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25 Sep

By Matt Arena

The 2012 summer festival season has been a great one. Though at times it may have felt more like a Jack White/The Black Keys festival tour, there were some rather pleasant surprises. The inaugural year for Firefly Festival was quite possibly the best of the summer, and the incredibly well organized (and Metallica curated) Orion Music + More Festival both prove that you don’t need to stick to any of the major mainstays to have a great weekend of music. Closing out the festival season with its second year back from hiatus was late September’s Music Midtown. Though once a popular stop on the festival circuit in the early 2000’s, it took a couple years off and resumed as a one-day test run of sorts last year. It was successful enough not only to warrant another go this year, but to spread it to two days. Booking two major headlining acts like Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters no doubt helped too. Add to that hometown and down south rap legends like T.I. and Ludacris, and it seemed impossible for Music Midtown to be anything other than a rousing success.

With a rather short first day (the first act came on at 4 pm), there wasn’t the lull that sometimes comes with the early acts. Though they do tend to be some of the most underrated ones on the bill, Music Midtown instead decided to jump headfirst into the deep end of the pool on day 1, with T.I., Avett Brothers, and Foo Fighters all crammed into one night.

Though Van Hunt and Joan Jett had each played their respective sets, the crowd didn’t really seem to ignite until T.I. took the stage. A hometown hero at this point in his career, he came out with one of his most popular (and earliest songs) ‘Rubberband Man.’ At this point the crowd had swelled to its largest size of the day, reaching as far back as the hill a mere few feet away from the entrance. Though that may be more of a statement about the size of the park itself, it was clear that T.I. was the first act of the day to have a real pull. He then went into his smash hits, ‘Whatever You Like,’ ‘What You Know,’ and ‘Live Your Life,’ which all got the teeming crowd from as close as the front to as secluded as the VIP area dancing wildly.

Just minutes after T.I.’s set ended, The Avett Brothers kicked into their performance on the second stage. Though they definitely had a dedicated crowd already waiting for them, the short lapse in time between sets didn’t really allow for T.I.’s entire crowd to find their way over too quickly. But those that were there obviously had come solely for The Avett Brothers. With their old-school-bluegrass-meets-modern-rock sound, they bridged a gap between straight country and alternative rock fans. Equal parts Mumford & Sons and The Black Keys; though The Avett Brothers have been around longer than either of those two bands, their sound definitely found a home with such a southern crowd. A rock/bluegrass act following a rapper may not seem like a formula for success, but Atlanta’s well-known diverse musical tastes allowed for both artists to receive a lot of love from the crowd.

Soon enough night had fully come and it was time for Foo Fighters to take the stage. At this point, Piedmont Park had become a seemingly endless sea of people, with the crowd spilling over almost into the second stage. Festivals stalwarts at this point in their careers, Foo Fighters came out of the gate with one of their newest, heaviest, and best songs in ‘White Limo.’ It’s a literal screamer of a track that announces their presence in the very best way possible. Shrieking vocals, ear splitting guitar riffs, and thundering drum beats, it’s possibly the only way to open a Foo Fighters show. With an almost endless amount of hits, you’d be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t know a single song in the set list. Famous for their marathon shows and passion for playing as long as possible, Dave Grohl kept the banter to a minimum. “Do you guys want me to talk or do you wanna hear us play some fucking songs? Because they only let us play two hours, and we came here to play some fucking songs!” The crowd’s roar of approval was met with a string of some of their biggest hits, ‘All My Life,’ ‘Rope,’ ‘The Pretender,’ ‘My Hero,’ and ‘Learn to Fly’ all came out in a row. Most bands would be hard pressed to find that many hits in an entire set, let alone in the first half hour. They also found time to work in some of their new material, though Wasting Light is about a year old at this point, it really speaks to the quality of the album to see the non-singles still in heavy rotation. After ‘Walk,’ Grohl introduced his band, giving each member a moment to show off their skills, which built up into a full on jam session, which quickly turned into a Van Halen cover. After the crowd realized that they were actually playing ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Grohl stopped, warning the crowd, “you don’t want us to start playing covers, man, we’ll be here all fucking night!” and then proceeded to give the crowd the rest of the song. Their older material was by no means ignored either, with ‘This Is a Call,’ ‘Hey Johnny Park!’ and the Taylor Hawkins lead vocal track, ‘Cold Day in the Sun.’ After a great cover of Pink Floyd’s In the Flesh, they resumed diving into their big catalogue of hits. ‘Best of You’ and ‘Times Like These’ both preceded a surprise guest appearance by Joan Jett for ‘Bad Reputation.’ Closing the set with their biggest hit, and possibly the greatest closing song in history, ‘Everlong’ had the crowd nearly drowning Grohl out completely. Of course a crowd sing-along to ‘Everlong’ isn’t the first or last time it’ll happen, it’s always a surreal moment to hear over 50,000 people all shouting the lyrics so such a legendary song in unison.

Day 2 started off a bit earlier, but as a whole was much more loaded with quality acts than Day 1. From the moment gates opened there was quality music to be found, as Atlanta natives O’Brother started off on the secondary stage. One of the loudest, heaviest, and head-bangingest (yes, that’s a new adjective) bands out there, O’Brother brings a whole new take on progressive rock. Sometimes ambient and other times a wall of screams, they’re able to use a bevy of sounds to warp and thrash their songs to life. Playing tracks off their stellar debut album, ‘Garden Window,’ they were hands-down the most underrated act on the bill. Tracks like ‘Lo’ and ‘Poison!’ sorted out the metal heads in the audience, as heads were quickly banging and if it weren’t for the early set time, one could easily imagine massive moshpits forming. They closed with the two part ‘Machines,’ which starts off like a punch to the face, then dips into a subtle throbbing before coming back with one of the best breakdowns and riffs in recent memory. If anyone left Music Midtown not a fan of O’Brother, they definitely did something wrong.

Up next on the main stage, was Civil Twilight. Hailing from South Africa, they’ve developed success quite well in the US, due to their unique sound. Sometimes piano rock, other times incredibly atmospheric, it always works. Their latest album Holy Weather saw a development of their sound, further venturing into a light electronic piano-rock territory. These songs sounded great live too, with ‘Fire Escape’ being a definite highlight of the set. Being the first act on the main stage, they roped in quite an audience and no doubt garnered that much stronger of a fan base.

Another big pull for the festival was Ludacris, another Atlanta grown southern rapper who had a myriad of fans awaiting his set. Playing with a live band (a rarity for the rapper), it definitely helped his sound. Rappers that utilize a live backing band sound that much better, as having an actual person play the parts instead of using a backing track is always the way to go. Though he seemed to lack the presence and energy that T.I. brought the day before, he had the crowd just as enthralled. With an eight album catalogue to pull from, Ludacris reached as far back as his very first hit with songs like ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ and ‘Southern Hospitality.’ Not only was the crowd into it, but backstage Civil Twilight’s Steven McKellar and Florence Welch could be seen dancing along too. His established collaborative work came into play too, as his popular songs with other artists made appearances too. And I’d be lying if I said hearing a crowd roar back the lyrics to ‘Move Bitch’ wasn’t one of the most entertaining things I saw all weekend. Ok maybe I did too.

Again with a rapid shift in genres, Neon Trees were up. The pop band has grown exponentially ever since their first album and continued it with the success of their second album, ‘Picture Show.’ Though a physical fireball of energy, the band seems to lack the musical punch on stage that most seem to have when performing live. The songs feel somehow lower, as if someone turned down the dial on the drums and guitar. Lead singer Tyler Glenn’s vocal work always impresses though, as he manages to belt out the lyrics while whirling around the stage like a spinning top gone rogue. Their earlier material is definitely lighter on the pop elements that seemed to have invaded Picture Show, so songs like ‘1984,’ Sins of My Youth,’ and ‘Animal’ came across much better than the newer tracks. Regardless, the crowd seemed to eat it up, yelling before ‘Animal’ even started and singing along to nearly every word to the catchy ‘Everybody Talks.’

Florence + The Machine were up next on the main stage, and though at first dealing with some technical difficulties, Flo’s charm kept the audience on her side and she continued into a very well received set. Her earth-mother vibes come out not only on the songs, but the way she carries herself, floating around the stage like a heavenly Poison Ivy. While it does get to be a bit much, not only her moves but the similarity of her songs, the crowd didn’t seem to care as her fans up front matched her energy with an almost alarming level of passion. Florence is most definitely a talented singer, but if you’re not a fan before seeing her live she isn’t one of those acts to change your mind upon seeing her perform.

Closing out the festival was Pearl Jam. Their reputation for being one of the hardest working and best live acts out there precedes them, and they somehow managed to eclipse it. Lots of bands were popular in the 90’s, but you’d be hard pressed to find one that’s still as respected, loved, and downright rocking as Pearl Jam is. They’re one of those bands that live for their hardcore fans, evidence of this by the unparalleled amount of diversity in their set lists. People see them countless times and very rarely ever see the same show twice. While this is a bonus for hardcore fans, they run the risk of alienating the more casual audience members, especially at a festival. But that wasn’t the case at Music Midtown. They had a perfect mix of hits and b-sides, and speaking from the standpoint of somewhere in between a casual and hardcore fan, it wasn’t remotely boring even for a second. ‘Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town,’ ‘Better Man,’ ‘Do the Evolution,’ and ‘Even Flow’ made early appearances in the set and had the swelling crowd in a trance. Being able to hear songs like ‘Alive’ and ‘Black,’ ones that are so famous it gives that immediate giddy sensation of “hey, hey it’s THIS song!” is truly something special. Pearl Jam showed why they’re such a respected live band and why they were chosen as the anchor for Music Midtown. Plus hearing ‘Jeremy’ live is finally something I get to check off my concert bucket list.

All photos courtesy of Matt Arena

24 Oct

Pearl Jam, Columbia Records/SONY Music Entertainment and IMDb (, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content, today announced that “Not For You,” a full-length, never-before-seen music video directed by Cameron Crowe, featuring live, archival performances and behind-the-scenes footage of the band, is world premiering today exclusively on and IMDb’s mobile apps. To watch Pearl Jam’s “Not For You” music video now – in full and for free – go to:

“We tried to present an emotional scrapbook of what it felt like to be a band member on this twenty-year journey,” said Director Cameron Crowe. “The richness of the footage made our path very clear – just tell the story of the band and let the music guide us. It was a joy to make this.”

“Who better to tackle a documentary on Pearl Jam, one of the most influential and important bands in the last two decades, than Cameron Crowe, whose experience straddles those decades and bridges journalism and moviemaking,” said Keith Simanton, IMDb’s Managing Editor. “Fans will be excited to see this full-length cut of ‘Not For You,’ which is not in the theatrical version of Pearl Jam Twenty, from a raw time when the band was still finding its place in the rock world. It’s like Cameron Crowe has unearthed a time capsule for us and found a pulsar inside.”

About Pearl Jam Twenty
Pearl Jam Twenty, a feature-length documentary directed by Cameron Crowe, is currently rated 8.7 out of 10 by IMDb fans and arrives on DVD on October 24 from Columbia Records/SONY Music Entertainment. The DVD is available on single disc and features 30 minutes of never-before-seen bonus features. Pearl Jam Twenty is told in big themes and bold colors with blistering sound, and chronicles the years leading up to the band’s formation, the chaos that ensued soon after being catapulted into superstardom, their step back from the spotlight with the instinct of self-preservation, and the creation of a trusted circle that would surround them—giving way to a work culture that would sustain them. The film celebrates the freedom that allows the band to make music without losing themselves, their fans, or the music lovers they’ve always been.

About Pearl Jam’s “Not For You”
“Not For You” was released on March 21, 1995 as the second single from Pearl Jam’s third studio album, Vitalogy (1994).

To watch Pearl Jam’s “Not For You” music video now – in full and for free – go to:

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a roster of current artists that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. One of the most respected and successful record labels in the world, Columbia Records is home to established superstars and exciting new talent. Columbia Records is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

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20 Sep

Today marks the release of the comprehensive Pearl Jam Twenty film by Cameron Crowe in select theaters. To coincide with the film’s opening, Columbia Records has released the Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack (buy on iTunes). The soundtrack includes 29 rare and unreleased tracks handpicked by Cameron Crowe for the soundtrack — making the album a true companion piece to the film.

We want YOU to have this album! All you have to do is email us (with the subject: GIMME MY PJ20 CD!) with your name and we’ll email you back if you win! (Winner must have a US mailing address).

Stay up to date on Pearl Jam’s Twentieth Anniversary at for news on the Pearl Jam Twenty DVD and book release dates.

(For legal reasons, we must include the following:)

The “Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack” Sweepstakes
Official Rules
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10 Sep

Pearl Jam performed “All Night” (w/The Roots) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the video below and pick up the Pearl Jam Twenty book
and CD soundtrack

09 Sep

Pearl Jam historian/documentarian Cameron Crowe stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to discuss the new Pearl Jam Twenty book and soundtrack. The band also performed the new song “Olé” (available to download for free at

Watch all the videos below and pick up the Pearl Jam Twenty book
and CD soundtrack

Cameron Crowe Interview part 1

Cameron Crowe Interview part 2


18 Aug

On Wednesday Columbia Records launched and hosted an innovative worldwide scavenger hunt to activate the fanbase with the track list reveal for the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack.

The hunt more than quadrupled the number of Pearl Jam Twitter mentions over a 12 hour period. The Global Twitter reach was 5.9 Million (4.5 Million US).

Locations included:
Pearl Jam – related locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan, The Philippines, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and LA

Online locations such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Soundcloud, Craigslist, Google Adwords, PBS’s YouTube Channel, and Yahoo Answers

Over the air on Sirius Pearl Jam Radio and over the phone by having fans call a Skype number to figure out an Italian voice message.

To see all of the screenshots and winner photos, head to the fully revealed hunt page and click on the links!

Reveal recap:

On Wednesday, August 17th at 10:30 AM EDT, clues associated with all 29 tracks were rolled out in 30-minute intervals, directing fans to both physical locations, online destinations, and social media. At each destination, the first to arrive was greeted with the track name and a numbered litho and asked to tweet their findings and reveal the track for all. An embedded tweet stream on the contest page allowed fans across the globe to connect and see what others were saying about the hunt. Many were also using it to help each other with ideas of where to find the clue locations.

Now streaming on Pearl Jam’s cover of Mother Love Bone’s “Crown Of Thorns”:

Full Track Listing for Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack (September 20th) below:

Disc One – from the film “PJ20”

1. Release – Verona, Italy 9-16-06
2. Alive – Moore Theatre, Seattle 12-22-90
3. Garden – Zurich, Switzerland 2-19-92
4. Why Go – Hamburg, Germany 3-10-92
5. Black – MTV Unplugged, NYC 3-16-92
6. Blood – Auckland, New Zealand 3-25-95
7. Last Exit – Taipei, Taiwan, 2-24-95
8. Not For You – Manila, Philippines 2-26-95
9. Do The Evolution – Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle 1-31-98
10. Thumbing My Way – Chop Suey, Seattle 9-6-02
11. Crown Of Thorns – 10th Anniversary, Las Vegas, NV 10-22-00
12. Let Me Sleep – Arena di Verona Steps, Verona, Italy 9-16-06
13. Walk With Me (w/Neil Young) Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA 10-23-10
14. Just Breathe – SNL, Rockefeller Center, New York City 3-13-10

Disc Two- Rarities and Inspiration…

1. Say Hello 2 Heaven – Temple of the Dog Demo, 1990
2. Times Of Trouble – Demo 1990
3. Acoustic #1 – Demo 1991
4. It Ain’t Like That – Demo 1990
5. Need To Know – Demo 2007
6. Be Like Wind – McCready Score 2010
7. Given To Fly – McCready Instrumental 2010
8. Nothing As It Seems – Demo 1999
9. Nothing As It Seems – Seattle, 10-22-01
10. Indifference – Bologna, Italy 9-14-06
11. Of The Girl – Instrumental 2000
12. Faithfull – Pistoia, Italy 9-20-06 (Soundcheck)
13. Bu$hleaguer – Nassau, NY 4-30-03
14. Better Man – New York City 5-21-10
15. Rearviewmirror – Universal City, CA 10-1-09

Pre-order now at:

17 Aug

Pearl Jam is currently revealing the track-listing for the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack on in a global scavenger hunt. Every half hour, a new clue will be released and will lead to a physical, digital or broadcast location where a track name and the site where it was recorded will be revealed. The first person to find the track name will win a numbered Pearl Jam Twenty poster with the track title and location written on it. As each track is found, it will be revealed on

The Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack will be in stores on September 20 and is available for pre-order here. The soundtrack includes 29 rare and unreleased tracks on 2 CDs and is packaged in a 40-page hard bound book with liner notes written by Cameron Crowe.

The Pearl Jam Twenty film will be in select theaters on September 20. Go to for a full list of venues.

15 Aug

Pearl Jam Twenty, the definitive portrait of the band as told by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and music journalist, Cameron Crowe, opens in select theaters on September 20th. That same day, the Cameron Crowe curated soundtrack for the film — including 2 CDs of rare and unreleased tracks from across Pearl Jam’s 20 year history — is also available.

Enjoy this live performance of “Crown Of Thorns” as featured on the forthcoming soundtrack. For more information, head to

1-11 Crown Of Thorns by pj20

Pre-Order Pearl Jam Twenty HERE.

26 Jul

To celebrate Pearl Jam’s 20th Anniversary, SuperGlued is powering the “Pearl Jam Twenty- Biggest Fan Contest,” a competition for fans to win a trip to the Pearl Jam Destination Weekend event in Alpine Valley September 3-4 to see the band headline two nights. Participants can earn points for a variety of activities including posting recaps from shows over the past twenty years to correctly answering band trivia. The winner will be selected among the contest’s 20 top point earners. The contest begins today, July 26, and continues through August 5.

It’s simple for fans to earn points. They can sign up for the contest at and select to integrate their other social media accounts of choice (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more),
and then just:

• Post photos, videos and setlists from past
• Tweet about the
• Correctly answer trivia
• And more!

Grand Prize:
Trip to Pearl Jam Destination
Weekend – Trip includes two tickets, airfare and hotel for celebration in Alpine
Valley, WI between September 3-5. Lineup
includes The Strokes, Mudhoney and Queens of Stone Age. Learn more at

Runner Up

Pearl Jam Prize
Pack – Includes Ten, Vs., Vitalogy, No Code, Yield, Binaural, Riot Act, Pearl Jam, Backspacer, and a signed lithograph.

08 Jul

Liam Finn is back once more, bringing his electric and dynamic live show to audiences across the US. His latest offering Fomo out now on Yep Roc is receiving strong reviews across the board with Spin Magazine describing his work as “sophisticated melodies and wistful vocals with masterful authority”.

Liam will also be playing the phenomenal Pearl Jam Festival this September, including the rock legends themselves as well as The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age. Check out the full dates below as well as the video for “Cold Feet” which debuted at Consequence of Sound

Tour Dates

9/3rd & 4th – Pearl Jam Festival – East Troy WI W/ Pearl Jam, The Strokes and Queens Of The Stone Age
9/14 – Black Cat Backstage – Washington, DC
9/15 – TT the Bear’s – Cambridge, MA
9/18 – World Café Live – Philadelphia, PA
9/19 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
9/21 – O Patro Vys / Pop Montreal – Montreal, QC
9/22 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
9/23 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
9/24 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
9/27 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
9/30 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA
10/1 – Biltmore – Vancouver, BC
10/2 – Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR
10/4 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA
10/6 – The Echo / Culture Collide Festival – Los Angeles, CA
10/8 – The Loft – La Jolla, CA
10/9 – The Crescent Ballroom – Phoenix, AZ
10/12 – The ND – Austin, TX
10/15 – The Exit/In – Nashville, TN
19/17 – Casbah – Durham, NC


Neurotic World
Don’t Even Know Your Name
Roll Of The Eye
Cold Feet
Real Late
The Struggle
Little Words
Chase The Seasons
Jump Your Bones!/liamfinn

Liam Finn – “Cold Feet” from Consequence of Sound on Vimeo.