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Nirvana Live At Reading To Premiere On Fuse

October 22, 2009 drainu182 0

On November 2 at 11 p.m. ET, Fuse, the national music network, will televise the worldwide premiere of Nirvana Live at Reading, the band’s legendary, never-before-released 1992 Reading concert. The show, marking the first time that Nirvana fans will experience the epochal August 30, 1992 headlining appearance at UK’s Reading Festival, will debut as an hour long broadcast the night before the limited edition 90 minute CD+DVD Deluxe Edition is by Geffen/UMe.

Featuring 25 songs including “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” …

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Nirvana “School” Video from Live At Reading

October 13, 2009 drainu182 1

Amazing footage of Nirvana performing “School” at the 1992 Reading Festival was recently made available for fans. The video comes from the CD+DVD Nirvana Live At Reading which hits stores November 17th, with the CD only version arriving on November 3rd. Often heralded as one of the greatest Nirvana performances of all time, the gig featured front man Kurt Cobain rocking out in a hospital gown. Fans can now own a color-corrected video from the original film with …

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Nirvana Preview “School” Video from Live From Reading Festival

October 7, 2009 drainu182 2

Ranked #1 in Kerrang Magazine’s “100 Gigs That Shook The World” and voted as “Nirvana’s #1 Greatest Moment” by fans in an NME poll, Nirvana’s historic August 30, 1992 headlining appearance at the UK’s Reading Festival is one of the most bootlegged concerts in the annals of rock n roll. Now, fans will have an opportunity to own a pristine copy of that entire performance — color-corrected video from the original film with audio sourced from the original multi-track masters. …

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Nirvana Reading Festival CD+DVD finally will be released

August 28, 2009 drainu182 0

The best unreleased live concert, Nirvana at the Reading Festival in 1992, will finally be released on November 3rd. For those of you in your mid to late 20s like me, Nirvana was the band of your childhood.. unless you liked shitty pop music. If you really loved Nirvana, you not only had the In Utero poster and that smiley t-shirt but also bootlegs of the shows (2-22-94 Roma’s my favorite). Although it’ll be nice to have a higher quality …

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Dave Grohl returns to birth city Warren, OH, gets own alley and key to the city

August 2, 2009 drainu182 1

Warren, Ohio’s newest favorite son, Dave Grohl, returned to the city where he was born yesterday as part of a ceremony to honor the famed rocker. Warren recently renamed a short roadway downtown David Grohl Alley. To celebrate, the city had a concert with local bands performing and Grohl himself even jumped behind the drums to perform with Love Turns Hate on two songs, including a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock N Roll.” Then Grohl performed three songs acoustically: “Times …

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The Killers’s Brandon Flowers wants America to love him, not Nirvana & Led Zeppelin

April 30, 2009 drainu182 1

Brandon Flowers seems to have a knack for talking a lot and annoying people (like when he compared Sam’s Town to Springsteen’s music and called it “one of the best albums in the past twenty years”). Flowers recently spoke to about his desire for The Killers to be as popular in the US as they are in Britain. His biggest obstacle? The American music fan.

“We’ve been embraced in Britain in a way that I’ll never understand, and it’s

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Crappy Bond movie director to helm Kurt Cobain biopic

February 17, 2009 drainu182 0

There’s no way better to honor Kurt Cobain’s life than to make a movie about him, especially one that’s directed by the dude who made the newest James Bond movie, Quantum of Shit Solace. It’s being reported on Production Weekly (via Cinema Blend that Forster’s interested in it. Forster has also directed The Kite Runner, Stranger Than Fiction and Monster’s Ball. For a detailed timeline about the project, head on over to the Play List.…

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Kurt Cobain won’t be lit in a blunt and smoked

October 2, 2008 drainu182 0

Yesterday, news came out that some artist named Natascha Stellmach said that she had acquired Kurt Cobain’s ashes and that she was going to smoke it as the finale to some exhibit she has on October 11th. She’s getting attention for it and The Perv only mentions it because it’s being reported today by Courtney Love’s publicist Alan Nierob that Kurt’s ashes were never stolen. Courtney’s still a psycho but let’s just hope we’re done talking about Kurt’s ashes.…

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Nirvana biographer Michael Azerrad Interview

September 30, 2008 drainu182 0

Jim Shearer over at IFC interviewed famed music author/journalist Michael Azerrad a few weeks ago. Azerrad wrote probably the best Nirvana biography Come As You Are back when Kurt Cobain was still alive. Shearer asks Azerrad about making About A Son (the Kurt Cobain movie that came out last year), how Kurt was as a father, how he’d react to blogs and the music scene nowadays. It’s quite good stuff. Read all about it here. …

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Kirk Hammett talks about solo album, early Metallica, Kurt Cobain

September 23, 2008 drainu182 0

With the new Metallica album dropping, there’s been a cornucopia of interviews, news, blurbs and all that other stuff. The Perv’s trying to limit their coverage but thought it’d be interesting to share a video clip of Kirk Hammett, Metallica’s guitarist, talking about how Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was a big fan of the band and about the early days of Metallica in this Rolling Stone interview. Click to see the video