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11 Dec

Of Monsters and Men performed “Mountain Sound” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Watch the video below and pick up their album My Head Is An Animal on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

12 Nov

Los Angeles rock radio station KROQ 106.7 announced the lineup for the 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th, 2012. Tickets are available online at Livenation.com/Ticketmaster.com only on Friday, November 16th at 12:00pm PST. Presale tickets are available to KROQ Street Team members at http://streetteam.kroq.radio.com/main.aspx



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Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center – Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center provides a safe after-school environment where hundreds of boys and girls in South Central Los Angeles participate in tutoring, learn important social skills and are guided to succeed in school and enter college.


09 Aug

Without question, Of Monsters and Men has been one of those sudden impact bands that seemingly come out of nowhere. Well not literally out of nowhere; they hail from Iceland. That country must have something in its water since the artists that come from there are huge – Bjork and Sigur Ros. But last night at the Observatory in Santa Ana, Of Monsters and Men found time in between their festival circuit to play a sold out show, proving that they’re the next big thing to come out of the Land of Fire and Ice.

Before the first band even went on, the entire crowd was practically drenched in sweat. That can be attributed to the intimacy of the venue. Those that made it will probably never see Of Monsters and Men in a venue that small, so this was a last chance kind of show for people to see them up close and for only $20.

As expected, their set consisted of songs from their debut album My Head is an Animal, which was originally released in 2011. The beauty of their music comes from lead vocalists Ragnar þórhallsson and Nanna Hilmarsdóttir, whose vocals masterfully and intimately intertwine with one another. It really is seamless and natural when you see and hear them sing or finish each other’s lines during a song.

They opened with the “Dirty Paws,” and from there the crowd was in full force, singing from the top of their lungs and clapping along to the rhythm. It’s a song that starts off slowly, but bursts into energy thanks to drummer Arnar Hilmarsson. “From Finner” followed next, which summed up the band’s uncanny ability to always involve the crowd as much as possible. From the “hey hey” to the “la la la” melodies of the song, there was always that joyous performer-audience interaction that I haven’t seen in a while from a live show. “Slow and Steady” was just like as the name sounds, as Hilmarsdóttir took over vocal duties, tenderly singing along to the rhythm of a bass drum and the crowd’s hand claps.

On “Mountain Sound,” Hilmarsdóttir set out a competition between the boys and the girls in the room with the former singing along to þórhallsson and the latter singing along with Hilmarsdóttir. It clearly was a blissful atmosphere as the lines “hold your horses now” and “we sleep until the sun goes down” were sung by each side and converging on the line “through the woods we ran.” It really was something I haven’t seen in a long time where an audience was so in sync with a band. They even through a bit of a twist in their set by doing a raw cover of the Cure’s “Close to Me.” On “Your Bones,” lovely touring member Ragnhildur Gunnarsdóttir added a soothing trumpet to the fold, while “Love Love Love” saw Hilmarsdóttir give the crowd a lesson in the Icelandic language.

In “King and Lionheart,” the crowd was basically the entire rhythm section, clapping along to the percussion for the entire duration of the song and singing along to the song about courage and carrying on a brave demeanor. No one in the crowd was certainly afraid the let loose to show their appreciation to the band, even if some of their moves were…questionable. “Lakehouse” slowed down the tempo of the night as the crowd served as the vocal melodies of the song, belting out the “la la la” melody as loud as they possibly could.

To no surprise, “Little Talks” garnered the loudest ovation of the night as Hilmarsdóttir asked the crowd “Are you ready for this? Hold on to the edge of your seat.” Everyone was dancing and singing along to every note, as Hilmarsdóttir and þórhallsson fed off each other’s lines and energy. The crowd didn’t even need to be commanded to sing as the band silenced their instruments to let the audience sing the ending chorus on their own. Gunnarsdóttir even provided a pretty ear-popping and impressive trumpet solo that’s not found on the record.

For their encore, they came back out for a trio of songs. On folk number “Sloom,” the two vocalists sang a duet until the rest of the members made their way back on stage, leading the chorus of “so love me mother, love me father, and sister/brother as well.” They also played an unreleased song called “Beneath My Bed,” which þórhallsson joked was on YouTube. They officially ended the night with “Yellow Light” that featured delicate piano keys by Árni Guðjónsson and a jazzy trumpet by Gunnarsdóttir, as Hilmarsdóttir fist pumped those in the front row a good night.

I’ve already stated this earlier, but Of Monsters and Men definitely know how to get a crowd involved to the point where the crowd was basically part of the band. Standing in the middle of all that singing along made it a definitive experience. But when you’re a band whose members are multi-instrumentalists, play catchy music with heartfelt and genuine lyrics, the crowd will always be at your side. After their done playing festivals, it really might be difficult to catch them in a small venue like the Observatory. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them play a venue like the Wiltern or even the Hollywood Bowl. Regardless, if they roll through your town, do your best to buy tickets as fast as possible because it will sell out real quick.

02 Jul

Of Monsters and Men performed “Little Talks” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Watch the video below and pick up their album My Head Is An Animal on iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD

09 May

Of Monsters and Men performed “Little Talks” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the video below: