If you missed the band on tour, here’s a tour video podcast the band recently posted on their YouTube account. Watch it below:

02 Jun

Manchester Orchestra’s recently released album Simple Math is one of our favorite new albums of the year. We feel bad that we didn’t have a giveaway for our readers to enjoy how great these new songs are. We thought “hmm, maybe we can get a CD to giveaway” and then we reconsidered. We can’t just give away A REGULAR CD for this GREAT ALBUM! NO! NO! NO! NO! We’re going to give away the album on CD and on VINYL! Oh and the VINYL is SIGNED! Yes! That’s not all! You’ll also win a signed limited edition lyric booklet!

The rules are simple. Email us at (with the subject: I WANT MY SIMPLE MATH PRIZEPACK!) with your name and we’ll email you back after June 16th if you win! Winner must have a US mailing address.

Now, before we go on, here are some rules and legal jargon that we’re required to list below. Remember, you can’t increase your chances of winning by buying anything although I’m not sure what we’re selling. But read on below so you’re informed and good luck!



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23 May

Celebrating 10 years of bringing the hottest acts in music across the country, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is proud to present the 2011 Honda Civic Tour featuring blink-182 and My Chemical Romance. The annual summer concert series is marking its deca-versary by bringing back blink-182, the inaugural artist from the first Honda Civic Tour in 2001, along with My Chemical Romance for a 40-plus date nationwide trek beginning on Friday, August 5. Support acts for the anniversary tour include Manchester Orchestra, Rancid and Matt & Kim.

The Honda Civic Tour will offer tickets priced for maximum affordability for all fans, providing an awesome musical experience at an incredible value. Members of the blink-182 and My Chemical Romance fan clubs will have access to exclusive pre-sale tickets on Monday, June 6. Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, June 10 at and Become a fan today and “like” the Honda Civic Tour Facebook profile to gain access to presale tickets on Wednesday, June 8 as well as tour updates, at

Since 2001, the Honda Civic Tour has provided over two million fans with an exclusive, interactive concert experience featuring up-close and personal access to their favorite bands, including Paramore, The Black Eyed Peas, Fall Out Boy, Everclear, Incubus, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, Maroon 5 and Panic at the Disco. This summer’s tour is expected to play to another 500,000 fans in total.

“It’s great to be going back out on the Honda Civic Tour,” said Mark Hoppus of blink-182. “We had a blast kicking off the tour ten years ago, and this summer we’ll be taking it to the next level with our friends My Chemical Romance.”

“We are looking forward to heading out on the road this summer with blink-182,” said Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. “The line-up for the Honda Civic Tour over the last decade has featured some great bands, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

Continuing a Honda Civic Tour tradition, Honda will present fans with an opportunity to check out one-of-a-kind vehicles that have been customized and autographed by the headlining bands. blink-182′s 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe and My Chemical Romance’s Honda CBR250R motorcycle will be on display at each tour stop.

2011 Honda Civic Tour

FRI August 5 Holmdel, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center *
SAT August 6 Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater *
SUN August 7 Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach Theater ~
TUE August 9 Boston, MA Comcast Center *
THU August 11 Buffalo, NY Darien Lake Performing Arts Center *
FRI August 12 Washington, DC Jiffy Lube Live *
SAT August 13 Hershey, PA Hershey Park Pavilion *
SUN August 14 Hartford, CT The Comcast Theatre *
FRI August 19 St. Louis, MO Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre *
SAT August 20 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Pavilion *
SUN August 21 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center *
TUE August 23 Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater *
THU September 1 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheater +
SAT September 3 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amphitheater +
SUN September 4 Denver, CO Comfort Dental Amphitheater +
WED September 7 Minneapolis, MN Xcel Energy Center ^

THU September 8 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena ~
FRI September 9 Kansas City, MO Sandstone Amphitheater ^
SAT September 10 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center ^

SUN September 11 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre ^

TUE September 13 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Center ^
THU September 15 Pittsburgh, PA First Niagara Pavilion ^
FRI September 16 Saratoga, NY SPAC ^
SAT September 17 Philadelphia, PA Susquehanna Bank Center ^
SUN September 18 Virginia Beach, VA Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach ^

TUE September 20 Charlotte, NC Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheater ^
WED September 21 Atlanta, GA Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood ^

FRI September 23 Miami, FL Cruzan Amphitheater ^
SAT September 24 Tampa, FL 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre ^
MON September 26 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion ^
TUE September 27 Dallas, TX Gexa Energy Pavilion ^
THU September 29 Albuquerque, NM Hard Rock Casino Albuquerque Presents: The Pavilion ^

FRI September 30 Phoenix, AZ Tempe Beach Park Amphitheatre ^x
SAT October 1 Anaheim, CA Honda Center ^
SUN October 2 Sacramento, CA Sleep Train Amphitheatre ^
TUE October 4 Concord, CA Sleep Train Pavilion at Concord ^
WED October 5 San Francisco, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre ^
FRI October 7 Las Vegas, NV Red Rock Resort, Spa & Casino ^
SAT October 8 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl ^
SAT October 15 San Diego, CA Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre ^
(All dates subject to change – visit for updated information).

* with Manchester Orchestra
+ with Rancid
^ with Matt & Kim
~ support TBA
x no My Chemical Romance

Honda, blink-182 and My Chemical Romance have each engaged in programs in support of the victims of Japan’s Great East Japan Earthquake and massive Tsunami. Blink-182 recently introduced a limited-edition T-shirt at with 100% of profits benefiting relief efforts. My Chemical Romance created, a song available at all digital retailers, with band and label proceeds going to the American Red Cross.

Produced by Marketing Factory, the Honda Civic Tour brings innovation and environmental consciousness to the masses by combining the hottest in automotive technology with the hottest in music. The 2011 Honda Civic Tour is teaming up with non-profit sustainability partner Reverb to ensure a tour that supports the concert series’ dedicated environmental action plan. On-site concert innovations will also aim to encourage fans that it’s “easy to be green” by promoting simple, environmentally-friendly initiatives, games and education. blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Honda and Reverb will be raising awareness around the issues of single use plastics and water quality with non-profit partner Surfrider Foundation, all while engaging fans with fun, interactive exhibits.

About blink-182

With thirty-million-plus records sold worldwide, blink-182 is back in 2011 and ready to continue the musical journey that has thrilled legions of fans for nearly two decades. The band launched the inaugural Honda Civic Tour in 2001, during which they were riding on the success of their #1 album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. Currently putting the finishing touches on their first new recording together since 2003, the group is actively pushing their musical boundaries, all while keeping a firm hold of the multi-platinum blink-182 sound that took them to the top in the first place. In addition to the Honda Civic Tour dates, blink-182 will play festivals and tour Canada:

TUE August 16 Montreal, QC Bell Centre #
WED August 17 Toronto, ON Molson Canadian Amphitheatre #
THU August 25 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre @
FRI August 26 Saskatoon, SK Credit Union Centre @
SAT August 27 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place @
SUN August 28 Calgary, AB Saddledome @
TUE August 30 Victoria, BC Save-On Foods Memorial Centre @
WED August 31 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena %
# with My Chemical Romance, Manchester Orchestra
@ with Rancid, Against Me!
% with My Chemical Romance, Rancid, Against Me!
About My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance released their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, on November 22nd, 2010. The album was #1 on Billboard’s Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts, while reaching #8 on the Billboard 200, in addition to being named one of Rolling Stone’s “30 Best Albums of 2010.” NME praised it as “the best rock record of the year,” while Alternative Press stated that “MCR have fully followed their own larger-than-life creative vision.” Danger Days was the follow-up to 2006′s The Black Parade, which shot to #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, sold more than 240,000 copies in its first week of release, and spawned four Modern Rock smash singles.