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Oasis will not be playing Glastonbury Festival 2009

October 19, 2008 drainu182 1

Noel Gallagher who never seems to shut up recently commented on Oasis and the Glastonbury Festival 2009. Apparently he doesn’t like the festival and that the band has never played well at Glastonbury (same thing can be said for a lot of venues they’ve played).

“Glastonbury is great to be at but it’s not really good for people like me to play at because you don’t go on until 11 at night and all the people you’re with by that time are absolutely battered.”

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Glastonbury Festival: Jay-Z kicks ass, Amy Winehouse punches fan, “usual show”

June 29, 2008 drainu182 0

This weekend they had some music festival in England where a bunch of rock bands and a rapper played. Unsurprisingly, the rapper was the best act on the bill. Jay-Z made Noel Gallagher look like a punk by covering Oasis’s Wonderwall and proceeding to mesmerize the crowd. Thanks to The Hip Hop Chronicle, you can read a full review with pictures and watch the entire set or just watch..

Wonderwall and 99 Problems

Amy Winehouse also punched a fan …