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02 Aug

Written by Lavina Loya, Photos by Marcello Ambriz

VIVA LA REVOLUCION! seemed to be the overall motto of the day. Thousands of fans descended upon the L.A. Memorial Coliseum for the first (and maybe only) L.A. Rising concert/awareness event. The day was hosted by Los Angelesʼs own political whistleblowers, Rage Against the Machine. The band called upon five of their fellow musician friends to help spread the word…what that word was, no one was exactly sure. Most were too busy pounding $10 beer and bacon wrapped hotdogs to find out. The effort wasnʼt entirely lost on all, the designated “Re-Education Camp” was set up somewhat like a military base and served as a platform for dozens of social and political awareness groups to voice their issues and gather supporters. The camp also displayed a handful of street artist and LOTS of free swag, because nothing makes people open their eyes and start caring more than a free T-shirt.

The performances started at 3:00 and because of the intense traffic surrounding the Coliseum only about 40% of fans had even made their way through the gates. El Grand Silencio and Immortal Technique did their thing to a modest crowd of, like, A LOT of people down on the field…most of which had gotten there as early as possible to claim their places in the front row for Muse and Rage Against The Machine. Keep in mind itʼs very easy for a 100,000 seat stadium to appear empty and the two latin-based groups were definitely worth checking out if you were in the building and not stuck in traffic on MLK Blvd. I sat at the very top of the stadium and took in the performances, the cool breeze and the lack of chaos… for the last time that entire evening.

Things were about to get cramped.

At the start of Ms. Lauryn Hillʼs set it seemed like a tidal wave of concert-goers entered the grounds. What was a casual stroll to get some nachos was now an extreme sport and an exercise in agility. Ms. Hill took the stage with a full band and backup singers and kicked things off with a drastically different version of “Killing Me Softly”. The unfamiliar melody combined with battling a bit of feedback from her monitors made for a lackluster start. She made a decent effort to cover her hits with “Everything Is Everything,” “Ready or Not” and “Doo Whop(That Thing.)” I wasnʼt sure whether to take the vanilla performance as humbleness or indifference, but either way the slightest urge to eat or drink something could have easily pried you away from the performance. Hey, at least she showed up.

The field level general admission area was divided into 3 sections and filled with fans from the front to back based on how early (or how late) you arrived. The only consolation a could see for being in the very back in section 3 was your close proximity to the beer garden set up right in their area and come the start of Rise Against that very last section was the first to start a mosh pit. Coincidence? I think not. Rise Against has always somehow flown right under the radar for me. I know they have been fairly popular for quite sometime, yet until tonight, never realized just how many hits the band has had. There are a lot, and they covered them all.

The already heavily political band used the days theme to re-enforce the message of songs like “Re-Education(Through Labor)” and “Help Is On The Way.” The band had a simple set with no bells and whistles but played loud and played aggressive; injecting some much needed energy into the crowd. Tim McIIrathʼs vocals were clear and impressive for “Audience Of One” and “Hero Of War.” With the heat of the days sun backing off and on its way out fans were looking alive for the final one-two punch of
closing songs “Ready To Fall” and “Savior”

I think Muse thought they were headlining this shindig…and brought their A game. They dropped down an illuminated honeycomb shaped backdrop (by far the most elaborate of the night) and the cheers start roaring. Itʼs dark out now and the crowd had poured more than enough alcohol in their face to really get amped up…and itʼs freakin Muse! Of course they’re amped! Maybe itʼs that theyʼre used to playing those insanely large European festivals, but Muse knows and understands how to play to a large crowd. They have the rock star dance down pat and slayed a 14 song set. The mosh pits gave way to synchronized fist pumping as “The Uprising” and “Supermassive Black Hole” are not all that conducive to the ritual. You could almost see the hardcore Rage fans having to mentally give in and accept the fact that Muse was putting on one hell of a rock show. Singer Matt Bellamy has a voice and technique that is hard to top and he showed off every bit of it for “Hysteria” and “Resistance”. Smoke is shooting up from the stage, lights and lasers are going off and about 2/3 into the set they release dozens of huge balloons shaped like eyeballs into the crowd. Everyone is one the same page. The “Holy Jesus Muse Rocks” page.

Muse got the crowd involved with instrumental interludes of Led Zeppelinʼs “Heartbreaker” and the crowd sang along to “House of the Rising Sun.” The band closed the set on a high note with the epic “Knights of Cydonia” and from cover to cover blew the doors off the joint.

Anxiousness is thick in the air and anticipation is growing; everyone is seated and waiting and those without seats on the field level are already moshing to the songs playing between sets. The huge red star banner at the back of the stadium is suddenly spotlit and the same red star banner is slowly rises up from the floor to the sound of an air raid siren. The band walks out in the shadows and the crowd is like a water balloon filled to capacity and ready to explode. They lay into the intro to “Testify” the mood is electric; fans instantly start rushing the barricades and just as Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha leans in to utter the first lyrics of the set…………

His mic goes out.

A flood of “boos” washed over the arena, but the band didnʼt miss a beat and kept it going. The sound issues happened a few more times before it was resolved and the crowd quickly got over it. The entire field morphed into what looked like one throbbing, pulsating entity for “Bombtrack” and “ People Of the Sun”. What started as one moshpit turned into seven and it was getting intense. “Bulls on Parade and “Bullet in the Head” prompted one moshpit in particular to up the ante and start a bonfire in the center of the pit, flames eventually getting so high the LAPD and LAFD were called in to extinguish the fire and the moshpit. As soon as the cops and firefighter left the fans proceeded to start another one right back up. This went on four times.

Seeing a firefighter in full suit stand in the middle of a functioning moshpit is certainly a sight to see and I can only imagine one is not trained in moshpit fire extinguishing. Rage went straight for personal favorite “Down Rodeo” then right into “Guerrilla Radio” and the energy level has not budged. Out of control concert-goers are being tackled to the ground by security one after the other and at this point I donʼt know whether to watch the band or the crowd. Both highly entertaining. Zack looked slightly winded but seemed to push on through to the remaining two songs of the main set, “Sleep Now In The Fire” and the appropriate “Wake Up.”

Chanting fans stayed put for the encore and the band delivered “Freedom” and “Killing In The Name Of” before heading off stage for good. Although the crowd overall was harmonious, there was an indescribable layer of unpredictability and tension; like fans at a moments notice were ready to riot…but that line was never crossed and we made it out alive… L.A., you are nothing if not consistent! Hearing the roars and screams made you glad to be seeing such a monumental show on a perfect summer night in the city of angels. It made you forget the two hours it took to park, the crowds and the heat. Sure the show had its hiccups and maybe the lineup could have included more bands but overall it was well worth the price of admission.

Cue mass exodus and the two hour trip out of the parking lot.

02 Aug

Rage Against The Machine headlined this weekend’s LA Rising show at the Memorial Coliseum. It got pretty wild and hot: there was a FIRE in the moshpit (you can see for yourself). Our brave photographer Marcello Ambriz was there to get some amazing shots of what may be Rage Against The Machine’s final show ever. Check them out below and stay tuned for our review coming up later today.

08 Jul

This morning, 3/4 of Rage Against The Machine (Zack de la Rocha wasn’t present) were interviewed on the Kevin & Bean Show on 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles. The band spoke about their headlining gig at the LA Rising festival and how they came about choosing the rest of the artists on the bill. The band also mentioned that the festival will most likely be their last show. Head over to kroq.com to read more about the interview and to listen to it in its entirety (last page of the post).

LA Rising is on July 30th at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Get more info about the show at http://www.LARisingFestival.com

10 May

Rage Against The Machine and Goldenvoice are both known for their historic Los Angeles live shows, and this summer they will collaborate once again on L.A. RISING. Set for July 30 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the multi-genre daylong music event will feature full sets from Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Rise Against, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Immortal Technique and El Gran Silencio.

Tickets for L.A. RISING go on sale Friday, May 13 at 10:00 AM and prices are $99 and $69 (plus applicable service fees). Tickets are available via www.Ticketmaster.com or by phone at 1-800-745-3000.

L.A. RISING is the latest union between Goldenvoice and Rage Against the Machine; the band headlined Goldenvoice’s inaugural Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in 1999, the same festival that hosted the first RATM reunion in 2007.

More information on L.A. RISING can be found at http://www.facebook.com/LArising.

04 Nov

Blink 182 drummer and hip-hop producer, Travis Barker, has premiered another track off of his forthcoming album. “Carry It” features Wu-Tang swordsmen RZA and Raekwon as well as Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello. Travis’ hard hitting drums along with Morello’s ripping guitar sounds and the lyrical mastery of RZA and “The Chef” make this track nothing short of a smash. “Carry It” will be available for purchase on 11/9 but can now be heard in its entirety at TravisBarker.com along with a behind the scenes look at the making of the music video.

Travis Barker’s debut solo album, Give The Drummer Some, is scheduled for a Feburary 2011 release and will feature a number of guests from the biggest names in music including Rick Ross, Ludacris, E-40, The Cool Kids, Yelawolf, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Clipse, Game, Bun B, Lil Wayne, and more.

For more information on Give The Drummer Some and all things Travis Barker visit TravisBarker.com.

23 Jul

Good morning, my name is Zack de la Rocha I’m the lead singer of Rage Against the Machine. Welcome to everyone here.

Friday July 23rd is a very important day for us, for a couple of reasons. One because it will be the first concert that Rage has played in Los Angeles in 10 years. It will be held here at the Palladium in a venue that will capture the spirit and the intent of our music and we are very proud to share the stage with Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, as well as the Jornaleros del Norte.
All three bands on the bill also reflect a spirit of solidarity and the fight for social and economic justice. Which brings up the second reason we have come together. This, during the week of national action in protest of the implementation of SB 1070 on July 29th.

Just minutes from my home I can quickly get to the 10 Freeway. A freeway that connects the communities that I have called home my whole life to the State of Arizona where decades ago my grandfather first crossed the US/Mexico border.

Several years ago I was asked by friends and activists to learn more about and join a battle brewing in Arizona.

Over the last few years I have learned to more fully grasp the conditions that hundreds of thousands of immigrants face in Arizona. In my visits to Arizona I was repeatedly in awe of the stories I heard that all centered around one man: Maricopa County Sheriff Apraio.

A Sheriff that does not want to merely detain immigrants, he wants to humiliate them and cause them pain and suffering and then parade them in prison chain gangs for a photo opp.
A Sheriff who proactively sought out and got an agreement with the Bush Administration for local immigration authority.
A Sheriff, who under the guise of saving money has housed detainees in tents in the extreme dessert heat of Arizona.
A Sheriff, who in his endless attempt to try to humiliate male immigrant detainees, has mandated that they wear pink underwear.

And then we heard the story of Alma Minerva Chacon who during what should have been one the most precious moment of her life was forced to give birth to her daughter handcuffed and chained to a gurney in a scene from periods of history I thought had been long gone.

This is everyday life under the reign of Sheriff Arpaio, A man that picks at the economic wounds of the pains that everyday people are experiencing in this deep economic crisis and infects it with hatred. This is the Sheriff that would enforce SB 1070.

The fight in Arizona has been conveniently defined by the media and politicians as a battle for and against SB 1070. But that fails to capture the alarming climate that runs deep into the fabric of the State that once refused to honor the birthday of the late, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

But Sheriff Arpaio is not the only culprit. There are many Sheriff Arpaios. People who have taken to local city, county, and state governments across the county the idea that immigrants are the problem. That immigrants are to blame.
· SB 1070
· 287(G)
· Illegal Alien
· Criminal
· Detainee

These words have become concepts that explain only a sliver of the reality and do not reveal the inhumane reality that they conceal.

No facts or stories that I could possible share with you today could illustrate the situation in Arizona as well as ONE LETTER that I was handed during a March in Arizona. I want to read to you excerpts from that letter.

To whom it may concern,

We attest that we are a group of desperate and frustrated women that are asking for someone to help us. We find ourselves detained in the Estrella prison of Maricopa County. There are lots of women that are unjustly being accused for crimes that we have not committed. We are all mothers of families — wives and daughters. And for this reason, we are asking for your help. Please have mercy on us. What you know outside of what’s taken place in here is nothing. We are treated like the worst delinquents, the worst criminals, only because we are Hispanic or undocumented. They treat us worse than anything that exists in this world. There are plenty of injustices and plenty of humiliations that we are experiencing. Some of us for wanting to work and make a better life for our children. . . .

Please help us. We find ourselves here in a tunnel without an exit, being treated like dogs that are not deserving of anything. We need help for our cases. Someone to listen to us and do something for the injustices that are being committed against us. Our children and our parents suffer our sentences the most. And we find ourselves with our hearts broken without knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow. We ask that you have the valor to take this document to a news agency or a radio or to any agency that can help Hispanics that are undocumented. Or to any place that can help us.

We are human beings, not animals. We are women, not criminals. Help us please. Listen to our pleas, so that our cases can come to light. So we have hope of coming out and being reunited with our families. Please, we ask for you. We beg you. We plead for your help. Gracias.

This letter had an impact on me I could never explain.

Once shaken by this letter how could we take the bond between our fans and our band into a State that causes the pain that comes out in this letter?

How could we not approach artists of conscious who share our feelings and concerns?

How could we not unite with artists like Coner Oberst, Juanes, MIA, Calle 13, Maroon 5, Kanye West, Tigeres del Norte and others to form the Sound Strike?

How could we not stand up for our fans in Arizona, many of whom come from immigrant families?

How Could Rage Against the Machine not do a show to help the brave leaders on the ground to get the needed resources to take on this fight?

How could Rage Against the Machine work with SoundStrike to spread the word, to get other artists involved, to take this issue to our fans and to tell Arizona that artists of conscious, professional athletes, cities and governments, students and universities will not be a part of these injustices?

Toxic ideas have led to a chain of events culminating in the passage of a law that says that we are not all equal. That it is ok to racially profile.

Yet still, this is not a Latino issue or an immigrant issue. This is a battle of basic human dignity. A battle that Rage Against the Machine, and the artists of SoundStrike are fully committed to win. We thank our fans, especially those in Arizona, who understand that we are also fighting for them.

Thank You,

Sound Strike Press Conference (Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, Conor Oberst) from Shaun Kadlec on Vimeo.

26 May

(via Billboard.com)

Rage Against the Machine lead singer Zack de la Rocha has enlisted dozens of musicians and activists to join The Sound Strike, an open call by artists to boycott the state of Arizona over its recently passed immigration law. The law passed by the Arizona state legislature, SB1070, requires local authorities to determine a person’s immigration status if he or she is suspected of being undocumented.

Groups like Cypress Hill, Juanes, Conor Oberst, Los Tigres del Norte, Rage Against the Machine, Cafe Tacvba, Kanye West, Calle 13 as well as Oscar winning filmmaker and activist Michael Moore have signed on to the campaign, which was announced on thesoundstrike.net today.

“Fans of our music, our stories, our films and our words can be pulled over and harassed every day because they are brown or black, or for the way they speak, or for the music they listen to,” de la Rocha wrote in an open letter announcing the campaign. “People who are poor like some of us used to be could be forced to live in a constant state of fear while just doing what they can to find work and survive. This law opens the door for them to be shaked down, or even worse, detained and deported while just trying to travel home from school, from home to work, or when they just roll out with their friends.”

The website calls for additional artists to sign on to the boycott of Arizona, and asks fans to sign an online petition calling for the law’s repeal.

For more, go to http://www.billboard.com/news/news/rage-against-the-machine-michael-moore-lead-1004093837.story

01 Apr

As Cypress Hill gears up for the April 20th release of their highly anticipated new album Rise Up, the multi-platinum hip-hop group has released a video for the album’s explosive lead single/title track, “Rise Up,” featuring Rage Against The Machine/Street Sweeper Social Club/The Nightwatchman guitarist Tom Morello (who pulled double duty as the song’s producer and co-writer). The video, which was directed by Syndrome (T-Pain, Alicia Keys, Eminem), is premiering on AOL Music’s Boombox site now and can be viewed here.

Cypress Hill (emcees B-Real and Sen Dog, DJ Julio G and percussionist Eric Bobo) will preview songs from the album with a string of special shows in Philadelphia (April 10th), Toronto (April 12th) and New York (April 15th) before returning to the west coast, where they’ll team up with Morello for an April 19th outdoor stage performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” John Dolmayan, drummer of System Of A Down, will sit in for this special event. On April 20th, Cypress Hill will celebrate the album’s release with a show at The Warfield in San Francisco. The band also taped a performance on the roof of the legendary Capitol Records building in Hollywood, which will air April 14 as part of a Yahoo! Maximum Performance special.

Rise Up is an album whose thrilling mix of deep grooves and hard riffs are amplified by guest appearances from Rage Against The Machine/Street Sweeper Social Club guitarist Tom Morello, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda, System Of A Down guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian, singer-songwriter Marc Anthony, rapper Pitbull, Everlast, Young De, Evidence, The Alchemist and comic legends Cheech & Chong.

Rise Up is Cypress Hill‘s first new album in six years and the first release being issued through Priority/EMI. Priority Records Creative Chairman Snoop Dogg signed the band to the label. The follow-up to 2004′s Till Death Do Us Part, Rise Up was recorded over the course of the past three years at B-Real’s studio, The Temple, in Los Angeles.

Fans can catch the band performing on these select dates with a full tour to be announced:

Date City Venue

April 10 Philadelphia, PA North Star Bar (AVAILABLE NOW)

April 12 Toronto, ON The Mod Club (SOLD OUT)

April 15 New York, NY SOB’s (AVAILABLE NOW)

April 19 Los Angeles, CA “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (SOLD OUT)

April 20 San Francisco, CA The Warfield – Album Release Show (AVAILABLE NOW)

April 22 Scottsdale, AZ Martini Rand (On Sale 3/29)

23 Feb
Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill returns April 6th with RISE UP (Priority/EMI), an album whose thrilling mix of deep grooves and hard riffs are amplified by guest appearances from Rage Against The Machine/Street Sweeper Social Club guitarist Tom Morello, Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda, System of a Down guitarist/vocalist Daron Malakian, singer-songwriter Marc Anthony, rapper Pitbull, Everlast, Young De, Evidence, The Alchemist and comic legends Cheech & Chong.

The album spotlights not one, but two lead singles: the incendiary title cut “Rise Up,” which features Tom Morello (who co-wrote and co-produced the song) and “Armada Latina,” a hip-hop-flavored track spiced with vocals by Marc Anthony and Pitbull and production by Jim Jonsin (Lil Wayne, Beyonce).

“We spent time in the studio with some of our favorite artists and friends and we’re really proud of how the album turned out,” says Cypress Hill emcee B-Real. “We’re looking forward to taking these songs on the road and playing them for our fans around the world.”

RISE UP is Cypress Hill’s first new album in six years and the first release being issued through Priority/EMI. Priority Records Creative Chairman Snoop Dogg signed the band to the label. The follow-up to 2004′s Till Death Do Us Part, RISE UP was recorded over the course of the past three years at B-Real’s studio, The Temple, in Los Angeles.

The track listing for RISE UP is as follows:

Track Listing

1. It Ain’t Nothin’ (feat. Young De)

2. Light It Up

3. Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello)

4. Get It Anyway

5. Pass The Dutch (feat. Evidence and Alchemist)

6. Bang Bang

7. K.U.S.H

8. Get ‘Em Up

9. Carry Me Away (feat. Mike Shinoda)

10. Trouble Seeker (feat. Daron Malakian)

11. Day Destroys the Night featuring Everlast

12. I Unlimited

13. Armed & Dangerous

14. Shut ‘Em Down (feat. Tom Morello)

15. Armada Latina (feat. Marc Anthony and Pitbull)


11 Feb

Remember last year when Rage Against The Machine performed “Killing In The Name” on BBC Radio in an attempt to become the #1 Christmas single in the UK and won? Well, they’re planning on celebrating the victory with a FREE show in the UK Sunday June 6th at Finsbury Park. You will have to register by February 14th and even that won’t guarantee you a ticket. All info about tickets can be found here. If you can go, you most definitely should. Then stick around for Glastonbury and all the other festivals. Too bad RATM isn’t playing a free show in the U.S.!