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Steel Panther debut “Community Property” Video (NSFW)

July 24, 2009 drainu182 0

Steel Panther are not a gentle band. They won’t be singing about sunshine, candy and rainbows or making cartoon videos. Instead, the masters of excess have a NSFW video for their single “Community Property.” It’s outrageous, hilarious and awesome. Check it out inside.

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Steel Panther to guest star on Z Rock!

July 17, 2009 drainu182 0

Steel Panther will be invading Z Rock on IFC this Sunday night. They’ll be playing the arch rivals in a Battle of the Bands versus ZO2. If you haven’t watched Z Rock, it’s a show loosely based on the band ZO2, a rock band by night and a kids party band by day. It’s one of my favorite shows! Make sure you catch this week’s episode on the Independent Film Channel on Sunday night at 11PM EST. If you miss …

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Steel Panther – “Community Property” Single

June 2, 2009 drainu182 1

If you still love hair metal or are trapped in the 80s, Steel Panther is here for you! The only true band still popping out new 80s rock and still looking badass, Steel Panther are ready to rock you with “Community Property,” their new single off their upcoming album “Feel The Steal” (June 9th Universal Republic). You can get the song on iTunes by going here. For more on the band, go to

“Community Property” audio embed: …