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Paul and Ringo show off The Beatles: Rock Band

June 2, 2009 drainu182 0

As we first mentioned about a year ago, there’s a Beatles video game coming out. “The Beatles: Rock Band” was unveiled yesterday in Los Angeles by surviving members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr with Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison (the wives of the deceased members).

    “Who ever thought we’d end up as androids?” laughed Sir Paul McCartney, giddily strumming the air guitar onstage this morning alongside fellow Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr for a select crowd of journalists and technology …
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Why the Music Industry Hates Guitar Hero (Wired article)

February 24, 2009 drainu182 2

Lately, it seems like the best articles about the music biz come from Wired. Anyways, Edgar Bronfman is pissed off.. yet again. Is it because he just became a grandfather? Nope, it’s because all of those music video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band have made over $2.3 billion and he’s gotten very little of that cut. At a time when the music industry’s tanking, Edgar recognizes that something has to be done.

“The amount being paid to the

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Panic At The Disco’s next album details

October 12, 2008 drainu182 0

Panic At The Disco’s Brandon Urie told Billboard that the band’s been working on their next album while touring with Dashboard Confessional on the Rock Band Live tour. Apparently the band is growing up and listening to The Kinks.

“There’s so much music we haven’t discovered from 30 years ago or more. We’re still trying to pick up on that stuff.”

The Perv sometimes forgets that Panic At The Disco’s ages are about a combined 65. Friggin teenagers (Yeah yeah, …